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I was wondering what is everybody favorite thing about Gable? Acting, personality or whatever. I love him in GWTW and from what I have read he seems like he was a great person. I also enjoy his other movies the ones I have seen.

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Awww you're going to make me pick my favorite thing???? This shall be tough! There are so many lovable qualities.

One of the things that I love is in his movies when he's talking to a girl and usually when he is about to walk away or whatever he winks and gives them a little pinch on the cheek. My gosh I swoon every time. =) And of course there is what I call the "Signature Gable Face," when his eyebrows go up and his eyes scrunch together etc etc. You know the one I'm sure! ;)

What else? From what I've read and seen of him I appreciate his personality and just his character all around. H e was a man's man, the lady killer, the king of hollywood...but he retained that humble quality. He never thought of himself as some big star, he was always just regular old Clark Gable, former wildcatter from Cadiz, Ohio. You don't see stars like that anymore.

Other qualities??? You have to love those dimples...that smile...his hair when it falls down in front of his face...gosh I could be here all day listing off all the things that I love about him.

That is my fave picture of him too. You're right its when his hair comes down into his eyes, he looks so sexy! And those dimples dont get me started on those dimples! His dimples and hair are my favourite things! even though i love all of him, even his name is sexy!

Oh Melissa, that is one of my very favorite pictures of him! So sexy!
I, too, like that he is a man's man. Other than being drawn to those sparking gray eyes, those dimples and that grin, he was a simple, humble man who felt that his fame was due to luck. I like that kind of modesty. I have never liked, in life or in film, "pretty boys". These young "stars" they have now, like those Jonas brothers or High School Musical guys, they are all too primed and proper. They look like they spend all day at a spa getting facials and their hair highlighted. It's like, "Be a man! Put your hands in the dirt!"

His films serve as a study of three decades. He starred with just about every big star there was. And he embodied whatever decade he was acting in: Depression-era con man, emotionally wrecked WWII veteran, etc.

And his life was fascinating. Tragic, but fascinating.

What really led me to love him is that every autobio/bio I read on a classic star declares how wonderful he was. I don't know any other stars, past or present, who can claim the same!

I found his life fascinating.
I liked his modesty! All he said was on his fame was "I was just a lucky slob from Ohio who got in with some help...or something to that effect, not word for word, but I think pretty close. And how he stood up for the blacks while filming GWTW- He was very angry & Im sure a few choice words were spoken & he told them off & to treat them all with respect! Now that's a great guy.

I love (in his movies)how he tries to come on so smooth with the ladies & they turn him down & he gets all, how do I say, knocked off his high horse..... but he still keeps on trying & then they finally give into can ya not??!! Haha

Oh how I love his dimples, ( I see Melisssa does too!) & that!! Ohhh especially when he gives that wink, that drives me nutty! I love when a man winks at me, it gets me all giddy! Ohh call me silly, but I love it!! LOL Or when he just takes you into his arms & gives ya such a kiss, I would be weak at the knees ( I believe Joan was in a scene with him once?!)

But Gable as a person, he had his ups & downs, he was a guy just like everyone else, as he said, "I put my clothes on one leg at a time just like any other" Just an all around great guy, read his book by Warren G. Harris & you'll see all the things about Gable & what others had to say about him. I loved his rough persona & then turned all lovable on ya! "Ahhh what a guy!!"


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