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  • Ida Lupino Fans

    9 members Latest Activity: Jan 15

    Group dedicated to the talented and beautiful actress-director Ida Lupino

  • Ava Gardner Fans

    12 members Latest Activity: Mar 7, 2017

    Ava Gardner was one of the most beautiful women alive in the 1940s and 1950s. This is a  group that is dedicated to Ava Gardner. Here, all of…

  • Lana Lovers

    16 members Latest Activity: Jun 19, 2015

    A group for fans of one of the most glamourous actresses to grace the silver screen, Lana Turner. So pull up a stool at Schwabs and join us!  

  • Films of the Golden Age

    20 members Latest Activity: Jun 27, 2016

    This is a group to archive my blogs about Films of the Golden Age Magazine and also to discuss articles from the issues.

  • Picture Humor and More!

    20 members Latest Activity: Feb 25, 2016

    A group to post funny pictures, videos, comics & jokes we find on the web. 

  • Spencer Tracy, A Life in Pictures

    4 members Latest Activity: Nov 13, 2017

    Rare, Candid, and Original Photos of the Hollywood Legend, His Family, and Career. Endorse by Cyndi Tracy and the Spencer Tracy Family. Edited by…

  • Randolph Scott

    5 members Latest Activity: Dec 4, 2016

    for fans of the chiseled, laconic Gentleman from Virginia who became one of film history's greatest Cowboy stars. having begun in Comedies,…

  • Orson Welles

    10 members Latest Activity: Jun 19, 2015

    For any and all who love the amazing Mr. Orson Welles

  • In Like Flynn

    7 members Latest Activity: Mar 12, 2014

    dedicated to devil may care Tasmanian actor Errol Flynn, famous for being hollywood's greatest Swashbuckler and for his western/romantic drama…


    11 members Latest Activity: Mar 4, 2014

    A  group dedicated to all lovers of classic adventure pictures from Westerns, Swashbucklers, Wartime sagas, to historical action epics. the genre…

  • Classic Movie Composers

    15 members Latest Activity: Jan 1, 2017

    Is there anyone out there who would like to join me in discussing the film composers of classic cinema?  Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Max Steiner,…

  • Lauren Bacall

    15 members Latest Activity: Nov 2, 2014 For fans of classic film actress and living legend Lauren Bacall.

  • Claude Rains

    31 members Latest Activity: May 12, 2016

    One of the screen’s most versatile, and most interesting actors. From Prince John to Mr. Skeffington, Mr. Jordan to the…


    13 members Latest Activity: Sep 24, 2014 SEXIEST MAN EVER!

  • Read All About it: Books on Film

    48 members Latest Activity: Jan 1, 2017 Reviews and recommendations on books about films, stars, directors, etc. are all welcomed here.

  • Classic British Cinema

    42 members Latest Activity: Mar 2, 2014 Whether you're esctatic about Ealing, go ga-ga over Gainsborough or potty about Powell & Pressburger, this is the place for you!

  • Don't Touch That Dial!! Classic Television!

    52 members Latest Activity: Jan 21, 2015 This group is for the lovers of the classic Tv shows! Please post pictures, vids and anything TV related here! We used to have a sister site, Golden…

  • Oomph Girl Fans

    21 members Latest Activity: Jan 27, 2016 Group dedicated to Warner Brother's sex symbol with the voice and all the right curves. Whether working-class or high society, comedy, drama or song,…

  • Fred Astaire

    37 members Latest Activity: May 12, 2017 A group since I like Fred and couldn't find a group!

  • Edward Everett Horton Fans

    34 members Latest Activity: Jan 10, 2014 "I have my own little kingdom. I do the scavenger parts no one else wants and I get well paid for it". - Edward Everett Horton. Popular supporting…

TCM Blog

Jean Harlow, Mary Dees, and SARATOGA

I watched SARATOGA again last night for the first time in years and still found it very depressing. It is so sad to watch Harlow, clearly weak and listless, playing each scene when you know how sick she is. And every time I saw her double Mary Dees’ back turned to the camera, all I […]

Man’s Castle 1933

Embarrassed to say but I just watched Frank Borzage’s Man’s Castle for the first time this week. Wow, what a movie! Spencer Tracy and Loretta Young are both excellent but the way the movie plows headlong into the plight of desperate people during the despression is remarkable. There are some obvious hard cuts in the movie […]

How’s It Going, Everybody?

Every now and then I stop back in to look at some of the updated comments and I’m surprised, and gladdened, to see that there still are comments! Now, I no longer get paid to post here so this is just a “Hi, how are you?” to everyone who still comments here (so don’t freak […]

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