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Classic Musicals

The Hollywood musical from its modest beginnings to the Golden years at MGM, Broadway transfers etc, just whistle a happy tune here ! View Discussions

has anyone heard of this actor? 1 Reply

Started by Sunny. Last reply by STURTEWAGEN Nov 20, 2016.

Fox / MGM DVD's

Started by Philip C Binstead Nov 1, 2013.

MGM Musicals 15 Replies

Started by Josh R.S. Lech. Last reply by Philip C Binstead Sep 28, 2012.

Classic Dramas

Serious drama, romance, biopics from Citizen Kane to Amadeus, adaptations, weepies, courtroom battles, the possibilities are endless but have a handkerchief ready ! View Discussions

The Films of John Ford 13 Replies

Started by Sue Lee. Last reply by Patti Mar 13, 2014.

The Inn of the Sixth Happiness 5 Replies

Started by film_eccentrik. Last reply by FilmFanatic Feb 13, 2011.

Classic Thrillers

Films that generate excitement from Hitchcock to Tarantino,gangsters, film noir, detectives, for those who want to work out who did it ! View Discussions

The Birds Re-make - ugh 9 Replies

Started by Sunny. Last reply by Ghosty Dec 8, 2010.

The Birds Re-make -- Ugh!

Started by Sunny Dec 2, 2009.

Classic Action

World history on film from the dawn of mankind to Vietnam and beyond, war, swashbucklers, epics, westerns, jungle adventures, anything involving action they can all be discussed here ! View Discussions

Sink the Bismark (1960) 2 Replies

Started by film_eccentrik. Last reply by film_eccentrik Jan 1, 2011.

Spy Stuff 3 Replies

Started by Bob Griffith. Last reply by M.T. Fisher Aug 14, 2010.


Started by robert copland Jul 20, 2010.

Who is your favorite action hero? 40 Replies

Started by Ktrek. Last reply by Lesley Martin Dec 7, 2009.

Classic Horror , Fantasy and Sci-Fi

For those who like being scared witless by silents, Universal classics, cheap B movie horrors, Hammer right up to the present day. Also fantasy from the Arabian Nights to the Lord of the Rings and science fiction from projections of the future to alien invasions ! View Discussions

Who's Your Favorite Count Dracula? 43 Replies

Started by Tim. Last reply by Donald Walker Sep 1, 2014.

Roland/Zachorly horrow shows 1 Reply

Started by stephen rosenthal. Last reply by Ghosty Aug 9, 2010.


TCM Blog

One for all, and all for one!

To view The Three Musketeers click here. To view The Four Musketeers click here. Director Richard Lester was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but he directed some of the best British films of the 1960s. Inspired by Buster Keaton and Jacques Tati, he developed an acute funny bone and an appreciation of the absurd that allowed […]

Black Jesus (1968) Isn’t What You Think It Is

To view Black Jesus click here. I’d honestly be shocked if more than a handful of people around here have heard of Black Jesus (1968) before today. Barely released in American theaters by one-shot outfit Plaza Pictures and never given a legitimate home video release (ignore the bootleg DVDs), this is a rough, tough and […]

Summer Daze: Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday (1953)

To view Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday click here. The first screen appearance of Jacques Tati’s Hulot character is inside of a car: a clattering, jittering wreck making its way to a seaside hotel in Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday (1953). Tati cuts from the sound of a train horn to the pitter-putter of Hulot’s gasping car engine as it turns the corner […]

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