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It started out as a Cosmopolitan magazine novel, A Letter to Five Wives, then as a studio film adaption, it was pared down to Four Wives. When production began in 1948, the final product from director Joseph L. Mankiewicz was a striking and highly sophisticated comedy-drama called A Letter to Three Wives (1949). From beginning to end, the dialogue sparkles. Mankiewicz won an Oscar for his witty script and his skilled direction and then he turned… Continue

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Looking Forward to Capitolfest 2009

I just sent in my registration for Capitolfest 2009, held this summer at the Capitol Theatre in Rome, NY from August 7 through August 9. If you're in the Northeastern United States during this time, and you've never attended Capitolfest, you should consider it, since it is a real treat. Capitolfest bills itself as "a vacation not a marathon." There are ample breaks between movies and even enough time between sessions to… Continue

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Golden Age of Hollywood 85

1 hour 22 minutes 44 seconds

Another packed edition of THE Podcast on classic movies.

Presented by Derek McLellan with renowned film historian Maria Ciacca.

Classic Movies News

New Classic Movie DVDs

TCM USA Highlights

Main feature : Ziegfeld on Film

Derek and Maria discuss the… Continue

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Happy Birthday, Peter Lorre

On this day, one hundred and five years ago, Peter Lorre was born. Happy Birthday, Peter.

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Oscar Doubling Best Picture Nominees to 10

Oscars doubling best-picture nominees to 10

By DAVID GERMAIN – 1 hour ago

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — The Academy Awards are doubling the number of best-picture nominees from five to 10.

Academy President Sid Ganis said at a news conference that the academy's board of governors made the decision to expand the slate. Ganis said the decision will open the field up to more worthy films for the top prize at Hollywood's biggest party.

The change takes effect… Continue

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What would you say to a movie about a small group of nuns who start a convent in the Himalayas. "No thanks, I'll pass." Alright, well what would you say if the convent was in a former royal brothel, the nuns both sexually and emotionally repressed and they're constantly in the company of a handsome, half-naked, amoral Englishman. Perks things up a bit. Add to these elements, breathtaking scenery, shot in the most vivid Technicolor, a magnificent… Continue

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On Classic Boxing

I'm a sucker for films about the sweet science. I admit it. As much as I try to convince co-workers that Rocky IV isn't really very good – I still get a great amount of pleasure watching it. However, I do find most modern boxing dramas – from Cinderella Man to Rocky - entertaining but a bit lacking.

Now if you want to talk about great boxing films – then you have to talk about the gritty classics from the 40s and 50s.

City for… Continue

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A Stolen Life (1946)

This movie stars Bette Davis, Glenn Ford, Dane Clark, Water Brennan and Charles Ruggles. Davis plays twins, one good and one evil, and they are both in love with the same man!

Although I have collected most of Bette's screen performances, I am not always that impressed with her but this is one movie that I liked. A good story and a good cast go together with fine direction to make a hit movie.

The special effects caught my attention as well since the scenes where Bette was playing the… Continue

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From yer… Continue

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Golden Age of Hollywood 84

1 hour 16 minutes 34 seconds

Another packed edition of THE Podcast on classic movies.

Presented by Derek McLellan with renowned film historian Maria Ciacca.

Classic Movies News

New Classic Movie DVDs

TCM USA Highlights

Main feature : Errol Flynn

Derek and Maria discuss the career of the classic… Continue

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Through the years when discussing classic movies with friends and fellow film lovers, inevitably I've been asked numerous times who and what my favorites actors, actresses and films are. I have had discussions on what my favorite Hitchcock films are, my favorite Bette Davis movies and so on. Then the other day I was chatting with an online friend and we started discussing the films we had always wanted to see but hadn't, either by lack of opportunity… Continue

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Indiscreet (1931)

Most film fans are familiar with the 1958 Alfred Hitchcock film 'Indiscreet' but there is another film by that name and it was released 27 years earlier. This one stars Gloria Swanson whom I have only seen a few times and most notably in 'Sunset Boulevard'

I didn't expect much from this 1931 effort and its beginning was a bit wooden and poorly directed IMO. However, as the film progressed I began to see why Miss Swanson had so many fans. She was witty, acted very well and even sang… Continue

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House of Strangers (1949)

House of Strangers is a better than average film noir starring Eddie Robinson, Susan Hayward and Richard Conte. The Italian family which is the centre of the story, gives the film a flavour evocative of 'The Godfather'. Indeed Eddie Robinson creates the ideal image of a godfather type and his four sons provide a reminder of the later film classic. Again, I will not go into a detailed description of the film since that is available on the IMDB but suffice to say that it is a good one and not… Continue

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Golden Age of Hollywood 83

1 hour 43 minutes 15 seconds

Another packed edition of THE Podcast on classic movies.

Presented by Derek McLellan with renowned film historian Maria Ciacca.

Classic Movies News

New Classic Movie DVDs

TCM USA Highlights

Main feature : Funny Ladies

Derek and Maria discuss the Funny Ladies of the Silver… Continue

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My Eye Surgery

I wrote awhile back of my eye problems. I have diabetes and one fun side effect of that is I suffered a hemorrhage inside my right eye, filling it with blood which affected my vision. All I could see were shades of looking through very thick wax paper. I had eye surgery scheduled a couple of previous times but it got put off both times for different reasons. Last Thursday I finally was able to have it done. I actually had two doctors working on me at the same time. One doctor… Continue

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20,000+ production codes for movie still ID

I bought a book last year with over 20,000 production codes that helped me identify old movie stills I was collecting, but since my divorce am in great need of cash so am auctioning it off. I thought people here at GAOH would be interested in this info. Here is the link...…


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Reflections on the Harold Lloyd Birthday Bash.

Well a couple months have went by now since having our premiere Harold Lloyd Birthday Bash up in Burchard, NE. To say the least it was totally awesome. To say more, I in fact will! haha All of the planning that Nikki and I had put into this project really came full circle when we started to see fans show up to the home. One set of fans were there even before I had made it into town! I'd thought I'd beat everyone but of course I had about a 3 hour trip. My Mom and Dad came… Continue

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500 Members plus!!!

We have reached a big hurdle in surpassing the 500 members mark. Pretty big accomplishment since we don't hardly do any PR to promote the site. Thanks to everyone who has joined and especially to those who contribute regularly.

I'd also like to thank Derek McLellan (Classic Movie Man) who founded the original Golden Age of Hollywood Message Board in 2004 on EZBoards. It was my suggestion to move to Invision Free because of problems we… Continue

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One of the truly classic movies in American cinema, My Darling Clementine (1946), is a thinking man's western. Although there's plenty of liquor, card playing and rootin' tootin' shootin', director John Ford's masterpiece offers up the gripping action as secondary to its powerful and nuanced characterizations and atmospheric depiction of the Old West legend. Though a romanticized and somewhat fictionalized account of the infamous gunfight at the OK… Continue

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65th Anniversary of "The Longest Day"

As I am sure many of you know, today, June 6th, marks the 65th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy, France during World War II. Known officially as "Operation Overlord," D-Day involved 160,000 troops who landed on five beaches nicknamed Omaha, Utah, Juno, Sword, and Gold, and including paratrooppers who landed behind German lines in the late hours of June 5th, along with more than 5,000 Ships and 13,000 aircraft. By the end of the… Continue

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Affairs of the Heart: The Wedding Night (1935)

To view The Wedding Night click here. The Wedding Night was doomed from the start. It was producer Samuel Goldwyn’s final attempt at making the Ukrainian actress Anna Sten into a Garbo-level star, and his persistence had become something of a Hollywood joke. The Wedding Night became known around town as “Goldwyn’s Last Sten,” but […]

Murnau and the Phantoms of Germany

To view Phantom click here. It’s that time of year when Nosferatu (1922), F.W. Murnau’s interpretation of Dracula, appears on lists of recommended horror films. The oldest, existing film version of Bram Stoker’s novel, Nosferatu is likely Murnau’s most watched title. It’s eerie Expressionist style was a major influence on the American horror genre, but […]

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