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Did you know?

Did you know that you can customize the look of your own personal page on GAOH? All you need to do is click the link on the left side of your personal page to access the customize area. If you want to create your own head banner the size is 955 X 200. You can change color and backgrounds etc. You might actually find it fun to experiment and if you want a CSS script to add to the "Advanced" section that will remove the website name and hide it so only your…


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Let's Make GAOH Great Again!

You can make GAOH great again! Here are some tips on how to do that:

1. Write a blog post - people read these. They may not always reply but they are read.

2. Start a thread in one of the forum areas - Just find the appropriate area in Forums and get a conversation started.

3. Participate in the many specialty sub-groups.

4. Post some photos

5. Post some videos to YouTube and link them…


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We've had a good run!

I'll not be renewing The Golden Age of Hollywood this year come July. I can no longer justify asking members to help pay for a site that is dead. It's time for me to move along as well. I do appreciate everyone that participated over the years and especially those who donated to keep GAOH alive. 

auf Wiedersehen!…


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Apparently, most millennials have never seen a classic movie. Pretty sad really, but not surprising. Check out this article:

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I'm moving!

Just wanted all my friends here at GAOH know that if you see very little of me for a while it's because my wife and I are retiring and relocating from Texas to Tennessee. We went on vacation there in early June and decided that was where we wanted to retire to. Last week we placed…


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I want to thank everyone who so generously helped me pay this year's bill. I am annually humbled by the charity shown and willingness to keep GAOH alive. I hope…


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Locking the doors?

Greetings everyone (whoever is left). I just wanted everyone to know that I am considering not having a fundraiser this year and closing the site down. We've had a good run, but there…


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Bob Hope titles coming to Blu-Ray

Several Bob Hope titles are making their way to Blu-Ray July 5th, 2017…


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Happy Easter!

I hope you all have a blessed and Happy Easter!…


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Robert Osborne 1932 - 2017 RIP

Anyone who loves classic movies knows this man! He was our host and commentator for many years on our beloved Turner Classic Movies channel. I always loved his intros and outros. He was a genuine movie lover and it came across when he spoke. We'll miss you, Mr. Osborne. I pray that you…


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Direct TV Now

As many of you know I do not subscribe to cable or satellite dish. I've just felt that the price was unreasonable for the few channels my wife and I watch. Consequently, I have not watched Turner Classic Movie channel in a very long time. Recently AT&T announced a new service that allows you to…


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Bad News From Ning

I unfortunately got bad news from Ning this week. It seems that Ning is going to raise the rates on hosting our site. Not just raising it a little but actually almost double what we were paying effective in October. Fortunately we pay our bill annually and so it will not affect us until next July, but…


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Gloria DeHaven dies at age 91

Here's a link to the NY Times article:…


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GAOH lives on!

Once again the bill has been paid in full thanks to the generosity of our members! It's very kind of you all to express an interest in seeing GAOH…


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Throwing in the towel

Well, folks it looks like I'm going to have to throw in the towel and admit defeat. I just don't think I have the desire or energy to keep this site up and going anymore. If it was just my own interest waning I would deal with that and keep things going as long as the members were willing to foot the bill,…


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I've moved the furniture around again so please take a few moments to get familiar where things are. I moved Forums up to the left corner in hopes of getting the discussion area some more use, and  the activity feed is now on the upper right. Movie of the week has moved…


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The future of GAOH

Dear members,

I'm sending out this notice to the membership to see if we could re-ignite the network. I know I personally have not been as involved as I used to be. Mostly because I have gotten busy with other things and not because my interest in…


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Halloween fun!

It's October and that means Halloween is coming soon! I love this time of year when the weather gets cooler and my wife and I sit in and watch our old horror films. I try and add to my collection every year and this year I bought the Hammer horror collection called Horror Classics Volume One on Blu-Ray, which includes:

The Mummy (1959)

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1970)

Dracula Has Risen From The Grave (1969)

Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970)…


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Films of the Golden Age #4 and #5

Greetings members. I was finally able to complete my collection of Films of the Golden Age Magazine but in order to do that I had to buy a lot to get the one last issue I needed. So, I am selling these extra copies of issue No. 4 Spring 1996 that features an article on Jeanette MacDonald and…


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TCM Blog

StreamLine Has Moved to Tumblr!

On November 1, 2017 FilmStruck’s blog, StreamLine, moved to Tumblr. This archive will remain active for anyone looking to access older content, but going forward our daily posts dedicated to cinema will appear on FilmStruck’s Tumblr page. See the the link below to be redirected to our new location.  

Affairs of the Heart: The Wedding Night (1935)

To view The Wedding Night click here. The Wedding Night was doomed from the start. It was producer Samuel Goldwyn’s final attempt at making the Ukrainian actress Anna Sten into a Garbo-level star, and his persistence had become something of a Hollywood joke. The Wedding Night became known around town as “Goldwyn’s Last Sten,” but […]

Murnau and the Phantoms of Germany

To view Phantom click here. It’s that time of year when Nosferatu (1922), F.W. Murnau’s interpretation of Dracula, appears on lists of recommended horror films. The oldest, existing film version of Bram Stoker’s novel, Nosferatu is likely Murnau’s most watched title. It’s eerie Expressionist style was a major influence on the American horror genre, but […]

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