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I always have an ongoing wish list of films that are either not available on VHS or DVD, or out of print and overpriced, or that I just haven't gotten around to buying. Since I no longer have a VCR, I'm now only interested in DVDs. My current wish list includes (but is not limited to):
* = fervently desired

1.√ *Good Sam (got it! thanks, Walt!)
2. √*No Time for Comedy (Stewart & R. Russell) (thanks, Al!)
3. *Hired Wife
4. √Tell It to the Judge
5. √*The Heavenly Body (Powell & Lamarr) (thanks, Al!)
6. *He Stayed for Breakfast (Young & Douglas)
7. √Affectionately Yours
8. Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (for Alex)
9. √Every Day’s a Holiday (thanks to my stepmom!)
10. Belle of the Nineties
11. √*The Gilded Lily
12. √Le Million
13. The Wedding March
14. √Come to the Stable
15. The Shopworn Angel (Stewart and Sullavan)
16. The Pajama Game
17. The Lady Wants Mink
18. It Grows on Trees
19. √She Married Her Boss
20. √I Met Him in Paris
21. Hide-out (1934) (recommended by Erin and others)
22. *Our Wife
23. √Personal Property
24. √She Wouldn’t Say Yes (thanks, Al!)
25. √Trouble for Two (Rob’t Montgomery & Roz Russell)
26. Morocco
27. Shanghai Express
28. √Desire
29. √The Long, Long Trailer (thanks, Al!)
30. √The Garden of Eden (Xmas present from Mom)
31. √*Romance in Manhattan
32. √The Doctor Takes a Wife
33. √The Big Hangover
34. √The Purchase Price (Stanwyck as mail-order bride)
35. √*The Last of Mrs. Cheney (thanks, Al!)
36. Perfect Strangers (1950)
37. Dreamboat (1952) (Ginger & Clifton Webb)
38. √Mr. and Mrs. North (the movie with Gracie Allen)
39. It’s Love I’m After
40. Call It a Day
41. Seventh Heaven (James Stewart version)
42. Sing, You Sinners (supposed to be a good Bing film)
43. √When Ladies Meet (thanks, Al!)
44. My Dream Is Yours
45. Boy Meets Girl
46. Three Men on a Horse (Blondell, McHugh)
47. On Borrowed Time (recommended by Abdullah)
48. √A Woman of Distinction
49. The Lady in Question
50. Our Town
51. Sitting Pretty
52. It All Came True
53. √Blithe Spirit
54. Good Girls Go to Paris
55. √My Sister Eileen (1942) (thanks, Al!)
56. √The Feminine Touch (thanks, Paco!)
57. √*Take a Letter, Darling
58. √Fast Company (Melvyn Douglas & Florence Rice, murder mystery) (thanks, Al!)
59. Woman Chases Man
60. She Couldn't Take It (a.k.a. Woman Tamer)
61. By Candlelight
62. Jimmy the Gent
63. √*Remember Last Night?
60. It's All Yours
61. √I Met Him in Paris (thanks, Al!)
62. Ruggles of Red Gap
63. The Amazing Mr. Williams
64. √The Affairs of Annabel
65. Annabel Takes a Tour
66. √There Goes My Heart
67. Wife, Husband and Friend

68. Rings on Her Fingers

69. √Four's a Crowd (thanks, Paco!)
70. Cracked Nuts
71. Buy Me That Town
72. √The Jackpot (on DVD) (thanks, Patti!)
73. *The Perfect Marriage (on DVD)
74. The Half Naked Truth
75. √*There's Always a Woman - Melvyn Douglas & Joan Blondell!

76. The Bishop Misbehaves (Edmund Gwenn as a sleuthing bishop)

77. Live, Love and Learn - Rosalind Russell, Robert Montgomery, Robert Benchley

78. √*Tales of Manhattan (on DVD)

79. *Standing Room Only (Fred MacMurray & Paulette Goddard comedy)

80. √Road to Rio (previous copy went missing)

81. √Personal Property (ditto) (got it! Thanks, Skip)

82. √The Girl from Missouri (disk went bad; need a replacement) (got it - thanks, Skip!)

83. √Gigi (disk went bad)

84. Lydia (Merle Oberon)

85. Fanny

86. √June Bride (thanks, Mark & Heidi)

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Comment by Paco Malo on May 26, 2009 at 8:38pm
I just caught the last half hour of "The Last of Mrs. Cheney" (from your list) the other day on TCM. It was really great -- extremely well acted in the supporting roles and also in the lead roles (Powell, Crawford, Robert Montgomery).

I hope you find it -- it will be a fine addition to your library-size, excellent collection. (I still can't get over that list of yours above).

Comment by Paco Malo on February 1, 2009 at 9:55am
Isn't something you really want for your birthday something other than a film, what about an original Gustav Klimt recently stolen from a museum. Eh! {:-%)
Comment by Paco Malo on December 3, 2008 at 3:52pm
"60. She Couldn't Take It (Woman Tamer)":

"Woman Tamer?" Can that really be done?
Comment by M.T. Fisher on June 24, 2008 at 9:41am
I have one or two one your list. Email me at and I'll see if I can help you out.
Comment by Rosie Sayer on April 6, 2008 at 5:31pm
That's extremely nice of you! I'll definitely email you. I'd prefer to trade if you can find anything in my collection you want. My collection is also posted on my page. Feel free to peruse it.

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