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I became a fan of Bette's after watching All About Eve and Dark Victory. I think Dark Victory is by far my favorite film of Bette's.

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Even though it is not my favourite (I really can't say what is as I have too many) "Fog Over
Frisco" is a super film - it reminds me in some ways of Thelma Todd's death. Anyway it is a
fantastic film. Bette plays this incredibly bad girl who thinks nothing of stomping over every one to get some excitement in life!!! She almost gets her fiancee sent to prison and it is not because she has a change of heart that it doesn't happen. Bette Davis was not afraid to play thoroughly unlikeable people and that's what I like about her.
Well, definitely All About Eve. Everything in that was great...the acting, direction, and one of the greatest scripts ever written.

Marked Woman is also's such a terrifically paced movie, with great performances.

Honorable mentions would go to Dark Victory, Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, Dangerous, and Old Acquaintance.
Dark Victory for me. Her performance blew me away! She and George Brent had great chemistry and I'm the person who likes tearjerkers. I thought it was a great story and it was nice seeing Bette playing a nice girl for once, lol.
Agreed definitely about the nice girl part...also, didn't Bette say something like she and that character were the most similar, out of every part she's played?
Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte
My all time favorite is Now Voyager. I adore it--probably have seen it 15 times. Also in my top five: All About Eve, All This and Heaven Too, Now Voyager, The Old Maid and In This Our Life.
It's very hard for me to choose just one, but "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" is what started it all for me. That would have to be my first favorite. My other nine favorites are:
1. Dark Victory
2. Now, Voyager
3. All About Eve
4. Mr Skeffington
5. The Star
6. The Old Maid
7. Jezebel
8. The Letter
9. Hush...Hush Sweet Charlotte
Let's see, yes , this is tough. Hmmm, Well "All About Eve" is my first, because she reminds me of my Mom in certain scenes & how she says things in the film. ok moving on, "The Old Acquaintance" with Miriam Hopkins, I so loved it more after how I heard they hated each other, I think Marion depised her more for sleeping with her director -husband. I couldn't wait to see the chemistry & the acting, then I see the scene where she confronts her & shakes the hell outta her & then says soooo slick & w/o a care (Im sure she so loved doing it to Miriam! LOL) & says.."Sorry" Yea sure Bette! hahaha The same goes for "The Old Maid" with MH

"The Great Lie" was very good, I was very intrigued on how the whole movie started & how Bette became her friend, I won't give anymore details in case no one has seen it. Good movie though! "Dark Victory", "The Letter" It's hard to narrow down a real favorite, as I loved her in her movies & how she can play any kind of character, but her Bit**y roles are of course my favorite! haha "That Certain Woman" was a great movie with Ian Hunter. A great love story with a lot of emotions back & forth, ups & downs in Mary's (Bette) life. A movie I suggest to see..if you haven't already.

Looking forward to seeing "In This Our Life" in August, haven't seen it. "The Man Who Played God"Too is another one I would like to see, that's what made Bette Davis & the help of George Arliss, she just adored him & kept of photo of him in her apt. till the day she died.

"WEHTBJ" is also a good movie, seeing her & JC together, knowing those kicks were real & how Joan got her back....literally. Stiches on Joan's head & an injured back for Bette, which held production for some time.

I just love Bette-The Divine Miss D!!!
My favourite Bette Davis film is 'Whatever happened to Baby Jane'. I love so many of them it is hard to pick a favorite. 'Mr. Skeffington 'was a wonderful film and ...well i'd be here all night !!
Can anyone tell me the name of the film where she plays twins and takes over her sisters identity
after a boating accident (?)?. I did find out the name of it a few years ago but have forgotten it again..old age creeping up on me !!
A Stolen Life.

She also played twins and took over her sister's life (after she killed her) in Dead Ringer.

A Stolen Life is better!
Thank you !- the
Profane Angel. Every time i get into a discussion with friends about Bette Davis films ,
i tell them about this film and they keep telling me it was Dead Ringer ...I have only seen it once but I really enjoyed it . Must see if its available on dvd now that I know the name of it . Thaks again , Pauline
I have to change my vote to All This and Heaven Too. I just got done watching it and it was great



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