The Golden Age of Hollywood

Well lets have some fun and remember the most horrific film for us during your childhood.
It is not about the best horror film you saw. It is about which one scared you the most when you was child.

For me it was "Ambassador of Hell" It is Arabic classic film, I didn't watch horror English when I was a child. I remember that I was 5 years old and my dad was watching the film and I wanted to watch it but he didn't want me to so I stand hidden behind the sofa watching the film. I thought I was brave!! lol
I only watched it this time and it was enough to save a copy in my head. That night I had a nightmare with that part in the end of the film (when the devil show up in the old man room and run behind him on the bed and he try to run away using his car but the devil show up on the car too then the old man start pray the car crashed with the devil but the old man was save.) and wake up screaming, crying and Mom came to sleep next to me and try to calm me and saying devil don't show up for Kids who are good like you and that man was steal, cheat and doesn't pray..etc and made me watch "Rumor of Love" with her to see "Yousef Wahbi" (who play the devil) how much he sweet and funny, and tried to made me understand that what was in the other film was just Makeup and custom.
I still get nightmares because of that film. and I hated "Yousef Wahbi" so much when I was child.. every time I hear the word devil I picture him! I watch vampire films, other devils...all kind of horror films Arabic and English but non of them effected in me like that one.

I sheared my story now share your story about what film scares you the most.

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I have been unable to watch House on Haunted Hill or Night of the Living Dead all the way through, and I wouldn't even try to watch most of the newer horror films. When I was a kid, I stayed the night at a friend's, and The Haunting came on. We watched it up to the bulging walls and had to turn it off because it was too scary for us. I've since watched it to the end, and I think it's a very good movie.

I absolutely do not do horror movies, so I'm digging far into the past to come up with the scariest movies I have ever seen.  First, The Exorcist.  I have no idea how I got into the theater to see that when I was 14, but somehow I did.  It totally terrified me.  Truly, I was shaken up for at least a year---slept with my bedroom light on every night.  The next time I tried a scary movie was when I was about 20.  Went to see The Shining at the drive-in (remember those?).  I was so terrified that I begged my friends to leave.  We left so early that they hadn't even opened up the exit yet!

That was over 3 decades ago, and I haven't seen a horror movie since!


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