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I have had my current television (a 27-inch screen set from Sony) for a bit over a decade now. From time to time, I've thought about getting a new set...usually because I've always wished mine was just a bit larger. But then, I usually figure I can't afford it and end my thinking with "I'll just keep this one until it blows up". But now I've done something that's going to really require my buying a new set...I've ordered a Playstation 3. Of course, getting a new video game console doesn't absolutely require a new set...except that this system also happens to be a blu-ray player...a very good blu-ray player I am told, in fact. My old TV obviously isn't a high-definition set so I want to get one that will properly show off blu-ray discs and this means I'll finally be able to get a larger size screen. I don't want a projection living room isn't that I'm thinking of one of these thin flat-screen sets. My nephew says I should get a Vizio...but I kind of have my eye on a 40-inch Sony set (though I could wind up getting one a bit smaller). I've mentioned this TV-buying quest of mine on a favorite DVD site and a couple there have basically told me I shouldn't consider anything that isn't a Sony or a Samsung, which makes me feel better about my interst for the Sony. It may still be a few weeks before I I settle on a set. I'm not planning on buying any Blu-ray movies until after Christmas. That way, my family can possibly get me some as Christmas gifts.

Of course, I'm already thinking about what movies to get on Blu-ray. I've read one of the best-looking classic movies in this new format is "The Searchers" which just happens to be one of my favorite movies. I've also heard good things about The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Wizard of Oz, Silverado and others. Most of the movies I'm thinking of I already have on standard DVD so I'll only get the Blu-ray versions if they are definite improvements over the DVD releases.

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Comment by Ktrek on January 7, 2011 at 1:12am

The Sony Bravia is a nice TV. I would have probably shelled out for the 120 but as long as your happy that's all that matters.


Comment by Roger L. Schoolcraft on January 6, 2011 at 10:55pm

I don't know if anyone will read this since I'm writing this a month after my previous comment, but I did finally get around to buying a new set.  I bought a Sony Bravia 40-inch LCD flatscreen set.  Though I settled for one with a 60 Hz refresh rate, I'm happy with it.  The worst part was lugging my old TV to another room...I nearly hurt myself doing that.  I should try to look up that old model online and seeing if I can find out what it's weight was.


Classic movies I have gotten Blu-ray editions of so far, by the way, include The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Black Pirate, Metropolis (listed on the case as "The Complete Metropolis"), Rio Bravo, The Searchers, True Grit (is this a classic?  It depends on your cutoff point) and The Wizard of Oz.

Comment by Roger L. Schoolcraft on December 5, 2010 at 6:44pm
As I said before, I was considering a Sony 40-inch set. I don't have a particularly large room either. I might pick the set up later this week. I recently hooked up my new Playstation 3 for the first time to an older non-HD TV (the PS3 will double as my blu-ray player) and the one game I got for it so far looks outstanding. I don't have any Blu-ray titles yet. Soon...
Comment by Roger L. Schoolcraft on December 2, 2010 at 1:10pm
I am not a Sam's Club member and the closest one is about a half-hour's drive away. We don't really have a close Best Buy or Target, either. We do have Wal-Mart and that's likely where I'll get mine. I didn't know about those 120hz or 60hz sets...I do recall seeing the 60hz listing on one I was looking at, though. So now I'll have to check those sets' information again with that in mind.
Comment by Christopher on December 1, 2010 at 9:39pm
THeres alot of new tv brands since I last got a TV in '95..I had to get a new one back in Febuary this year.Go on out and hit the Best Buys,the Targets,Wal*Mart..your sure to find a bargain right away..
Comment by Ktrek on December 1, 2010 at 9:15pm
Roger - I don't don't how much you are willing to spend but if you are a Sam's Club member go take a look at what's available. I saw the electronics dept put out a 42 inch Hitachi that has a really nice picture for only $498.00. It's LCD and I believe it was 1080i. May have been only 720p at that price point. Be careful about the Vizio as they have several grades. Be sure to buy one that is at least 120hz and not a 60hz. It makes a huge difference for image quality especially on action films. A 240hz would be best but they can get pricey.

Second buy as large a screen as you can afford that will be comfortable in your viewing area. If you have a small room a 42 inch is just fine. If you have a large room try and buy a 50 inch at least.

I work at Sam's and if you need some advice I could talk to one of the techs in our store as to what they think is the best buy at the price point you can afford.

Comment by Roger L. Schoolcraft on November 30, 2010 at 8:28pm
I wrote in my other blog about planning on getting a PS3 and an HDTV...I said there it would likely be a Sony. So my brother wants to know why I seem to have this love affair with Sony...
Comment by Monty on November 30, 2010 at 6:48pm
We got an early Christmas present to ourselves with a blu-ray player and I love it. Have bought a few newer movies like The Dark Knight and Alice in Wonderland. But also The Wizard of Oz and it looks awesome. I can't believe I waited this long to get a blu-ray player. And having a HD TV with all the trimmings is defintely the way to go. You are going to enjoy the blu-ray experience Roger. Oh and there is a slight improvement on standard DVDS on blu-ray so you won't have to rebuy everything you currently own unless you just want to have it, like I did with Wizard of Oz. And plus blu-ray offers so many more interactive stuff, it's just amazing.
Comment by Roger L. Schoolcraft on November 30, 2010 at 8:59am
I do want to be careful not to "double dip" too much (buying movies on Blu-ray I already have on DVD). I want to see how my current DVDs look through my Blu-ray player (which I've heard improves the look of standard DVDs a bit) and on the new TV. If I'm satisfied with what I see, I won't rebuy on Blu-ray that many titles.
Comment by Classic Movie Man on November 30, 2010 at 7:09am
I don't have a TV but a projector. Its not full HD but I can see a difference on upscaled DVDs - a new TV will upscale DVDs to your display's native resolution regardless. I'm still considering getting a blu-ray player but will likely start with a mixture of movies I don't have on DVD with one or two I do have though in earlier relatively barebones releases. I'm fairly cautious about buying a lot of movies again but then I'm not full HD. I would say make sure your new TV has the 1080 x 1920 resolution i.e. 1080p. How big a TV to get ? Well it depends on your room size i.e. how far you will be sitting from it, your eyesight etc though to really get the benefit of HD I would say get at least a 40 inch screen though I'm watching an 80 inch screen so I'm possibly a bit biased.

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