The Golden Age of Hollywood

Ever had the opportunity to meet any?  If so , who?


I've met Ernest Borgnine and Janet Leigh.

And talked to Eli Wallach on the phone a few times.

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I've met Sigourney Weaver, Neil Sedaka, Ashford & Simpson, Peter Gallagher, Jerry Orbach (Law & Order), Greg Evigan's wife,

Diana Ross in Henri Bendals in NYC, most of these ppl I met were in Manahattan) when I worked there like in 1989, if u wanna call it met, I saw her walking around the store! haha  I worked in a One Hr Photo Store -- first on E.72 St & 3rd Ave & then on E. 57th & Lex. Ave. (same company). Chris Noth (BIG aka John J Preston from Sex & The City) from a distance in his bar, "The Cutting Edge" in Manhattan about a month ago or so! I love him, I was so excited & nervous!

Mom was on the set of Rio Bravo & met John Wayne, Dean Martin, and Walter Brennan.  Paul Newman was also there that day.
How awesome is that?????
That is fantastic - can't beat that group of gentlemen, that's for sure!
Oh wow,I'd would have been forever happy to have met Walter Brennan!! I simply adore that man.
I've met Jane Powell,Sandy Dennis,Diana Barrymore,and talked to Don Knotts, George C, Scott,and Paul Newman.
Stars that I've met: Vincent Price,Red Buttons,Joan Baez and Chad Everett. The last 3 were all out at the airport and Mr.Price at his one man show. Who was the nicest: Red Buttons was sweet and funny,and I actually got to hold hands with Vincent Price,who was absolutely wonderful to me.

I've Marlene Dietrich when I was a student traveling through Europe.  She was playing at the Varieteen at Tivolii Gardens in Copenhagen.  She was kind enough to pose for a picture that I took of her -- and waited even after a misfire. 

I ran into Alica Faye and Phil Harris in a parking lot in Beverly Hills once. I was parked too close to their car and Phil couldn't get into the passenger side of their car. (Phil walked with a cane and Alice was getting into the driver's side.)  I remember Alice Faye had her arm on her hip and was waiting for the driver of the car blocking them (me) to show up.  She saw the recognition spread across my face as I approached them and apologized.  She smiled broadly at me and made me feel wonderful!


I was walking towards Jack Nicolson at Century City a few years ago.  He saw my jaw drop with recognition and gave me a nice "Shininng" grin!


I met Kevin Costner at the Washington, D.C. world premier of "Dance With Wolves" party.  He was incredibly gracious and we were having  a nice conversation.    My parents were art that party as well and my mother came up to us and said to him "Okay, you two line up, I want to take your picture together."    And so without a murmur he put his arm around my shoulders and we both smiled for the camera.


 I've met Gregory Peck when I spent part of the holidays at their home when they lived in Brentwood as a guest of his son, Carey.  Mr.  Peck was thinking about producing a film based on an article in the National Geographic about a  young man circling the glove on a small boat.  When I got home  I found him several copies of that number of the Georgraphic and mailed them to him.  He sent me a nice note telling me I was the first production expense for that movie. 


Also spending some time with Carey's mom, I met the first Mrs. Sinatra, (Nancy Sr.) and the ex- wife of some famous producer whose name I can't remember.  I recall Carey saying half amusedly "What do you think they like to talk about?  And do you think they are kind?"


 I literally ran into/bumped into Cheryl Shepard at Dulles Airport early one morning when I was traveling on business.  I apologized and she was both very pleasant and extremely pretty even without any makeup on.


My experiences have been uniformly positive.   I guess I've just been lucky.








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