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Dirigible (1931)

Released 3 months into 1931 this film was obviously shot in 1930 and is a real testament to good camera work as it was done in those early days when coupled with sound.

The scenes shot in the air are originally planned by Paramount as a sensational follow-up to Wings (1927), but they couldn't get the production off the ground. The story was sold to Columbia Pictures, and its final "lighter than air" plot reached theaters in 1931.

Fay Wray is extraordinarily attractive in… Continue

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Golden Age of Hollywood 64 : Weekly Podcast

1 hour 32 minutes 27 seconds

Another packed edition of THE Podcast on classic movies.

Presented by Derek McLellan with renowned film historian Maria Ciacca.

Classic Movies News

New Classic Movie DVDs

TCM USA Highlights

Main feature : The MGM Story - Part 1

Derek and Maria discuss the early years of… Continue

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New Lon Chaney Biography - Beware

I 've just heard from Michael F. Blake, the leadin authority regarding Lon Chaney. In July, Bear Manor Media is releasing Lon Chaney's Shadow by Suzanne Gargiulo. She contacted Michael, who gave her what information he had on the subject she was wanting, and then he didn't hear from her. This was three years ago.

But the forward is written by Phillip J. Riley, who doesn't know what he's talking about as far as Chaney's concerned. This being the case, Michael says he suspect… Continue

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Passing of Charles Schneer

Ray Harryhausen (right) and Charles Schneer

Producer Charles H. Schneer dies

Hollywood vet worked with Ray Harryhausen


Producer Charles H. Schneer, who worked with Ray Harryhausen on films including "Jason and the Argonauts," died Jan. 21 in Boca Raton, Fla. He was 88.

Schneer worked briefly at Universal and then started with Sam Katzman’s B-picture unit at Columbia, where he met Harryhausen… Continue

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Twenty Favorite Actors

I was memed by Raquelle to list my favorite twenty actors. You can read the list of my top twenty favorite actresses here.

1. Gregory Peck

2. Paul Newman.

3. Cary Grant…


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Universal Pre-code Collection in April

No you are not reading a spoof announcement or a wish list, Universal has actually announced some catalog titles for release that haven't been released on DVD before. And not just any release, but a PRE-CODE release (no doubt trying to mimic Warner's successful line). A couple of longed for Cary Grant films, plus the lovely and vivacious Ida Lupino in Search for Beauty make up just some of the set.

The only special feature is listed… Continue

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Cleopatra (1934) 75th Anniversary Edition from Universal in April

Previously exclusively part of The Cecil B. DeMille Collection, Universal has announced Cleopatra - 75th Anniversary Edition (Universal Backlot Series) set for release on April 7th. It has been digitally remastered with all new bonus features (listed below).

The single disc Epic will retail for $29.98, but is available at for only $23.99.

NOTE: Unmentioned in the previous post, this new wave of titles from… Continue

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Golden Age of Hollywood 63 : Weekly Podcast

1 hour 11 minutes 25 seconds

Another packed edition of THE Podcast on classic movies.

Presented by Derek McLellan with renowned film historian Maria Ciacca.

Classic Movies News

New Classic Movie DVDs

TCM USA Highlights

Main feature : Fritz Lang

Derek and Maria discuss the great director forever… Continue

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Academy Award Winners : Wings (1927) Carl Davis scored version

First of a series of articles on Best Picture winners as the countdown to the Oscars begins. Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen the movie.

Aviation epic Wings (1927) was the first winner of the Best Picture Oscar. It was directed by William Wellman (Wild Bill as he was often known) who had been a flier himself and went to great lengths to make the flying sequences authentic consuming lots of time and film in the process.

It… Continue

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Anybody's Woman (1930)

The captioned film stars Ruth Chatterton who was a very accomplished stage actress as well as a film star. Released in the summer of 1930, this film reflects the early stages of sound by using title screens to depict the changes in scenes. Fades are not used, perhaps not available then, I don't know but none of this detracts from the enjoyment of this film. The length is about 80 minutes and that is not uncommon in those early years but it tells the story as it is intended and I found it… Continue

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The Man Who Thought He Was Edward G. Robinson

The Man Who Thought He Was Edward G. Robinson

KEN NILES: And now, Roma Wines, R-O-M-A, made in California for enjoyment

throughout the world, Roma Wines presents...

MUSIC: Bernard Herrmann's Suspense Theme

ANNOUNCER: Suspense! Tonight Roma Wines bring you "The Man Who Thought He Was

Edward G. Robinson," a Suspense play produced, edited, and directed for Roma

Wines by William Spier.


KEN NILES: Suspense! Radio's Outstanding… Continue

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BIG BOX SET SALE is having a sale on Classics box sets until Feb.13....Lots of Musicals sets,Astaire and Rogers,Busby Berkley,Tarzan,Lon Chaney,Gangsters....and remember..shipping is only pay the price you see..

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Mouseketeer Cheryl has died

LOS ANGELES - Cheryl Holdridge, a popular Mouseketeer on "The Mickey Mouse Club" TV show in the 1950s, has died. She was 64.

Holdridge died Tuesday at her Santa Monica home after a two-year battle with lung cancer, Doreen Tracey, another former Mouseketeer, told the Los Angeles Times.

Born Cheryl Lynn Phelps on June 20, 1944, in New Orleans, Holdridge moved to Los Angeles when she was 2. She became a Mouseketeer in 1956 at the start of the second season of "The Mickey Mouse Club,"… Continue

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An Update On My Health

I wrote earlier about my eye problems and that I was scheduled to have eye surgery on January 15. That surgery did not happen, however. It had to be cancelled due to some concerns from my bloodwork. I have heard from my doctor's office that m kidneys do not look what extent, I do not know yet. I have an appointment to see my own doctor on Monday, an appointment I am really kind of worried about...but I guess there's no point in getting all crazy about it until it happens. We'll just… Continue

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Our Prayers Are With You Mike Duffy!

I have just learned from JAlex that Mike Duffy's son Damon has suffered a debillitating medical condition that involves the brain. Apparently Mike and his wife will both have to retire in order to take care of their son. Unfortunately it also means that Mike will have to drop Internet and other unnecessary expenses.

Our prayers are with you Mike. You have been a great member here at GAOH and I for one will truly miss you! Take care… Continue

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End of an Era for Cinema in Paisley

A forthcoming demolition in Paisley High Street (I live about a 15 minutes away) will signal the end of a great era for many present and former Paisley 'Buddies'. The old Paisley Regal Cinema, which changed its name to the ABC in the 1960s, was one of a great tradition of cinemas in the town which once boasted seven cinemas, rivaling Glasgow as the place that had more picture houses per head of population than anywhere in Europe.

The… Continue

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What If BACK TO THE FUTURE Was Taken Too Seriously? By Matthew Belinkie

“Your future is what you make it,” Doc Brown tells Marty, “so make it a good one!” Then he zooms off in his whimsical flying train. Happy ending!

Except no, no it’s not. Marty McFly has no future, because of two big issues hanging over his head at the end of the trilogy:

1. He doesn’t know anything about his own life.

Perfect strangers.

In the first film, Marty’s actions led to his dad standing up to Biff. When he returns to the present, Marty is… Continue

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Golden Age of Hollywood 62 : Weekly Podcast

1 hour 24 minutes 13 seconds

Another packed edition of THE Podcast on classic movies.

Presented by Derek McLellan with renowned film historian Maria Ciacca.

Classic Movies News

New Classic Movie DVDs

TCM USA Highlights

Main feature : Classic Comedy Teams

Derek and Maria discuss classic comedy teams… Continue

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LONDON FILMS its not HOLLYWOOD..but its sure is close!..

Alexander Korda founded the british production company in 1932...They produced many memorable films from the 30s-50s(they merged with RANK in the 1940s)...Many featured stars that worked both sides of the Atlantic such as ..Vivian Leigh...Raymond Massey,Charles Laughton,Leslie Howard,Conrad Veidt.Merle Oberon...and many supporting type players as well..

As a child it was hard to tell a London Film(especially the 30s ones)from a… Continue

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Ricardo Montalban dies at 88

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Ricardo Montalban, the Mexican-born actor who became a star in splashy MGM musicals and later as the wish-fulfilling Mr. Roarke in TV's "Fantasy Island," died Wednesday morning at his home, a city councilman said. He was 88.

Montalban's death was announced at a meeting of the city council by president Eric Garcetti, who represents the district where the actor lived. Garcetti did not give a cause of… Continue

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Affairs of the Heart: The Wedding Night (1935)

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Murnau and the Phantoms of Germany

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