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Well lets have some fun and remember the most horrific film for us during your childhood.
It is not about the best horror film you saw. It is about which one scared you the most when you was child.

For me it was "Ambassador of Hell" It is Arabic classic film, I didn't watch horror English when I was a child. I remember that I was 5 years old and my dad was watching the film and I wanted to watch it but he didn't want me to so I stand hidden behind the sofa watching the film. I thought I was brave!! lol
I only watched it this time and it was enough to save a copy in my head. That night I had a nightmare with that part in the end of the film (when the devil show up in the old man room and run behind him on the bed and he try to run away using his car but the devil show up on the car too then the old man start pray the car crashed with the devil but the old man was save.) and wake up screaming, crying and Mom came to sleep next to me and try to calm me and saying devil don't show up for Kids who are good like you and that man was steal, cheat and doesn't pray..etc and made me watch "Rumor of Love" with her to see "Yousef Wahbi" (who play the devil) how much he sweet and funny, and tried to made me understand that what was in the other film was just Makeup and custom.
I still get nightmares because of that film. and I hated "Yousef Wahbi" so much when I was child.. every time I hear the word devil I picture him! I watch vampire films, other devils...all kind of horror films Arabic and English but non of them effected in me like that one.

I sheared my story now share your story about what film scares you the most.

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''Nosferatu'' still scares me.
The one movie that scared me the most when I was a child was Vincent Price in Diary Of A Madman. I had many nightmares after his horrific butchery. To this day I never want to see that movie again.
The film that comes to my mind before I think about it is "Peeping Tom". It was
a British film directed by Michael Powell and was originally banned in several
countries - it was made in 1960 I think. It is about a young photographer who
has had such a disturbing upbringing that he becomes a killer of women,
photographing them before they die so he can see the fear in their faces.
It is very disturbing but Powell tries to show from the first the influence that
his nutty father had on the impressionable child. He used to follow the little
boy around constantly with a camera, trying to film his reactions to different
things. Now I suppose it wouldn't cause much of a ripple but when I first saw
it, about 10 years ago, it really disturbed me.
Of course, in the film, there is a sweet young girl, Anna Massey, who the chap
really likes but the sweetness pushes him almost to the edge as he tries to
keep his compulsion a secret.
that boom Camera was creepy..I saw the restored version in the theatre a few years ago.. too was scared from "Snow White" witch when i was a kid. she was scary also the green one in "The Wizard of Oz" . but i never thought another witch will freak me out at 23 years old age, and that was in "Enchanted" specially when she looked at the girl and moved her tongue. It was creepy!!
I can remember seeing "Snow White" at the movies (obviously a
re-release) and being pretty frightened by the wicked witch. It
was such a magnificent animated film. When the Queen turned
into the Witch there was swirling and colour and it was pretty
frightening. In another vein "Cinderella", when the ugly sisters
were mean to her and when her dress was ripped and she was
locked in the attic - I can remember having a crying fit when I
was a kid I was so frightened!!! Disney could be pretty scary!!!
the bad kid turning into a donkey in Pinnoccio was pretty scary...even now..
The movie that scared me spitless when I was a kid (Probably about 8 years old) was "The Tingler". I actually left the theater when the tingler was supposed to be crawling around under the seats.
hahaha....You remained me with my little sister when we went to see "The Mummy Returns" she was so scared of the mummies and feel like they gonna get her from under the seats.
When I was growing I WAS NOT allowed to watch very many scary movies,I remembered watching "The Birds" and "War of The Worlds" which were not all that scary to me but in 1975 when I was 10 my older sister took me to see "Jaws" lets just say I don't go into the ocean EVER!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah! I think of "Jaws" every time I get into water.. :)
My mother tells me that I cried during the Wizard of Oz when the witch and monkeys showed up. I don't doubt it! They still kinda scare me! The one I remember best though, was 'I Know You Are and I Saw What You Did', My cousin and I watched it one dreary afternoon when we were..oh, must have been about 12. I'm pretty sure I was babysitting my younger siblings, but they were out playing. Made for a very scary afternoon! I own the movie now, and it freaked my daughter out when we watched it, although she was older... probably about 16. I like the classic horror movies, not into the gorey sutff that just grosses you out now.

Psycho certainly had an impact on me too though.



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