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musical film " Carefree (1938)" Songbook "the night is filled with music".

In 1938 September the second volume of the "world of music" magazine published Hollywood musical film " Carefree (1938)" Songbook "the night is filled with music". At that time, a Hollywood musical movie into Chinese, immediately issued Songbook, it is obvious that the Chinese audience to welcome from American movies.…


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The treatment of 97 year old Baby Peggy is shameful.

Baby Peggy (Diana Serra Cary), beloved star of silent films, received over a million fan letters for her 150 shorts and features. Her highly-praised autobiography, Whatever Happened to Baby Peggy?, spawned a feature-length documentary. Now 97 and healthy but alarmingly frail, she has attempted for months to find financial support for modest in-home,…


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Here is  the perfect gift for the movie buff or anybody involved in theatre.

Through the holiday buying season, if you purchase BOTH of my play anthologies, THE HOLLYWOOD LEGENDS (10 plays) and THE HOLLYWOOD SCANDALS (3 plays) directly from me, I will give you a 25% discount off the retail price.

That's a savings of $10.00 if you bought the books…


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The Chinese Edition of Sweet Adeline (film)

Sweet Adeline (film), a 1934 Warner Brothers film based on the Broadway musical, music by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II.At that time China famous media called "This musical film have no equal in this world".…


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Want to give a special holiday gift to your friends or a family member?

How about a PERSONALLY SIGNED copy of a book that they would enjoy?

Because of medical and other issues, I've had to cut my attendance at autograph shows and conventions down this past year and, as a result, I have extra paperback copies of several of my book titles on hand. I would be happy to sign copies to…


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Dream Factory Podcast 99

Derek McLellan is joined by film historian Maria Ciaccia

to discuss classic movies.

Episode 99

Top 50 Masters of Cinema

The top 50 greatest directors of the classic era…


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Matt's Classic Movies - The Philadelphia Story (1940) / High Society (1956)

Derek McLellan and film historian, author and lecturer Matthew Kennedy discuss some of the greatest movies ever made.

The Philadelphia Story (1940) /…


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Rita Hayworth.

Betty Grable had the legs, Alice Faye had the Voice and Rita Hayworth had Glamour with a capital G. Columbia pulled out all the stops on Cover Girl and Tonight And Every Night both in Technicolor she looks fabulous, Gilda made in b/w had atmosphere all the way and of course the Put The Blame On Mame number, she became the number one goddess and almost 70 years later still is. I'd be interested to see stills here of the stars other GAOH members admire, so how about it :)…


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Valentino: Rediscovering an Icon of Silent Film. Flicker Alley DVD

The films featured in this set date from 1918 to 1922 included are Moran Of The Lady Letty and The Young Rajah, there have been many dire transfers of Valentino films issued over the years, which sadly did him no favours. I have a dvd print of Moran, it's washed out but all that I could find, I also have a dvd of Rajah or what survives of it with the stills substituting for missing footage, like many Valentino fans it's always been a case of making do with whats available.

I'm hoping…


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South Seas Adventure - Cinerama

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Cinerama Holiday-South Seas Adventure-This is Cinerama

If you were lucky enough to have seen the three Cinerama movies here back in the 50's or would like to see them in restored colour with a 5.1 soundtrack on each then these DVD's might be the answer, yes you see the lines from the three seperate prints but I didn't and don't find them intrusive. When the music score begins and the narative plays they have a special 'sound' that only the cinerama travelogues had/have, it's easy to lose yourself in the wonderful views on the cinerama travels,…


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James Cameron's Avatar and Titanic in 3D

If you want to enjoy an epic scale more modern cinematic christmas and don't already have this set in 3D then I thoroughly recommend it, Avatar is magnificent in 3D it's just unbelievable and Titanic is taken to another level of spectacle, these movies are part of the modern golden age alongside the great classics of an earlier time.…


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Universal Blu-Ray Monster Box Set

This is the Blu-ray Universal Monster Movie box set no fan should be without, it includes the english and spanish versions of Dracula and the 3D version of The Creature From The Black Lagoon along with Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, The Bride Of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man and Phantom Of The Opera (Technicolor). The set comes with a beautifully produced booklet and classic lobby cards, if you have hesitated to buy this set then hesitate no longer it's worth it's asking and…


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Colorised Classics

I watch the colorized versions of films and see them as a pleasant alternative to the b/w originals, whether on DVD or the original VHS tapes though the tapes are coming up 30 years old they still play well, some other colorized movies I have are She (1935) and Things To Come both modern colorization plus King Kong, David Copperfield, Second Chorus, The Great Ziegfeld all 80's colorizations not all are good transfers but a notable one is King Kong the colour is good and it makes an…


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Great Expectations 1934 & 46 versions. Which films do you have more than one version of and enjoy them.

I've long enjoyed the books of Charles Dickens and the film adaptations of the stories, Great Expectations will always be my number one, which Dickens story do you enjoy most.

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Kern's Music In the Air 1934 film entered into china in 1935.

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Jerome Kern in China in 1940s


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The Wizard Of Oz 3D

For many  us and respective families the up coming holiday season wouldn't be the same without a trip down the yellow brick road, This 3D version of the film was released last year but for those who haven't yet seen it I totally recommend it, the critics, film magazines and trade papers gave it rave reviews and rightly so, the 3D depth, and 5.1 sound are just amazing, the sound follows the characters as they move around the screen and the 3D depth in each scene is eye-popping. When Judy says…


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Affairs of the Heart: The Wedding Night (1935)

To view The Wedding Night click here. The Wedding Night was doomed from the start. It was producer Samuel Goldwyn’s final attempt at making the Ukrainian actress Anna Sten into a Garbo-level star, and his persistence had become something of a Hollywood joke. The Wedding Night became known around town as “Goldwyn’s Last Sten,” but […]

Murnau and the Phantoms of Germany

To view Phantom click here. It’s that time of year when Nosferatu (1922), F.W. Murnau’s interpretation of Dracula, appears on lists of recommended horror films. The oldest, existing film version of Bram Stoker’s novel, Nosferatu is likely Murnau’s most watched title. It’s eerie Expressionist style was a major influence on the American horror genre, but […]

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