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Well lets have some fun and remember the most horrific film for us during your childhood.
It is not about the best horror film you saw. It is about which one scared you the most when you was child.

For me it was "Ambassador of Hell" It is Arabic classic film, I didn't watch horror English when I was a child. I remember that I was 5 years old and my dad was watching the film and I wanted to watch it but he didn't want me to so I stand hidden behind the sofa watching the film. I thought I was brave!! lol
I only watched it this time and it was enough to save a copy in my head. That night I had a nightmare with that part in the end of the film (when the devil show up in the old man room and run behind him on the bed and he try to run away using his car but the devil show up on the car too then the old man start pray the car crashed with the devil but the old man was save.) and wake up screaming, crying and Mom came to sleep next to me and try to calm me and saying devil don't show up for Kids who are good like you and that man was steal, cheat and doesn't pray..etc and made me watch "Rumor of Love" with her to see "Yousef Wahbi" (who play the devil) how much he sweet and funny, and tried to made me understand that what was in the other film was just Makeup and custom.
I still get nightmares because of that film. and I hated "Yousef Wahbi" so much when I was child.. every time I hear the word devil I picture him! I watch vampire films, other devils...all kind of horror films Arabic and English but non of them effected in me like that one.

I sheared my story now share your story about what film scares you the most.

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I didn't watch "Poltergeist" or "Aline" although it was all the time on Tv. I will watch it the next time they show it. love to see what films scares other people ;-)
Exorcist was very creepy for me specially when the girl get down the stairs with her head in the other way!
and it is kind of funny but once I watched Ghost Busters2 i think i as 12 or close to that and Wilhelm von Homburg who played the Evil Ghost Vigo was really scars me and i went that day to take of the wall in my room every poster or pictures...haha...felt like they looking at me!

Speaking of the haunted people..there is modern film 2005 call "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" this one is really scary about a young girl possessed by six demons, and the devil himself. and there is that one seen when the monk asking the demon inside her..tell me who are you? and she look at him and say I'm (Lucifer- Abelis) himself!..and i just feel is so scary and creepy!
HALLOWEEN the original scares me to this day, even the music. THE EXORCIST the original is close 2nd.
I saw the french film Les Yeux Sans Visage (Eyes Without a Face) (1960) on the local late show when I was eleven or twelve years old. If I remember it correctly, the plot was about a mad scientist who killed young women and tried to transplant their faces on to his daughter's, as hers had been maimed in a horrible accident. The actress who played the daughter wore a white mask (ala Phantom of the Opera) and that really creeped me out. I had nightmares for weeks after watching it.
I read about this movie but never got the chance to watch it. I agree with you the creepy thing is the white mask, or more exactly, someone wearing a white mask and walking towards you while you're wondering 'What the hell does this creep want from me'??
Honestly, I was always terrified of E.T. I always thought he was hiding in my closet. Plus, his finger was really creepy.

Watcher In The Woods with Betty Davis was terrifying as well. I'm still scared of that one!
E.T was my favorite childhood film. although I'm with you about the creepy fingers! :)
My scariest film is Psycho. Don't laugh! I'm a great Hitchcock fan. As a teenager, I began watching one night, got scared, turned off the tv and went to the guest room to find a book to read. My mother snuck in behind me and threw a hardback book onto the hardwood floor which sounded like a bomb. I swear I jumped 2 feet into the air. Since then, I have never watched it, but there have been several times I have fallen asleep with the tv on and Psycho has come on, I started having nightmares about the movie, woke up and there it was on the tube.

There was another one when I was young, but I could not tell you anything about the movie except there was a very scary woman behind bars reaching through them.
I didn't see Psycho. Hitchcock is great. hahaha..nice story. for me i turn off Tv with the possession movies. I can't watch them!..If i day set and watched, I say it just a movie at the beginning and then it scares me and i regret that i watched! specially at night when I'm about to sleep and the room is dark! spooky. ;-)
You just have picked this up from my thoughts. To the best of my recollections Psycho has been the scariest experience I ever had according to Horror Film, although there's Alien which is really suffocating as Ktrek said beforehand or Halloween, also very stressing you're just wishing Jamie Lee Curtis to get the hell out of the house AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!. The Omen and most recently Blair Witch Project gave me the chills, that's for sure. But let us get back to Psycho. I watched it when I was about 12 years old and Iwas living in my grandpa's house, with him and grandma. I don't know how I could 'get a ticket' to watch the film, I guess my grandparents would give the OK because I must be insisting. OK their house -they're still living there- is a two-storey house, like the one in the movie, however smaller. I didn't understand the beginnig, but that didn't matter as Norman Bates showed up talking about taxidermy and then the mother. I was believing there was a mother for sure, didn't even imagined the division of personalities -didn't even heard of such a thing- So I remember I couldn't slept that night thinking that Norman Bates -or whoever might be- would come up to my room and make a bloody massacre all over the place. I was really scared and had a terrible nightmare my grandma came to see what was going on and probably getting mad at me for letting me watch the movie, so I was wondering why did I watch the movie?? But now it's gone and life's sooo good and I am afraid there's no more Chilling Terror Movies coming....
When I was 11 or 12, I stayed overnight at my friend's house, and we slept in the basement, where there was a TV. We tried to watch The Haunting on the late show, but it was so scary (the bulging walls and banging freaked me out!) that we had to turn it off. Around the same time, I guess age 12, I saw The Last Man on Earth with Vincent Price. I didn't think it scared me that much at the time, but I had several nightmares after that about vampires that scared the willies out of me. I don't remember how old I was when I saw Night of the Living Dead, maybe 13, but I still haven't seen that all the way through--can't handle it at all! I guess I should give it another try, since I now enjoy The Haunting.
The Wizard of Oz used to scare me. I used to hide behind the couch with my brother during the scenes with the witch, and then would come back out to see Dorothy.

The Picture of Dorian Gray ( 1942 ) didn't scare me scare me, but Dorian was kind of creepy. And that
The Spiral Staircase gave me nightmares for months when I was a child. It must be 35 years since I saw it, but I still remember it :o)


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