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I'm kind of surprised that the "Social Club" area doesn't get used more. I'm a member on several other boards that are subject driven but the social areas are the places where I get to know members more personally.

So, I thought I'd open a discussion about concert going and if you like attending concerts? Maybe you don't like music and that's OK. Not everyone does I suppose. I've yet to meet anyone though who didn't like some sort of music. I love music and long before I loved classic movies I fell in love with music. Music and concert going kind of go hand in hand for most people that love music. Some folks just like it as background music while they have their martini or are sitting in a pub. Others of us are "serious" music listeners and I fall into that category. 

I have pretty broad taste in music and enjoy many types but the majority of my music listening these days is classical music. My wife and I enjoy attending classical music concerts whenever we can. Living close to the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex provides many opportunities for concert going. With two world class orchestras in the area and several smaller orchestras and also several universities concert opportunities abound.

My love of classical music though has its roots in my love of progressive rock when I was a teenager. Thanks to groups like YES, Genesis, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Gentle Giant, Strawbs, The Moody Blues and many others I came to discover and enjoy classical music. I still enjoy progressive rock on occasion and put on the occasional album. My favorite rock band of all time though is YES. I have loved their music most of my life (40 plus years now!). And YES happens to be touring this summer and once again coming to Dallas and my wife has agreed to attend with me! I'm pretty stoked to hear them again live and kind of shocked my wife wanted to come with me as she is not a fan of rock these days. She must really love me! Anyway, I thought I'd share. Do you like to attend concerts and if so who do you like to see?

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I have attended many concerts back in the 1980's when I was younger and the ticket prices were reasonable. I was able to see many big names back then including Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, The Police, Barry Manilow, Rick Springfield, Dan Fogelberg, The Monkees Reunion Tour with Herman's Hermits, Don Henley and many more.  

Thanks for your reply Mark. I too saw the Monkees reunion tour. It happened to be that they were the headliner in Salt Lake City for a Monster Truck show (I know kind of weird right?). My daughter became a huge fan of theirs because of the rebroadcast of their show on CBN or some other network. She HAD to see them. So we packed up and headed out to the stadium and watched Big Foot and other trucks battle it out for a couple of hours and the Weird Al opened for them and we had about 1 1/2 hour Monkees show. She loved them. I thought they weren't all that good but we had a good time overall. I do hear you on concert prices. I could have gotten YES tickets for as little as $25.00 but we wanted good seats and so it cost me close to $90.00 per seat for us to attend. We usually spend around $150 for the two of us to see the Dallas Symphony with floor seats and about $125 for the Ft. Worth Symphony. We're not able to attend often so we make it a special occasion when we do get to a concert.


Love that you saw the Monkees, Kevin, even if they weren't that great at the time.  Which lineup did they have?

I saw the Monkees when I was 8 years old in Sydney (my mum took me and my brother) when they played our old Sydney Stadium venue.

These days, we see a concert "once in a blue moon" mainly due to the fact that they're SO expensive here in Sydney, usually at least $200 or more for a couple of tickets for anything/anyone decent and we just don't have that kinda money to spare.

The classical music concerts you go to Kevin sound great.

We have been lucky to get some "freebies" in the past to some good events, including Billy Joel a few years ago. 

Year or so ago went to a weekend at the Hunter Valley (a wine district) and our friends had tickets to the VIP section of a concert that had a lot of top Aussie acts from the 1970’s/80’s.  This was really good because we were second row from the front in this winery where they were performing.

I generally don’t go to things these days unless I can be close to the front and really see the entertainment.

Another act we stumbled onto in the city once upon a time was the Aretha Franklin Experience, with a really great front woman doing Aretha songs, at The Basement in Sydney.

That’s what it is a lot of these days in Sydney city.  The band scene died, due to luxury high-rise apartments with high profile residents who complain to council about noise levels of nearby entertainment venues and they petition and get the venues closed.   Very sad Sydney’s thriving pub music scene in the 1970/s and 80’s died out.

These days, its really the returned servicemen clubs and such where (older) people like my husband and I go for a meal and some entertainment, where there are shows such as “The Led Zeppelin Experience”, “The ABBA Experience”, etc… where there are “ring-ins” playing the hits of the past…. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes not.  A nearby RSL club had Lisa Marie Presley playing recently, but we didn’t go. 


The lineup I saw in the 80s was Mickey, Peter and Davy. No Michael Nesmith. I watched their TV show when I was a wee little lad of around ten, but never was that much of a fan of their songs.

If you like classical music you should look at your local universities. Often you can attend concerts and recitals for free, or a nominal fee ($10.00) and some of these students are really tremendous musicians.

That's too bad about the entertainment venues getting closed down. I'm not really a night life person, and never have been, but if I chose to live near an entertainment district I would accept that it was my choice to do that and take the good with the bad. I don't mind attending the occasional concert at a concert hall or stadium, or arts festival, but not really a go out to drink and listen to music kind of guy.


Hi Kevin

Would've been great to see Monkees with Mike, but Mickey, Peter and Davy - absolutely priceless nonetheless.  I loved their TV show when I was a kid, around 9 or 10, wish they'd put that on one of those retro cable channels.

Great idea about scouting the local unis to watch concerts and recitals.  Hubby & I will keep that in mind.  Our daughter went to a music uni for 3 years (called JMC Academy here in Sydney, she finished in 2012) and it was always interesting going to the evenings when they showcased the school's talent.  Amazing young talent.

In the last two days I heard good news for local venues in that existing music venues will not be subject to the noise laws of new buildings erected around them.

here's a link if you were possibly interested to understand the situation more.

We're not really go out and have a drink and listen to music kinda people either, although we could probably be persuaded to be if we had some time and money, lol!

We don't wanna catch taxis to transport us around for a start - too expensive!  And we're not that young anymore so can't drink like we used to.... lol.  And of course then I'm on medication for my previous ills.

Have a nice day, Kevin.  Hope this finds you in good health.  

I know what you mean about not being younger that's for sure! The wife and I went to our YES concert last night and had to drive about 50 minutes to the venue. Lots of people consuming beer and cocktails when we entered the lobby of the concert hall. The venue holds about 3000 plus and so is decent size for an aging band to fill and it was full. The opening act was just awful! I really felt terrible dragging my wife along to endure the sonic barrage of noise that we survived. Although they did really make YES look like classical musicians in comparison! lol The band was really good considering all things and we both enjoyed it but would have enjoyed it more if the sound quality had been better. The acoustics in the facility were not very good and the sound was bouncing all over the place. Anyway, we got home about 1:00 and we both had taken today off so we would not have to get up early for work. Now neither of us had anything to drink except water and we don't do any drugs either (except for our prescribed medicines that is). We didn't even wake up until 11:30 this morning! That just shows us old coots can't handle this night life stuff well at all anymore. I imagine it will be quite a while before I can talk Laurie into going to another rock concert but she might go to see the Dallas Symphony with me again on a Sunday afternoon! :)


The last one is me in our backyard with the tour shirt I bought! LOL

Understand completely!  Hey, love the shirt (I really do!) -- maybe it was all worth it for the nice T-shirt!!  Lol.

Up until about 2013, I was a regular concert goer, but since then, not so much, and this is largely due to being affected by a dreadful condition known as Fibromyalgia, which is what I call a low-budget M.E.  It causes pain in the bones and the muscles, and all sorts of other symptoms such as migraines, foggy head, stomach issues - you name it.  The reason why I mention it is because in July 2013 I was at a concert by Bruce Springsteen at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium, which is one of those posh new venues that has a retractable roof.  It was a beautiful day, nevertheless someone decided to close the roof and the sound, which had obviously been mixed for an open-air event, almost split my sides open. Springsteen was on for over 3 1/2 hours that night, and I had to leave after 45 minutes!  I was gutted, and now my wife won't take me to any outdoor (or indoor) event.  I keep saying, shall we go to this or that concert, but she says flatly no.  I haven't been to that many concerts since - only Olivia Newton-John in London in January of this year, which was an altogether quieter (and more beautiful) event.

Prior to that, I went to a great many concerts - perhaps my favourite was LIVE8 at London's Hyde Park in July 2005, which featured the final performance by the classic lineup of Pink Floyd.  That brought a lump to my throat, hearing both Gilmour and Waters singing 'Wish You Were Here.'  I've seen Dire Straits five times I think, Jethro Tull six times, Yes and various solo members thereof about five times, Floyd (solo and various lineups) four times, Genesis four times, and a few all-star charity events like the 1988 Nelson Mandela Concert at Wembley Stadium, Live8 and Live Earth at Wembley in 2007.  I saw Prince maybe four times, and Marillion - who never seemed to make the big time in the U.S. - about five times also. I hope this is of some small interest. x


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