The Golden Age of Hollywood

How many stars of the golden age and later years are left?

With the recent passing of Glen Ford, Gene Barry and Richard Widmark i have been wondering just how many of the great ones are left. Post any and all that you know that are left. thanks.

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There are several actresses still living; I know of Shirley Jones, Olivia de Havilland, Joan Fonaine, and Luise Rainer
Mickey Rooney, Kirk Douglas, Betty Garrett

It really depends on how you define "the Golden Era". Personally, I think it ended at the end of the 1940s.
Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Russell, Esther Williams, Maureen O'Hara, Celeste Holm, Ann Blyth, Arlene Dahl, Deanna Durbin, Lena Horne, Debbie Reynolds, Angela Lansbury(Still going strong....saw her on the stage in Blithe Spirit and she did this hilarious dance, i love her lol)

A little bit later than "Golden Age":
Shirley MacLaine
Kim Novak
Julie Andrews

haha i just realized that these are all women, i guess its true that women live longer than men.
Ouch. : (
Thanks everyone and keep it up. i didn't know Rod Taylor was still alive and went to his website. he still looks great !

Leslie Caron
Lauren Bacall, Liz Taylor, Olvia DeHavilland, Ann Rutherford. As for the men, Kirk Douglas, Mickey Rooney, can't think of the rest. All the greats have left us & only a handful still are with us.
Louis Jourdan is still alive, the infamous Art Linkletter although was never really a motion picture star he'll be 98 this year and he is still active gives lectures, Eli Wallach is alive and well still acting, same goes for Ernest Borgnine, the lovely Ann Blyth, Betsy Drake former wife of the late Cary Grant and star of the 50s is still with us, Martha Hyer Wallis sex symbol of the 50s/60s and widow Hal Wallis is still with us although has been living in seclusion in Santa Fe, New Mexico since Hal's Passing in the mid 80s, the lovely Ms. Jayne Meadows Allen widow of Steve Allen will be 90 this year, Anne Jeffreys star of 50s hit tv series Topper and widow of Robert Sterling is still with us and glamorous as ever at 87. I am sure there are more but those are all that stick out at me at the moment
Michael Ansara
We lost another Hollywood trailblazer Sunday, Lena Horne.
Debra Paget and Dickie Moore come to mind.

People we can add: Shirley Temple, Tony Martin, Eleanor Parker, Baby Peggy, Gloria Jean, Rhonda Fleming, Joan Leslie, Lizabeth Scott, Jerry Lewis, Sidney Poitier, Dean Stockwell.

People we can remove: Betty Garrett, Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Russell, Ann Rutherford and Tony Curtis.

Remember that there are currently more than 300 living Hollywood-actors/actresses, that made their first screen appearences pre-1950. That means that in 10 years from now, there will still be many GAOH actors/actresses left.


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