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Orchestra Wives (1942)

There are some good musical numbers in this film as one might expect considering the cast.  First of all 'The Glenn Miller Band' provides many favourites well known to fans of that era.  Included are 'The Modernaires' although Paula Kelly is not among them but her place is taken by Marion Hutton who happens to be Betty Hutton's older sister.  She does a credible job.  Other surprise and uncredited  performers are Dale Evans,  Jackie Gleason, Tex Beneke, Billy May and Dorothy Dandridge…


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The Collector (1965)

This film had 3 Academy Award nominations and also won several other awards.  How I happened to have missed seeing this back when it was released is  bit of mystery to me but nevertheless I have now seen it and enjoyed it very much.  Samantha Eggar was one of the nominees for best actress and she is perfect for this thriller.  IMO, Terrance Stamp who won the best actor award at Cannes should also have been nominated by the academy but was not.  The director was William Wyler (also a nominee)…


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Last Holiday (1950)

It has been quite some time since I posted here but sometimes the demands on my time can be great.

However, I wanted to make mention of the film I recently watched (captioned above) because it seemed like one of those little known films that deserve more attention.  I believe Last Holiday has been one of the Criterion selections that is about to be discontinued and they are selling it now at a discount for a limited time.


The film stars Alec Guiness who always seems to…


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The Letter (1929)

I was fortunate to obtain a copy of the 1929 film THE LETTER which stars Jeanne Eagels in the only film in which she appears that is still extant at least as far as I know. She only made one other sound film. Shortly after the film was made she died of a drug overdose.

There is a lot can be said about this relatively short film. I think it is a stand out performance all around and the fact that Eagels was nominated (posthumously) for an Academy award is just one item. She lost to Mary… Continue

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James Mitchell and Kathryn Grayson

With the recent passing of James Mitchell and the even more recent passing of Kathryn Grayson, I decided to spend some viewing time in a nostalgic look at both these musical stars. James was primarily a dancer and he was an extraordinary one, while Kathryn was a beautiful lyrical soprano. I chose to watch Kathryn in a cameo role appearance in 'Till The Clouds Roll By' in which she sang opposite Tony Martin in a duet from 'Show Boat' which was lavishly staged and beautifully sung… Continue

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Marilyn Miller

After reading a recently published book on Florenz Ziegfeld's life and career, I was delighted to find a bio on his most famous star Marilyn Miller. The book is titled 'The Other Marilyn' and it was not easy to find but fortunately I got the last copy available from an Amazon seller.

I have enjoyed reading this book very much as it renewed information that I had read before but also added a significant amount of interesting trivia that I did not know. As biographies go, this book is well… Continue

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The Dance of Life 1929

The next film in a series of films starring Nancy Carroll. This one has Hal Skelly alongside of Nancy and he is a very talented dancer who was a hit on Broadway. This film is based on his Broadway show. 'The Dance of Life' (1929) is the film version of a hit Broadway play called 'Burlesque', which starred Barbara Stanwyck. The original title was considered too racy for movie audiences, so the film producers bought the rights to a best-selling NON-fiction book about sex, 'The Dance of Life',… Continue

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Sally 1929

SALLY 1929

After reading

Ziegfeld, The Man Who Invented Show Business I was intrigued by the biggest star on Broadway. It wasn't Eddie Cantor, who owed his stardom to Ziegfeld, and it wasn't Jolson… Continue

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The Kiss Before The Mirror 1933

Here we have another pre code movie that would not pass the censors come the second half of 1934. This one stars Nancy Carroll, Paul Lukas, Frank Morgan and Gloria Stuart and is a drama IMO although the IMDB says it is a mystery. There are two aspects to this film that would make the censors nervous. One is the open adultery of not one but two of the leading women featured. The other is the murder which is the main theme of the film. Frank Morgan gives a good performance sans his usual laugh… Continue

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The Life of Vergie Winters (1934)

This film was released in June 1934 about one week before the production code clamped down. Had it been left until July it would never have passed the censors in the form it was. Not that it was all that risque certainly by today's standards, but it did cross the standard of the censors by depicting adultery in a sympathetic light. Ann Harding plays the role of Vergie Winters with a special class and John Boles also gives a good performance.

It is interesting to see some of the… Continue

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The Floradora Girl (1930) addendum

Well I managed to get a copy of this 1930 film. There are a couple of significant events involving this movie.

The first is this was the first film which opened the famous Pantages Theater at Hollywood and Vine in May 1930. Secondly, the final 7 minutes of the film are shot in Technicolor (2 strip) demonstrating the advance of the colour process to that date. It is clearly a successful step in the history of film for both of those events.

Marion Davies does a good job of showing… Continue

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The Floradora Girl (1930)

Has anybody seen this film? It stars Marion Davies and some say it was her best film. I am looking to get this one somehow. I did have a trade lined up but the lady has disappeared.

~ Bill

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The Judge Steps Out (1949)

This movie stars Alexander Knox and Ann Sothern. Although it was released in 1949 it was actually filmed in early 1947. It is a comedy which I found very pleasant viewing and Ann Sothern was pleasing to see as well. Alexander Knox is probably best known for his role in 'Wilson' and was often cast as a supporting player. In this film he also was a writer of the screenplay along with Boris Ingster who was the author of the story and the director.

As I mentioned, I found the film to be… Continue

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If I Had A Million (1932

Here is a film that has a lot of unique things going for it. It has eight directors, one for each segment including Ernst Lubitsch who is one of my favourites.

I guess it is primarily a comedy but it is also a drama, and what a variety of stars. Gary Cooper, George Raft, Charles Laughton, Charles Ruggles, Jack Oakie, W.C. Fields, May Robson, Gene Raymond and many more.

Hard to say what segment is most interesting and entertaining but I would have to say the W.C. Fields,… Continue

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Applause (1929)

Almost eighty years ago, Paramount released 'Applause' starring Helen Morgan. Directed by Rouben Mamoulian this film proved to be more than I expected for such an early musical and talkie. Admittedly, the acting is a bit weak in some scenes but after all, it is a very early talkie. The thing that surprised me was the innovative filming techniques such as shadows a la noir and varying depth of field focus and camera angles not often seen in 1929 films.

The copy of the film which runs for 80… Continue

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A Stolen Life (1946)

This movie stars Bette Davis, Glenn Ford, Dane Clark, Water Brennan and Charles Ruggles. Davis plays twins, one good and one evil, and they are both in love with the same man!

Although I have collected most of Bette's screen performances, I am not always that impressed with her but this is one movie that I liked. A good story and a good cast go together with fine direction to make a hit movie.

The special effects caught my attention as well since the scenes where Bette was playing the… Continue

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Indiscreet (1931)

Most film fans are familiar with the 1958 Alfred Hitchcock film 'Indiscreet' but there is another film by that name and it was released 27 years earlier. This one stars Gloria Swanson whom I have only seen a few times and most notably in 'Sunset Boulevard'

I didn't expect much from this 1931 effort and its beginning was a bit wooden and poorly directed IMO. However, as the film progressed I began to see why Miss Swanson had so many fans. She was witty, acted very well and even sang… Continue

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House of Strangers (1949)

House of Strangers is a better than average film noir starring Eddie Robinson, Susan Hayward and Richard Conte. The Italian family which is the centre of the story, gives the film a flavour evocative of 'The Godfather'. Indeed Eddie Robinson creates the ideal image of a godfather type and his four sons provide a reminder of the later film classic. Again, I will not go into a detailed description of the film since that is available on the IMDB but suffice to say that it is a good one and not… Continue

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Hangover Square

Last night I watched 'Hangover Square' the final picture made by Laird Cregar whose life was cut to a short 31 years by his attempt to crash diet. His most famous role was in 'The Lodger' in 1944 and this final picture was also shot in 1944 and released after his death in 1945. I was not aware that the film was his last, but I soon suspected it since I knew how he had died and it was obvious that he had lost a great deal of… Continue

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Graphical Lists

Here are five graphical lists in my collection of some of my favourite stars.

Kay Francis

Barbara Stanwyck

Joan Blondell

Cary Grant…


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