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The Warner Archive DVDs will be available worldwide. It will be coming in the near future as they work out the details. This will be for only the titles they have rights to worldwide which is most of them.

This discs are manufactured with high quality and are quite different than the home used DVDRs. Warner stands by the quality of these discs. Also, this Warner Archive program doesn't replace their retail initiatives.

Does Warner have any plans to follow Fox in preparing deluxe releases of silent and early talkies?

Warner: Indeed, The Big Parade, The Wind, The Crowd, etc. working with Kevin Brownlow to update some restorations on all those premeire silents. Also, 20 more silents will be release on-line besides the ones listed right now.

Can we get the old logos instead of the new ones on classic films when they come out on DVD and BRD?

Warner: We have noticed the comments about this issue and have talked with corporate about it, but with no resolution yet.

Will the rest of the Abbott/Costello (Captain Kidd, Beanstalk, Rio Rita) movies come out on dvd?

Warner: Yes, they will be coming out in the future, but dates are subject to change while your patience will be rewarded in time.

Will the rest of the Tarzan films from the 50s and 60s be coming out even if Warner didn't release them to the theaters back then?

Warner: Yes, we have the rights to all of the Tarzan films and they will be coming out in the near future.

Can we expect Joan Crawford Volume 3, Ginger Rogers/RKO comedies and a 4th volume of classic musicals from the Dream Factory?

Warner: There will be more Jane Powell thru Warner Archive also a selection of Ginger Roger comedies.

Which series of films besides Tarzan are coming in the next year and how will they be priced on Warner Archive?

Warner: In 2010, restored Charlie Chan Monogram films coming from the original nitrate negatives.

Will Warner continue to release better SD transfers/releases for titles that got bad transfers or barebone releases like The Last Boyscout and Ladyhawke?

Warner: We will be releasing double feature releases with anamorphic widescreen later this year for many titles.

Will we see Brewster McCloud, The Devils and The Power this year?

Warner: All three titles are under consideration.

How about a fifth film noir set? Such as Stranger on the Third Floor, I Died a Thousand Times, Born to be Bad, The Locket, The Armored Car Robbery, Riffraff, The Clay Pigeon.

Warner: A fifth box set is coming in the coming months, but not with any of those titles. Also, some those film noirs might be available with Warner Archive.

Anymore ultra resolution restorations making their way to DVD, Blu-ray & Warner Archive?

Warner: Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind are coming out on Blu-ray. We're still working on Show Boat (1951) to be a part of the Show Boat Collection. It will happen, trust us.

Last year you mentioned The Magnificent Ambersons and The Lost Squadron, are they still coming out?

Warner: The Magnificent Ambersons is still in the planning stages with bonus material requiring more time and money. The Lost Squadron is not in the planning stage at the moment.

Are The Gremlins coming out with bonus material?

Warner: Yes, The Gremlins on BRD is in the cards with supplemental material being discussed.

Will Nothing Last Forever, Spies Like Us and Over the Rainbow be available on Warner Archive?

Warner: All three titles are coming out, but not on Warner Archive.

What supplemental material for Ambersons and Journey into Fear?

Warner: There will be significant supplemental material and production history for Ambersons. Journey into Fear will come out the same time, but we can't lock in a date.

When are the Dark Journey films coming out? Will it be when the new Johnny Depp film comes out?

Warner: We will be releasing the DJ films in conjunction with the new Johnny Depp film. More to come.

With the Archives program, any collections of shorts coming out like Joe McDokes?

Warner: Yes! There will be short collections and cartoons through Warner Archives like McDokes, Dogville, Pete Smith, etc. The first shorts are scheduled for 2010.

Anymore Smilebox versions for other cinerama films like Grand Prix, 2001 A Space Odyssey?

Warner: We're looking into other Smilebox opportunities.

How about No Time for Sergeants?

Warner: We finally found the heirs of the author of the play and we're in discussions with them. It's looking optimistic right now.

How about MacDonald/Eddy operattas and early Cagney films?

Warner: We are evaluating the film elements of those Nelson and Jeanette films. The Cagney films will be available through Warner Archive shortly.

How about THX-1138 and Josey Wales on Blu-ray?

Warner: Josey Wales coming out on BRD next year and 1138 about the same time.

Why the Bowery Boys taking so long?

Warner: We found the original negative of Mr. Hex and will hopefully have some of these ready in the not to distance future. We're putting a lot of effort into them and they will look great when released. Looks like 2010.

The pricing of the titles at 19.95 at Warner Archive is rather high, will the price be lowered?

Warner: The amount of purchases have been great and the issue of pricing has not been discussed.

Any plans for Barry Lyndon and Lolita?

Warner: If you mean new editions, no.

Are there any plans for a more elaborate release of The Dark Knight?

Warner: There maybe future BD Live events planned for TDK in the future.

Do you have any plans for retail releases with Beast with five fingers, Walking Dead. Or Warner Archive with Smiling Ghost, Mysterious Doctor.

Warner: Good news on both fronts. Frankenstein 1970, Walking Dead, Zombies on Broadway and You'll find out coming out on Holloween. Frankenstein 1970 will be anamorphic. Other titles will be available on Warner Archive.

I would like Little Shop of Horrors and Goonies on BRD?

Warner: We're planning a 25th anniversary for Goonies next year. Also, we plan to do a correct Shop of Horrors on BRD, but nothing solid yet.

Will there be a 5th Gangster Boxset?

Warner: No further boxsets are planned, but more Bogart/Cagney/Robinson/Raft titles on Warner Archive.

How about the Green Slime?

Warner: We had it on the schedule, but it got pulled. We hope to get it back on schedule soon.

Any news on New Line titles like the Jason films and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me on BRD?

Warner: The Jason movies will be coming out on BRD. At least one this year. No plans for Twin Peaks.

Any plans for Mary, Mary or The Chapman Report or Claudelle Inglish?

Warner: Mary, Mary will be out on Warner Archive in September. The others are likely to follow, but no date.

How about The Prize, Mission to Moscow, and Joel McCrea westerns?

Warner: The Prize is undergoing remastering at the moment. Mission to Moscow and Joel McCrea westerns will be made available on Warner Archive this year.

Any plans to issue Jean Simmons films? How about a 2nd Esther Williams collection?

Warner: A 2nd volume of Esther Williams coming this summer. Simmons films like Young Bess and Home Before Dark coming through Warner Archive in 2010. This could be the Night and Until they Sail require remastering with no set date.

How about The Maltese Falcon, Devil's Advocate and The Exorcist on BRD?

Warner: The Exorcist is currently being remastered for a BRD release by the director and cinematographer. The Maltese Falcon is a good candidate for it's 70 Anniversary in 2011. No plans for The Devil's Advocate.

Anymore Micky and Judy boxsets?

Warner: Yes, we're releasing five more Judy films and a now being restored A Star is Born SE for 2010.

How about the high pricing of GWTW and Wizard of Oz on BRD?

Warner: We've heard your comments and are discussing it with higher management.

How about Heat?

Warner: Heat is being remastered under the direction of Michael Mann. We hope to have it out on BRD shortly.

Any truth to the rumors of a marketing deal with Criterion? And how about releases for Zabriske Point and Badlands?

Warner: We've had some discussions with Criterion regarding a limited group of films at the behest of their respective directors. Zabriske Point is being released by WHV as part of our Directors Showcase at the end of May. A new anamorphic transfer.

Any chance for a SE of Demolition Man or a first time release of Treasure Island (1990)?

Warner: No plans for Demolition Man. Treasure Island is a TV movie and is under the control of the TV marketing group. We have made them aware of the interest in this title.

Does Warner have any silent or early talkies of Sherlock Holmes?

Warner: We do not own any Sherlock Holmes films.

Will you be releasing 20 titles a week through Warner Archive and how will they be chosen? Also, what westerns from the 50s, 60s and 70s in the near future?

Warner: There will be 20 titles per month. There will be westerns available, but mostly from the 40s and 50s. Some Randolph westerns including Trail Street available next month through Warner Archive.

Any chance of Where Eagles Dare and Hammer films on BRD?

Warner: Where Eagles Dare is coming next year. No plans for Hammer films.

Any chance for Alex in Wonderland?

Warner: A perfect title for Warner Archive

Any chance for The Constant Nymph or The Glass Menagarie? And what about the Harlow/Garfield Collections.

Warner: Harlow coming in 2011. Garfield titles coming this summer on Warner Archive. The Constant Nymph has rights issues. Fox owns The Glass Menagarie.

Any chance of revisiting Superman: The Movie and Superman II

Warner: Been There, Done That.

How about When Time Ran Out extended version? Also, any chance or rereleasing full frame titles on Warner Archive?

Warner: When Time Ran Out is only available in it's current form. Full frame titles will be addressed through further retail and warner archive releases.

How about Contact and Branaugh's Hamlet?

Warner: Contact on BRD this Fall and Hamlet in 2010.

Is Greed coming out on dvd, brd?

Warner: Greed is coming out in conjunction with our Kevin Brownlow series of films.

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Comment by The Giant on April 24, 2009 at 3:00pm

Well, we will be getting BARDELYS THE MAGNIFICENT (1926) from Flicker Alley soon, with the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra score. It is currently slated for a July 14th release. The 2 disc set will also include John Gilbert's long unseen MONTE CRISTO (1922) with Estelle Taylor, and Renee Adoree.

In all likely-hood the release will be pushed back to September. I say this because BARDELYS is not on the July TCM schedule. August is of course the Annual SUMMER UNDER THE STARS again, so unless Gilbert get's a day of his own, I wouldn't expect to see it then? But it will be out before the end of the year.

Astonishing that BARDELYS a film lost since 1936 the same year Gilbert died, and just 10 years after production, will be the first ever King Vidor Silent released on commercial DVD! Beating out THE BIG PARADE, THE CROWD, SHOW PEOPLE, or anything else!

As far as Warner Archive is concerned, they just released 19 new titles, there were no Silent among them. Again, I don't expect to be seeing any Silents with Carl Davis are Robert Israel scores through this label. Would love to be proven wrong. I bought THE TRAIL OF '98 (1928) to kind of test the waters. It looks a little better than my old recording from 2001, but there is not a vast difference. It's nice to have a copy with no station bugs though. I waited to order more to see what was forth-coming, but again no additional Silent film releases this month.
Comment by Classic Movie Man on April 24, 2009 at 2:31pm
Sad to hear that. The situation regarding DVDs of The Big Parade and other big MGM silents like Greed and The Crowd is really disappointing. These aren't minor works but among the very best films ever made, they really should have been released by now. The other thing is the market for releases like this shrinks ever year, something should be happening as a matter of urgency.

Classic film DVD releases really have practically dried up : the Warner Archive appears to going to now dominate that studios plans for future catalog releases, others may follow suit with DVD-Rs on demand or downloads. It may make access easier to many titles but are we seeing the beginning of the end of classic releases on physical media at reasonable prices ?
Comment by The Giant on April 8, 2009 at 6:29pm

I just talked to Kevin Brownlow and nothing of any kind is happening people? The chances of our actually getting THE BIG PARADE on DVD before the end of the year or maybe even next year would quite frankly appear to be slim to none! TCM programmer said last October that THE BIG PARADE would most certainly be out this year. Just a month or so ago in another thread on the TCM forum, He said to explain why they are unning the older print in May for the first time in 5 years, that "We (TCM) were working on it in connection with Warner Home Video, but that it wasn't ready yet." That is a direct quote or pretty close.

Now Here is a direct quote from Mr. Brownlow just minutes ago:

"WB keep telling us they will produce a package of the Thames and Channel 4 Silents, but there is no news yet."

Doesn't sound any different to me than it was 5 year ago! Just more Procrastinating by Warner's! "In Discussions"? Doesn't even sound like it's gotten that far, unless the discussions are totally one sided? Photoplay, Well, OK let's get the show ofn the road? Warner's, We will get back to you?

From: An Interview with George Feltenstein August 2008

What about The Big Parade? It is among my most favorite silent films.

"We are planning that for 2009. We will hopefully be releasing both the original 1925 version and the 1931 “sound re-issue” which had a score with sound effects synchronized. We’ve planned something very big around that. We want to do a King Vidor set with The Crowd and The Big Parade and some of his other silents. There is a lot more silent film coming from Warner Home Video!"

But the Warner's Chat from just a couple weeks ago, seems to paint a different picture. It says that they are "In discussions with Photoplay Productions about up-dating the Thames Silents versions." It does not state in how I took this that the project was well underway as we had previously been told? Very confusing statement based on what we had heard months prior.

Hey, I have links to the old Harold Lloyd forum where the WB was making empty promises clear back in 2004, for 2005! Remeber that? Sure they did release BEN HUR as an extra in one set, so that was a surprise, but other than that one, and FLESH AND THE DEVIL none of the Thames/Channel Four Series of MGM Silents have been released on DVD!

Look Kevin Brownlow found the negatives of THE BIG PARADE clear back in 1997 at George Eastman House! I learned that last May when He was guest on Silver Screen Oasis. Well, this is 2009 folks! The film restoration part of it was completed by the Summer of 2004. Again, this is 2009 folks? It's great that TCM is running the movie next month for the first time in five years, but it isn't the restored print that we have been waiting, and waiting on to see.

What about the new-fine grain master that Jack Theakston raved on and on about when He saw it twice at two live screenings back in 2005? Remember that? Where the devil is that print???? Just a few weeks ago historian Richard May formally of the WB Archival department commented on how proud everyone was of the restoration work that was done? Wonderful, now why can't we see it? I mean, we have only been waiting the better part of this decade.
Comment by Classic Movie Man on March 30, 2009 at 10:26am

I think most of the silents will sadly be in the Warner Archive burn on demand program. There are already quite a few on the shop site including most of the unreleased Garbo silents though weirdly no Woman of Affairs maybe there is hope for a second Garbo set with that and her remaining talkies. Looking at the Warner Archive titles there already though with big hitters (in classic movie star terms) like Gable and Crawford etc makes me wonder. Based on that I think the vast majority of classic releases will be via these overpriced (at least IMO) DVD-Rs from now on.

I don't know about The Big Parade score : they are taking awhile but at least proper DVD releases of Greed, The Wind, The Crowd and The Big Parade are happening possibly as you say in some sort of box set. I think there might be another odd silent getting a retail release (Show People?) but can't see many more apart from in the Archive, they are already saying 20 more silents for there soon. I think In Old Heidelberg is a delightful film and among Ramon Novarro and Norma Shearer's best films if not the best certainly of their silents but sadly I doubt that one will come out for proper retail (I hope I'm wrong). The Four Horsemen is one of the essential silents and the Carl Davis score is excellent but again the 1962 inferior version is already in the Archive so I wouldn't count on that one either though you never know. A Lon Chaney set : again who knows ? Possibly but the days of many extras laiden classic movie boxsets from Warner maybe over.

Take care,

Comment by Chris Johnson on March 29, 2009 at 4:28pm
The Chapman Report about time hope they release the full uncut 123 minute version. Claudelle Inglish wonderful drama classic Diane McBain was superb as Claudelle. Also Mary, Mary was a great flick Debbie Reynolds/Diane McBain were superb in their roles. Home Before Dark one of my personal all time favorites Jean Simmons and Rhonda Fleming were excellent together. I wish they could settle the rights issues with The Constant Nymph that was a beautiful film Joan Fontaine was positively brilliant. And also hope they can get the rights issues with the 1951 Jane Wyman classic The Blue Veil it is one of the most beautiful heartwarming films ever. And Jane Wyman herself considered it her favorite film that she had made and she rarely if ever reflected on her past works.

I Died a Thousand Times, Born to be Bad, The Locket were all brilliant film noirs. Tidbit: The Locket also starred mother of Joan Fontaine & Olivia DeHavilland Lillian Fontaine. I Died a Thousand Times underrated, but Shelley Winters was superb.
Comment by The Giant on March 29, 2009 at 3:46pm
So what does this say about the music for THE BIG PARADE? Are they having Carl Davis reprise his score, or just re-mastering the Thames version to go along with the new restoration of the longer print? They surely don't intend to put all the Thames Metro/MGM Silents in one set do they? That would cost a heap. I'm including THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE among those, made well before the forming of MGM.

Other than Kevin Brownlow being directly involved, none of this is exactly what I would call news. I have been hearing the same thing for years, and years. And "NO RELEASE DATE HAS BEEN SET", is definitely not one of the things I wanted to hear yet again from these people. That's getting mighty old. Hope that the Thames list includes OLD HEIDELBERG. Nothing at at all was mentioned about the Lon Chaney 2 set that has been promised since 2006? And if it is still going to be released, I hope that will it include THE BLACKBIRD.
Comment by Christopher on March 24, 2009 at 6:06pm
wow..excellent..sounds like you grilled 'em pretty good! ;o)

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