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Well lets have some fun and remember the most horrific film for us during your childhood.
It is not about the best horror film you saw. It is about which one scared you the most when you was child.

For me it was "Ambassador of Hell" It is Arabic classic film, I didn't watch horror English when I was a child. I remember that I was 5 years old and my dad was watching the film and I wanted to watch it but he didn't want me to so I stand hidden behind the sofa watching the film. I thought I was brave!! lol
I only watched it this time and it was enough to save a copy in my head. That night I had a nightmare with that part in the end of the film (when the devil show up in the old man room and run behind him on the bed and he try to run away using his car but the devil show up on the car too then the old man start pray the car crashed with the devil but the old man was save.) and wake up screaming, crying and Mom came to sleep next to me and try to calm me and saying devil don't show up for Kids who are good like you and that man was steal, cheat and doesn't pray..etc and made me watch "Rumor of Love" with her to see "Yousef Wahbi" (who play the devil) how much he sweet and funny, and tried to made me understand that what was in the other film was just Makeup and custom.
I still get nightmares because of that film. and I hated "Yousef Wahbi" so much when I was child.. every time I hear the word devil I picture him! I watch vampire films, other devils...all kind of horror films Arabic and English but non of them effected in me like that one.

I sheared my story now share your story about what film scares you the most.

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The Cyclops from the fifties scared the crap out of me! (I was around 6 or 7 when I first saw it). And most of the other movies that were on Chiller Theatre in the very early 60's (the intro alone made me scream!)
Maybe a good time of year to revive this thread? Earlier I posted that Alien was the only film to really scare me but that was before I saw The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker is awesome and I thought he was a pretty scary dude! Alien is still the only film that really scared the wits out of me though.

I had posted a Chiller Theatre film I saw from the'50's - The Cyclops. I was quite young and it terrified me. But as an adult, Alien scared me the most (I remember seeing it in the theatre and I was in the first row - having no idea what I was about to experience - up close and personal like that!) It is still my favorite horror movie.
Well, I've seen some great posts! Night of the Living Dead scared me to death as did Rosemary's Baby.. I still haven't seen it all the way through!! The Exorcist still scares me and the one I simply cannot watch is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!! I think it's the sound of the chainsaw!! eek!! I love the old original movie monsters, they're the best and I watch them when I can. But these 4 above you'll never find me watching!! can't handle it!! :(
Psycho kept me out of the shower for years. And I was a teenager when I saw it! I remember watching it with a friend and I was afraid to move out of my chair. The remakes (or two and three) were pretty terrible. Just can't touch Hitchcock.
Homicidal, The Picture of Dorian Gray and House on Haunted Hill were frightening to me. Jody

I watched The Exorcist for the first time when I was 11 years old. It terrified me. It traumatized me. I could not sleep for weeks. It has remain since, my all time favorite movie.

Funny, how a film which, like you've said, traumatized you, is your FAVORITE film ever since?

Nightmare on Elm Street scared the hell out of me when I was 8 and ever since this time I will NOT watch that film again, nor will I watch anything which is a horror-film and has been produced after 1970.

However, I enjoy old horror-films from the thirties to the sixties.

I'm a pre-1960 horror-flick person these days. I have seen a couple of the 'newer' ones, like the Friday the Thirteenth movies. I think I've seen at least one of the Halloween movies, at least the first  Nightmare on Elm Street movies...never seen the Exorcist or Rosemary's Baby...they would have been before my time and I have no inclination to make an effort to see them.   In my late teens I didn't mind a horror flick if I had a handsome date to cling to and bury my face in his chest, lol.  Now, for psychological reasons, I avoid horror flicks pre-1960.  There's a couple of them from the late 50's that I thought might be okay, but they still wigged me out. 


I enjoy Vincnet Price but most of his movies are still a bit gorey and creepy for my comfort level, although I own several of them.  Most of what I have I think are based on Edgar Allen Poe stories.

 I enjoy the classic ones...the Frankenstein movies, the Dracula movies, Wolfman movies, Invisible Man movies and the Mummy movies.  I have the newer Mummy movies in my Netflix queue, thought I might give them a shot now that I once again have a handsome man at my side!

When I was a child I had the misfortune of turning (the TV dial!) and saw Nosferatu rising up from the coffin.  I had nightmares for months...and am sure that film took several years off my life.  The Exorcist scared me to death  'cause when I'd close my eyes, I'd still hear those awful rantings of the devil...the sounds scared me more than the visuals.  The last film that absolutely terridied me in the movies was Alien.  I was only 2 rows back from the screen.  Sheer terror.  Another couple of years shaved off from my life!

The Exorcist scares me the most. The first time I saw it it didn't really get to me, but the 2nd time I saw it, it was all I could do to watch it to the end. Go figure.

To this day, I can't watch The Exorcist without cringing and peeking thru my fingers.

Have you ever seen this Patti? It's hilarious!

Night of the Living Dead now. I still won't watch it alone. When I was little it was The Blob. All I could think about was that carnivorous jello sliding under the threshold of my bedroom door at night when I was asleep.



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