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I was kinda surprised that there wasn't a section for this yet with all the funny lines Clark has said! So I figured I'd start up the discussion and see what you guys thought! This isn't limited to movie quotes, if there was a personal quote of his that you enjoy feel free to post that as well!


(using quick thinking, Clark pushes Joan Crawford into a closet to hide her from her fiance) "Now, if anybody comes by, just make a noise like a broom!!" ----Love On The Run

(singing smugly to himself) "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf. She's afraid of the big bad wolf, tra la la la la." ---- It Happened One Night

Let me just mention right here that this next line, if any man ever got on his knee and said these words to me, I don't care who he was, I'd have to marry him!

"Forgive me for startling you with the impetuosity of my sentiments, my dear Scarlett. I mean, my dear Mrs. Kennedy. But it cannot have escaped your notice that for some time past the friendship I have felt for you has ripened into a deeper feeling. A feeling more beautiful, more pure, more sacred. Dare I name it? Can it be love? " ----Gone With The Wind

(Truly, about 90 percent of Clark's lines in GWTW could be counted as my favorites but I wanted to give you guys a chance!)

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Yay! Great topic, Melissa!
Oh yes, I have so many from GWTW, I could go on and on.

"You're like thief who isn't sorry he stole, but is terribly, terribly sorry he's going to jail!"
"Still the little hypocrite! You don't mind my knowing about them, just my talking about them."
"I warn you, I've always thought a good lashing with a buggy whip would benefit you immensly!"
"Take my hankerchief. Never at any crisis in your life have I known you to have a hankerchief."

And a few others off the top of my head...

Boom Town: "You're my girl, see, and you always will be. Even if I have to lick you to prove it!"

Wife vs. Secretary, after Myrna finds the bracelet in her fish: "Now, don't start asking me to go whale fishing!"

Key to the City:
I proposed to you? Ohhhh no! All I said I was, 'You don't wanna marry a guy like me' and you said, 'Ohhh yes, I do.' I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut! "

It Happened One Night, after Claudette flashes her leg to stop a car: "Why didn't you take off all your clothes? You could have stopped forty cars!"

"QUIT BAWLING!" and that whole scene in IHON when they're pretending to be married in the cabin. "Once a plumber's daughter, always a plumber's daughter!"
Hahaha. Funny you should mention the Plumber's daughter scene from friend was NOT a Gable fan...until I hade her watch that movie, and that was the scene that really made her a fan! She learned to trust my instincts on actors and movies and has since watched many a Gable movie without me having to get on my knees and beg! lol

This isn't really a Clark line but....

(Joan and Clark have been caught inside a museum dressed as the king and queen of france by the caretaker whom is not all there himself)
Caretaker: Excuse me your majesty, do you know what time it is?
Clark: It's five til midnight.
Caretaker: OH! I have to go then! I turn into a pumpkin at 12!! ----Love On The Run

After being smacked by women etc.

"Alright...if it makes you feel any better." ----Red Dust
Here are 2 quotes by Clark Gable I like. They are by Clark and not one of his characters.

Types really don't matter. I have been accused of preferring blondes. But I have known some mighty attractive redheads, brunettes, and yes, women with grey hair. Age, height, weight haven't anything to do with glamour- Clark Gable

I am intrigued by glamorous women....A vain woman is continually taking out a compact to repair her makeup. A glamorous woman knows she doesn't need to.-Clark Gable
I love those two quotes by him so much. Shows how classy a guy he was. He just appreciated women, period. I love it.
A minor point in such a moment!
"Next time maybe you can take off all your clothes, you could of stopped forty cars!" -It Happened One Night"

"Oh I like privacy when I retire....PRYING eyes annoy me!"- IHON I always laugh with that & how he says it!! LOL

Im sure there is more, but I will add as they come to me!
The things a man has to have are hope and confidence in himself against odds, and sometimes he needs somebody, his pal or his mother or his wife or God, to give him that confidence. He's got to have some inner standards worth fighting for or there won't be any way to bring him into conflict. And he must be ready to choose death before dishonor without making too much song and dance about it. That's all there is to it _ Clark Gable
an ounce of personality, is worth more than a pound of makeup.- Clark Gable.


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