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At 9:54am on September 3, 2018, Barron Moon said…

Hi, is nice meeting you here.If i could have just one wish,I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck,you are beautiful.Can we be friends, My name is Barron Moon,Could you please get back to me on I look forward hearing from you. Bye With love Barron  Moon.

At 8:17pm on June 24, 2010, siby13 said…
Olá querida... desculpe não responder antes.
Não tinha visto sua mensagem.
Como você está?
Estou bem... esperando o jogo do BRASIL na Copa do Mundo. rs
At 4:18pm on June 10, 2010, Irina Garbo said…
Thank you!
I like Israeli music as well, singers like Shlomo Artzi, Eyal Golan, Harel Skaat, Ofra Haza, Gali Atari, Boaz Sharabi and many others. I would recommend the Idan Reichel project, who has some brilliant hits. By the way there is a song I love a lot, but I am still not sure which language is it? Sounds much like Portuguese, but I am not sure:
At 4:11pm on June 10, 2010, basilnelson said…
English is my first language my friend.
At 3:39pm on June 10, 2010, Irina Garbo said…
Wow, I love plenty of music types: the 80's Disco, the Jazz, French and Italian music, love ballads in any language, and sometimes MTV. I also like Brasilian music, I think it's very beautiful. Can you recommend any good Brasilian singers (whether modern or classic)?
At 3:28pm on June 10, 2010, Irina Garbo said…
Yes, I absolutely adore "Seven Sinners"!!!
At 6:49am on June 9, 2010, Irina Garbo said…
Thank you for the link to that scene. I guess I will watch All about Eve sometime.
Yes, of course I've seen that interview at Dick Cawett show many times, Gloria looks so cool!
So cool you have all that vintage stuff out there... We don't have such a shops in Israel. Too bad!
Thank you for opening the group of Marlene Dietrich, I think it was great idea!
At 4:47pm on June 7, 2010, Cee Cee said…
Well, so far, since I am just now learning, I am just colorizing photos. What better way than to use as subjects the most glamourous subjects ever, the actresses and actors of classic Hollywood. I used to sketch people all the time but had put it down for about 20 years, so i am just recently getting back to art. And its so exciting!
My next step is to get a tablet for the computer so I will be able to get my own works of art going.

Thank you for the lovely compliment!

Let me see if I can find the page I used online (video) that got me started colorizing. Everything else Im learning is stemming from this and has made it alot easier to tackle than just trying to learn such a vast program.
At 11:14pm on June 6, 2010, vintagemoviequeen said…
Sorry I didn't accept sooner. My computer crashed, so I have been playing "catch-up" with everything! This site is WONDERFUL!
At 2:17pm on June 5, 2010, basilnelson said…
No I don't speak Portuguese, my friend. I use an on-line translation service which helps me communicate. BAZ
At 3:41am on June 5, 2010, basilnelson said…
I am keeping very busy, my friend, making lots of videos
(Eu estou mantendo-me muito ocupado, meu amigo, fazendo lotes dos vídeos).
At 2:05pm on June 4, 2010, basilnelson said…
Thank you for your friends request which is gratefully accepted
At 1:49pm on June 3, 2010, Irina Garbo said…
I haven't even watched All about Eve, would you believe? I prefer re-watch Sunset Boulevard LOL I just adore this movie and Gloria! I have just seen her in the Beverly Hillbillies episode, and gosh she looked gorgeous in color, although she was more than 60 years old! WOW!
Yes, Cary is "The man", he has anything a man needs to have - looks, talent, charm, humour and more. I am just wondering now why it took so much time to me to love him! Other males I adore are Basil Rathbone, Charles Boyer, John Gilbert, John Boles, Melvyn Douglas and I love Jimmy too!
Oh you have places with Old Hollywood Stuff? WOW, I have to come :)
I have watched a lot of series, like Terra Nostra, Suave veneno, Anjo Mau, Mujeres de Areia, Lacos de Familia, Por Amor, Esperanca, Paginas da Vida and many many many more. I was a fan of Marcelo Antony for a while LOL
At 10:16pm on June 2, 2010, stillsparkling said…
Thank you! You have great taste in movies and actors. :)
At 9:22am on June 2, 2010, Irina Garbo said…
Haha, of course Norma takes the prize, she should have taken the Oscar too, but we all know how are the Oscars!
Bill Holden hmmm.... I hate his character Joe, I really despise Joe :)
Bill is OK, although I prefer Cary Grant, if I need to pick a handsome :) I just always like men with black hair!
WOW, having a voice like Dietrich or Bacall is not bad, it's actually great! Do you smoke a lot? I wish I had such voice, or a voice of Gloria Swanson, which was so lovely!
Yad Vashem is very special place, indeed...
Oh you wanna come to Israel, and I wouldn't mind to come to Brazil haha, I always liked Brazil you know. I used to watch Brazilian series when I was a girl.
At 10:56pm on June 1, 2010, Cee Cee said…
Wow lol... Sometimes you're better off living in the past century : )
I could probably direct you to a site or two that can show you how if you really wanted to know. Little hard to teach on here : ) But you should have Photoshop.
Ive been having so much fun with it while I learn and have colorized a bunch of pics.

Everyone loves Carole!
Thats my name too : )
At 7:44pm on June 1, 2010, kareng said…
My favourite movie is actually a modern movie called BILLY ELLIOT. I saw it for the 1st time in January of this year. It's an English movie. Have you ever seen it? The boy who plays Billy Elliot was so fantastic in the role.

At 5:32pm on June 1, 2010, Irina Garbo said…
I love Erich! I loved the way he played Max, so touching! I think Max is my favorite character in Sunset Boulevard, along with Norma.
I am afraid my voice is not at all like Miss Dietrich's LOL I love her songs, she has very unique style of singing.
Wow it's almost a year since you've been in Israel! Too bad you didn't know me then :)
The Bahai center is very beautiful, I love to go there sometimes, amazing colors and lovely background for taking pictures!
At 9:39am on June 1, 2010, Cee Cee said…
Why, thank you, as a matter of fact I did. Been trying to learn Photoshop for years so I started to concentrate on some colorizations. Found it to be alot of fun and a great way to learn : ) Thank you very much for the compliment. I love Myrna and this is one of my favorites.
At 3:12am on June 1, 2010, Irina Garbo said…
You're welcome, Max (sorry, you called me Madam first, haha)
Yes, that's me on my avatar. This is a photo from my Birthday Party last year, I dressed up like Marlene Dietrich.
You're right, aifai is so beautiful! How do you know? Have you ever been to Haifa?

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