The Golden Age of Hollywood

I thought I would start this topic. If anyone has some favourite pre-code

films that they would like to recommend please feel free to post their

plots and why you like them here.

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I'll start off. I just adore "Girl Missing" (1933). It has the wonderful Glenda
Farrell in a rare starring role and her mouth goes at a mile a minute.
She and Mary Brian play two chorus cuties stuck with a $700 hotel
bill (their sugar daddy has run out on them). They are determined to
nab the $25,000 reward to find out what happened to "Dumb" Daisy,
the bride of the young millionaire (Ben Lyon) who has mysteriously
vanished on her wedding night. The film is a riot from start to finish.
Beautiful Peggy Shannon plays Daisy.
Another one I like is "Scarlet River" (1933). Tom Keene plays a Hollywood cowboy
whose movie is called off because of the lack of wide open spaces without the
encroachment of civilization. There are some great scenes at the beginning
showing the RKO lot, with cameos by Joel McCrea, Myrna Loy, Rochelle Hudson
and Bruce Cabot. He finally finds Scarlet River Ranch but then has to contend
with villianous "real" cowboys and a beautiful rancher (Dorothy Wilson).
This is a western with a difference - there is some very fancy stunt riding and plenty
of action.
Anything with JoanBlondell, Claudette Colbert, Glenda Farell,or Ann Dvorak. Also Ginger Rogers,and Nancy Carroll.Computer messed up.That's why the duplicate.
Anything with Joan Blondell, Claudette Colbert,Ann Dvorak,Nancy Carroll,Jean Harlow, and Conchita Montenegro. Also Ginger Rogers,{in a non-dancing role}.
Conchita Montenegro is a dream.

Why I like them? Because they're so dirty. But seriously, Scarface, The Public Enemy & Little Caesar may be too obvious but I also have a fondness for 42nd Street. I'd also recommend Night Nurse. I'm not that great at plots since all stories kind of blur together for me into gangsters, gams & guns. I have to throw in The Petrified Forest just because it makes for a perfect quartet with the first three. So, plots aside, you've got Cagney, Blondell (twice!), Harlow, Robinson, Farrell, Bogart, Muni, Howard, Davis, Stanwyck, Rogers & Keeler, along with a sparkling cast of top notch supporting players, directors and screen writers. What's great is that familiar as each every one of these names are, almost none of them were "stars" when they made these so you get real acting, not caricatures. Also great is that several of the most performances are by long well known at the time silent stars making their transition to talkies.
I have a terrible memory for plots as well, I had to look those up
to refresh my memory. Thanks for the recommendations Johnny.
My favourite film of all time is "Footlight Parade" - it has James
Cagney being James Cagney, Joan Blondell, Claire Dodd plus
wonderful Busby Berkeley dances - like "42nd Street".

my all time fave musical! i lost count how many times i've senn it! :D

Up For Murder, Genevieve Tobin and Lew Ayers. sexy crime story
Goodbye Again, Warren William, Joan Blondell, Genevieve Tobin, Hilarious, well-written
Goose and Gander, Kay Francis , Genevieve Tobin, Ralph Forbes, George Brent, Hilarious, well-written
Safe in Hell, Dorothy Mackaill, Donald Cook, gritty, sweaty, edgey drama, well-written
Under Cover Man, George Raft and Nancy Carroll, nail-biter, well-written
Life of Jimmy Dolen, Loretta Young, Doug Fairbanks Jr, tear-jerker, a little over the top, entertaining
Midnight Mary, Loretta Young, Ricardo Cortez, tear jerker, well-written
Sky Scraper Souls, Warren William, Maureen O'Sullivan, WW steals the show with hard-hitting performance
House on 56th Street, Kay Francis, tear jerker, fast paced, entertaining
I will have to put a couple of those on my list. "Up For Murder",
I have seen around - the title I thought was catching and
intriuging. "Safe in Hell" - I have seen some lovely stills of
Dorothy Mackaill from it - will have to look it up. Thanks

thanks, these are all now on my list of "films to see" (haven't seen any of them)

I like Red Dust (1932) with Jean Harlow, Clark Gable, Mary Astor, and Gene Raymond. Contemporary look at relationships even though made so long ago. I think because it was made before the code, it was able to be straight forward in what it wanted to say....



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