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Stage Door Canteen (1943)


Too many stars to even name!

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That was a great movie in a time when America needed it......................................

I remember seeing it at the time,and it was a great uplift for everyone..................

I watched this movie again recently...mostly because I have it.  I learned that Cheryl Walker and Terry Williams actually made three movies together during the War Years: "Stage Door Canteen" (1943), "Three Little Sisters" (1944) and Three is a Family" (1944).  "Three Little Sisters" is a fun movie.  The three sisters transform a mansion (which is for sale, not theirs) into a canteen for troops at a nearby Army camp.  Oops!  I should be talking about "Stage Door Canteen".  Man, I really enjoy all the music and songs.  Who can ever forget Lanny Ross singing  'We Musn't Say Goodbye' to the troops?  A common mistake is that many people believe that Lanny Ross sang 'I Left My Heart at the Stage Door Canteen' in "Stage Door Canteen". Actually, that song was sung by Earl Oxford in the movie "This is the Army" (1943) starring Ronald Reagan and Joan Leslie.  And, that song makes reference to "...a girl named Eileen..." which was Cheryl's character in "Stage Door Canteen".  Cheryl and Terry looked and worked so well together.  But, that was only in front of the camera.  Behind the camera, they had their private life romances.  Looking at their bios, he lived to 48 and she to 53.  What a shame that they didn't even live to see retirement.  They may not have been considered great actors but they were very nice actors and very pleasing to watch.  Nevertheless, they have both been memorialized by the song 'I Left My Heart at the Stage Door Canteen' because it was Terry's character (Dakota) who left Cheryl's character (Eileen) because he was, without warning, shipped overseas to the War.




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