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We've done many categories since this game started. I announce the current category in the game, but if you can't find the announcement, just ask any of the players.
There's a game I play every chance I get with anyone who knows about movies. It's very simple: we pick a movie category and take turns naming titles of movies that fit in the category. For example, "films with a number in the title," or "films with hospital scenes" or "films with Joseph Cotten." I thought I'd see if anyone here wants to play.

Since there's no way of knowing how many people would want to join in, we can't take turns, so let's do it this way: only name one title at a time and wait for someone else to name one before you go again. The game ends when either we can't think of any more titles, or we reach 50 titles (because I know some people could go on and on way past the point where I would get bored with the category). So please mention the number we're on when you name a title.
It's no fair using IMDB or other sources, but if you run across a title by accident while the game is going on, it's fair to use it.
I'll start, and for the category I choose "films in which a fire occurs" (not a fire in the fireplace). The fire doesn't have to be depicted, just mentioned. This is a hard category for me, because it will mostly be composed of dramas, and I'm more into comedies, but here goes:

1. Rebecca

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I love those old Warners programmers with all the familiar faces: Bogart, Davis, Robinson. Good stuff! I don't remember this one. I think I recorded it off TCM years ago along with a hundred others, but alas, I don't have a working VCR anymore. 

Rosie, I know this movie extremely well. I keep it pride of place in my extensive film collection.

I wish I could fly to England and take a look at your collection. How many titles do you have? I have around 800 classics. I don't count the modern ones.

I must have over 2000 classics, but not all brand new. I look around for bargains in charity shops, car boot sales and on E Bay. Sometimes I see a DVD for sale online and think, that's for too expensive. Then a month or too later someone's selling it much cheaper. 

We're almost done with this category. Just three more to go. Does anyone have a suggestion for the next category? I have one idea, but it might be difficult: movies in which a famous person plays him/herself. Can be a cameo. What do you think?

Think it sounds like a good one.  I just had an idea the other day.  Was just thinking we could do something where its a movie set in a capital city, or something.... not fully developed idea :D

As long as you have been playing this game, do you think you've ever duplicated a category?

I think we have duplicated a couple at least.  Rosie can confirm, but I think there was so much time in between that we didn't remember our answers from the first time around anyway.  So it was as much fun second time around.  :)  I like the cameo idea for the next round.  I think its a great idea.

I think we have, but as Mad used to joke, our memories are such that we could hide our own Easter eggs.

Dark Victory
Socialite Judith Traherne (Bette Davis) lives a lavish but emotionally empty life. Riding horses is one of her few joys, and her stable master (Humphrey Bogart) is secretly in love with her. Told she has a brain tumor by her doctor, Frederick Steele (George Brent), Judith becomes distraught. After she decides to have surgery to remove the tumor, Judith realizes she is in love with Dr. Steele, but more troubling medical news may sabotage her new relationship, and her second chance at life.

Bette Davis AND bogie as the horse trainer. Tear jerker of a movie.
Truly classic entry! Thank you, Kate!

49. Damn Yankees - A Washington Senators fan sells his soul to the Devil to ensure that his beloved team will beat the Yankees. 


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