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I became a fan of Bette's after watching All About Eve and Dark Victory. I think Dark Victory is by far my favorite film of Bette's.

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Hands Down My Favorite Bette Davis Movie is Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte. Which I think Deserves to be in The 100 Greatest Films of All Time List. Everyone was Superlative in That film. But Bette did Her finest Understated Acting ever and it Really paid off! This Masterpiece of a Movie. Has been Terribly Overlooked in being Serious granted Critical Acclaim it Truely Deserves. It was rather ahead of its time it Bleak exaamination of The Human Spirit is Prescient of The Films created by Lars Von Trier today. America and maybe the World was'nt ready for it in was it 1965?
DARK VICTORY is one of my favorites. I have all 4 boxsets released so far and I enjoy them all as well as others released in other boxsets. I also like BRIDE CAME COD, IN THIS OUR LIFE and PETRIFIED FOREST.
it's a toss-up...between All About Eve and The Letter. oooooh...they're both soooo goood!
All About Eve to me is the better of the 2 but that scene in the beginning of The Letter is EXPLOSIVE! As for myself there are not really any bad Bette Davis films. She brings something to each character-even madness becomes her.
i agree with you ricky...there's really no such thing as a bad bette davis film....have you seen Another Man's Poison? It creeped me out (in a fun way!) when i first saw it. i was just a kid...but it's one Bette Davis film that gets VERY little air play and that's too bad 'cause it really is a very Gary Merrill-Bette Davis 1950's kinda way! :)
No, I have not seen that film. Would like to. I have still to see some from the beginning of her career. What are your faves from that period?
from the early years...Cabin in the Cotton, The Petrified Forest, Of Human Bondage, Special Agent, Bad Sister, 3 on a Match, The Girl from 10th Avenue (note my profile picture) :) on and on....
Cabin in the Cotton I had on vhs. The Petrified Forest I have on dvd and is a pretty good film. Of Human Bondage another great one I own. Special Agent, Bad Sister, 3 on a Match, The Girl from 10th Avenue should be released someday.
I have been indulging in Bette Davis films these past few nights. I watched The Star from volume 1dvd set. Marked Woman from volume 2 dvd set. The Great Lie and Watch On The Rhine from volume 3 dvd set. Still waiting for a volume 4 with Dangerous, The Sisters, That Certain Woman, It's Love I'm After, Juarez and The Corn Is Green, Juarez was one of the weakest films here but I still want to own it.
My favorite Bette Davis movie is Now, Voyager... her transformation in that film and acting is absolutely astounding... this is in the top 5 of my favorite love stories...
My favorite Bette Davis film would have to be 'All about Eve'! Bette is just amazing in it! But i also love her in 'The Bride came C.O.D' with James Cagney!

I think Now Voyager and Jezebel had the most impact when I was young and seeing them for the first time.  The Little Foxes was good too.  I haven't seen some of her movies, for example where she played Elizabeth I with Errol Flynn.  Still to see.  And haven't seen The Bad Sister.  Nor Madame X I think it was.  



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