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American Silent Films Still In Russia



Back in November of last year, news broke that 10 American Silent films, at least 7 of which were largely considered lost, were repatriated back to the United States Library Of Congress, from the Gosfilmofond Russian Film Archive. This was only the first shipment. As some 194 additional films are expected back in the near future. Since then details on the remaining titles have been difficult to come by. However, here is a partial listing derived from the FIAF Data Base of the Gosfilmofond Russian Archive Collection.


Again, we don't know how complete any of these films are. Some of them may be missing a reel here or there, or more. In any event, this is nowhere near 194 additional titles. Around 75 so far. So I am still hoping for at least a couple of Colleen Moore movies, Corinne Griffith, Dolores Costello, Olive Borden. Some of the big missing Renee Adoree pictures such as A MAN'S MATE (1924) with John Gilbert, and TIN GODS with Thomas Meighan, Etc.

There is lots of Charles Ray, Richard Dix and even Milton Sills and Mae Murray listed. Four Jackie Coogan features, and Three Arbuckle's. An interesting batch of Stars, and some big name directors. Including James Cruze, Victor Fleming, Victor Seastrom, Herbert Brenon and King Vidor. Most of these films do not exist anyplace else in the world, others may contain lost footage that can be restored to incomplete prints. I will keep you posted as I receive more information and movie titles.
Eye For Eye (1918) Alla Nazimova
Red Hot Dollars (1918) Charles Ray
Wolves Of The Rail (1918) Starring and Direted by William S. Hart
Riddle Gwan (1918) William S. Hart, Lon Chaney
Behind The Door (1919) Hobart Bosworth, Jane Novak
Bill Henry (1919) Charles Ray, Edith Roberts
His Majesty, the American (1919) Douglas Fairbanks
Egg Crate Wallop (1919) Charles Ray, Colleen Moore
The Red Lantern (1919) Alla Nazimova, Frank Currier
The Market of Souls (1919) Dorothy Dalton
John Petticoats (1919) William S. Hart
Told In The Hills (1919) Wanda Hawley, Monte Blue, Aileen Percy
Civilian Clothes (1920) Thomas Meighan, Martha Mansfield
The Restless Sex (1920)-Marion Davies (Possibly her oldest survivng film?)
Down On The Farm (1920) Ben Turpin, Marie Prevost, Louise Fazenda, Teddy The Dog
Idols Of Clay (1920) Mae Murray, Dorothy Cumming
The Woman Gives (1920) Norma Talmadge, Edmund Lowe
The Village Sleuth-(1920) Charles Ray
What's Your Hurry? (1920) Wallace Reid, Lois Wilson
The Life of the Party- (1920) Roscoe Arbuckle
Crazy To Marry (1921) Roscoe Arbuckle, Lila Lee
 Li Ting Lang (1920) Sessue Haykawa
Old Fashioned Boy (1920) Charles Ray
The Little Clown (1921) Mary Miles Minter, Jack Mulhall
The Swamp (1921) Sessue Hayakawa, Bessie Love
A Small Town Idol (1921) Ben Turpin, Phyllis Haver, Marie Prevost
Forbidden Fruit (1921) Cecel B. De Mille-Agnes Ayres
Molly 'O (1921)-Mabel Normand
At The End of The World (1921) Betty Compson, Milton Sills
Her Husband's Trademark (1922)-Gloria Swanson
Suzanna (1922)-Mabel Normand (May contain missing footage.)
Trouble (1922) Jackie Coogan
The Bonded Woman (1922) Betty Compson, John Bowers, Richard Dix
Broadway Rose (1922) Mae Murray, Monte Blue
Siren Call (1922) Dorothy Dalton
The Woman Who Walked Alone (1922) Dorothy Dalton, Milton Sills, Wanda Hawley
Three Live Ghosts (1922) Anna Q. Nilsson, Norman Kerry
The Iron Trail (1923)-Reginald Denny
Little Robinson Crusoe (1923)-Jackie Coogan
Grumpy (1923)-Theodore Roberts. May McAvoy, Conrad Nagel
Condemned (1923) Mildred Davis
Three Weeks (1923)-Aileen Pringle, Conrad Nagel. Directed by Alan Crossland
The Spanish Dancer (1923) Pola Negri, Antonio Moreno, Adolphe Menjou. Directed by Herbert Brenon
The Spoilers (1923)-Milton Sills, Anna Q. Nilsson, Barbara Bedford
The French Doll (1923) Mae Murray, Rod La Rocque
The Dangerous Maid (1923) Constance Talmadge, Conway Tearle
To The Last Man (1923) Richard Dix, Lois Wilson
Black Oxen (1923) Corinne Griffith, Clara Bow. (May contain missing footage.)
Drifting (1923)-Priscilla Dean, Matt Moore, Wallace Beery. Early appearance by Anna May Wong
Garrison's Finish (1923) Jack Pickford, Madge Bellamy
The Girl I Loved (1923)-Charles Ray, Patsy Ruth Miller
Long Live The King (1923) Jackie Coogan
In Search of a Thrill (1923) -Viola Dana, Warner Baxter
Happiness (1924)-Laurette Taylor, Hedda Hopper. Directed by King Vidor
The Shooting of Dan McGrew (1924) Barbara La Marr, Lew Cody
The Mine with The Iron Door (1924) Dorothy Mackaill, Pat O'Mally
The Mask Of Lopez (1924) Fred Thomson
Mademoiselle Midnight - (1924) Mae Murray, Monte Blue
One Night In Rome (1924) Laurette Taylor, Tom Moore, Warner Oland
Pided Piper Malone (1924)-Thomas Meighan, Lois Wilson
Singer Jim McKee (1924) William s. Hart, Phyllis Haver, Patsy Ruth Miller
Women Who Give (1924)-Renee Adoree, Babara Bedford
The White Moth (1924)-Barbara La Marr, Conway Tearle
Secrets (1924) Norma Talmadge, Conrad Nagel. Directed by Frank Borzage
Racing Luck (1924) Monty Banks
The Heritage of the Desert (1924) Bebe Daniels, Lloyd Hughes
Side Show of Life (1924) Anna Q. Nilsson. Neil Hamilton
Captain January (1924)-Hobart Bosworth, Irene Rich
Nellie, The Beautiful Cloak Model (1924) -Clarie Windsor, Edmund Lowe, Mae Busch, Raymond Griffith, Hobart Bosworth
The Fighting Coward (1924)-Mary Astor, Phyllis Haver, Ernest Torrence. Directed by James Cruze.*
Speed (1925) Betty Blythe, Pauline Garon
Name The Man (1925)-Aileen Pringle, Patsy Ruth Miller Conrad Nagel-Directed by Victor Seastrom
Wild Horse Stampede (1926) Jack Hoxie, Fay Wray
Horse Shoes (1927) Monty Banks, Jean Arthur
Sal of Singapore (1928) Phyllis Haver, Alan Hale


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Comment by The Giant on February 20, 2011 at 2:40am


Here are Four more films I need to add to this list. Including an early Starring role for Clara Bow. There are still many others.Several Richard Talmadge films, more Charles Ray, Three films directed by William Desmond Taylor. Among them the 1920 version of HUCKLEBERRY FIN.


What a Wife Learned (1923)-Milton Sills, John Bowers, Maguerite De La Motte
The Witching Hour (1923) Eliot Dexter. Directed by William Desmond Taylor
A Boy Of Flanders (1924) Jackie Coogan
Black Lightning (1924) Clara Bow, Thunder The Dog




Comment by The Giant on February 12, 2011 at 4:11am


In most cases, they have been there since the end of their original distribution run. But if Gosfilmofond has a 35 Millimeter print of the 1923 HUNCHBACK it would be huge. For decades only 16 Millimeter Show at Homes struck in the early 30's were known to survive. David Shepard put out a much improved and close to Full-Length version through Image in the fall of 2007. But this would easily eclipse that.


Comment by MothGirl Wings on February 12, 2011 at 3:59am
I was especially excited to see one with Mildred Davis, and also the one directed by Frank Borzage - I wonder how all these films ended up in Russia?!
Comment by The Giant on February 12, 2011 at 3:55am


As far as I know all of this stuff is still on Nitrate film stock at this time. They may make digital copies of some of these as they had with the initial 10 titles from November. It will likely take several years to send home all of these, and some could be lost in the meantime. The digital copies might be far less expensive though, than transferring them to Safety film. And much quicker. And the details could later be used to make new prints. Rumor had it that the Silent version of THE GREAT GATSBY was in the archive. No indication so far. Incredibly, it looks like they just might have a 35 millimeter print of THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME? If so, that would definitely make all other versions redundant, depending on what sort of shape it is in. The general prognosis is these are extremely well preserved movies. At least from what the LOC has been saying. So that is most encouraging.


The National Film Preservation Foundation just got a a $250, 000 donation or something like that to restore the first 10 films that were shipped home. I figure that THE ARAB has a chance to turn up on TCM. Also 2 of the Wallace Reid films have brief clips posted on the LOC website. So something is being done with these. Wish I could same for the long pending restorations of Colleen Moore's SYNTHETIC SIN and WHY BE GOOD?


Comment by MothGirl Wings on February 12, 2011 at 3:23am
Wow - these look amazing - thank you for posting!
Comment by Robert ''Ricky'' Nunez on February 12, 2011 at 1:48am
What a collection of films!
Comment by The Giant on February 11, 2011 at 7:56pm


Some of the initial 10 films that were delivered in November could appear on TCM. Especially, Rex Ingram's THE ARAB (1924). with Ramon Novarro and Alice Terry. Two of the Wallace Reid films have already had brief clips posted by the LOC on-line.

Comment by Marcus on February 11, 2011 at 5:55pm
Looks like we got back some of our film history of the 1920's. I don't think we'll ever get to see these on TV in our lifetime, though. Wish there was some Theda Bara titles on the list; almost her whole career is missing. Would be nice to find out what she was like, without having to sit through "A Fool There Was", which I don't care for. Any finds from the teens and twenties are earth shattering for us film history buffs! A miracle I thought we'd never see... 
Comment by The Giant on February 11, 2011 at 2:46pm


They don't have LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT. But there were high hopes that Chaney's 1926 feature TOWER OF LIES with Norma Shearer might be in this Archive. Again, not a complete list. I was hoping for at least a couple Colleen Moore films. She is in EGG CRATE WALLOP (1919), but as Charles Ray's leading lady. I wish that there were some of her long lost Starring features. Or even incomplete ones, so the missing footage could be restored. There are several Anna Q. Nilsson films. She was a big name and I have seen very little of her movies. THREE WEEKS is a huge find. It was a blockbuster book by Elinor Glynn, and subsequent film. Long considered lost.



Comment by Dan Day, Jr. on February 11, 2011 at 2:27pm
Maybe Putin has a copy of LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT and he's holding it for ransom.


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