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Well lets have some fun and remember the most horrific film for us during your childhood.
It is not about the best horror film you saw. It is about which one scared you the most when you was child.

For me it was "Ambassador of Hell" It is Arabic classic film, I didn't watch horror English when I was a child. I remember that I was 5 years old and my dad was watching the film and I wanted to watch it but he didn't want me to so I stand hidden behind the sofa watching the film. I thought I was brave!! lol
I only watched it this time and it was enough to save a copy in my head. That night I had a nightmare with that part in the end of the film (when the devil show up in the old man room and run behind him on the bed and he try to run away using his car but the devil show up on the car too then the old man start pray the car crashed with the devil but the old man was save.) and wake up screaming, crying and Mom came to sleep next to me and try to calm me and saying devil don't show up for Kids who are good like you and that man was steal, cheat and doesn't pray..etc and made me watch "Rumor of Love" with her to see "Yousef Wahbi" (who play the devil) how much he sweet and funny, and tried to made me understand that what was in the other film was just Makeup and custom.
I still get nightmares because of that film. and I hated "Yousef Wahbi" so much when I was child.. every time I hear the word devil I picture him! I watch vampire films, other devils...all kind of horror films Arabic and English but non of them effected in me like that one.

I sheared my story now share your story about what film scares you the most.

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The older version of The Haunting still gives me a few chills..Anything about ghosts used to scare me..and still kinda disturbs me a little..There was an old episode of Karloff's TV show Thriller,that really scared me about a guy who was afraid of being buried alive(he had some sickness that gave him seizures and made him appear dead)So he built this special Coffin and Tomb with a little bell he could ring in case he came back to life inside his coffin..It would be dead quiet and they would show that little bell outside the coffin and I'd freak out waiting for that thing to ring!
Likewise I get goosebumps when I watch Val Lewton's Isle of the Dead..when the woman dies and comes back to life inside her coffin and gets out to murder one of the other characters..Its 30mins of sheer creepy atmosphere!
I have been terrified of The Wizard of Oz since I was five. (Don't laugh. It's true.) The witch & the winged monkeys scare me to death. In college, I tried watching a documentary on the movie, & my heart skipped three beats.
Really?? You've got to do something against that fear!! TWoO is such a brilliant musical and then of course you have a young Judy Garland, fantastic and marvelous Judy. So I encouraged you to give it a second try and see what happens. It's such a wonderful movie and I remember this movie being used to gather up the kids when I was a child. Well tell us if something have or could changed and don't worry.... the witch it's know.... messing around...
That Tv. show looks very scary Christopher I searched for it on IMDB...It is so creepy full of all kind of horror characters. maybe I will try to watch just one episode.

Hahaha M.T. Fisher that witch was scare me to death too I was run to hide under covers on bed when she show up. but still she didn't effect me that much. There was already a copy of a devil in my head.
Okay, well, I'm a wimp when it comes to scary stuff, sooo..."horror" isn't at the top of my list. However! I do like The Haunting, which completely freaks me out each time I watch it, so I don't understand why I like it! (?) I swear, every time it comes to the scene with Julie Harris in bed and she wakes up to...whatever it is, that eerie mumbling and the camera starts focusing on the wall...*shudders uncontrollably*...I literally have to hide my face. That scene weirds me out so bad.
yeah..theres some kind of face in the pattern on the wall..I always thought that was an neat touch..cuz often you can make out faces or figures in wood paterns or designs that you're used to seeing around the house..
I didn't see "The Hunting" but God I hate "Exorcist" I don't know why I saw it 4 times It makes me tremble and chills first when the little girl's voice change and her neck swelling and then when she get down the stairs with her head is upside down, and I always forget when that demon face will pop up and it get me every time.. I first saw the film a few months ago so it is not from a childhood but it is very scary for me. Don't laugh but it makes me look around when I remember a screen!
You're soooo funny!!! I know what you mean, Exorcist was my second TRAUMA about horror movies or movies in general. Basically I was banned to watch such a film alongside my sisters but you know when it come to PROHIBITED you just kinda like to cross the borders. 'It's not gonna be that bad' you think, but when it comes there's no way back and you're find yourself sitting on the couch and wondering 'what the hell am I doing watching such a movie??' That's the way it is, we love horror movies and then we hate them. As a trick, they say horror movies or horror in general it's just what we keep hidden in the back room, the repression and the opression. There's a great book, 'The Horror Films' I think it's titled, and talks about it.
I heard about a movie which is about canibalism and some of the facts that are released are for real. In my opinion, that's really creepy, you know, kind of scary, and I can assure you, I don't feel like to watch such a movie.
Anyway, just one more question: So you didn't go for the 2nd part or the 3rd one, did you?? I know Exorcist One is freaky, but I got the chills with the 2nd part...and I am not watching it again!!!
No, I didn't know there is other parts! what the title of the other 2 dear ? ;D
I have to say Poltigeist. I was about ten...It was scary anyway...but my sister had had a sleep over and had watched it with her friends (which I wasn't allowed to be a part of) and she went out that day and told me not to watch it! So of course, what did I do? I watched it by myself and it was twilight and I scared the hell out of myself. When the meat was walking by itself on the counter and when the dad ended up eating the worm in the bottle...oh this is embarrassing, but the man on sesami street who painted numbers? He freaked the hell out of me! :-)
That gets memories back to me. I feel the same as you. I recall I watched Poltergeist for the very first time on the bus me and other students had to get on our way from home to school and viceversa, about one hour long, so we watched it in two or three days. But that doesn't mean it was less scary, it could be even scarier!!! And you're right, the man on sesami street....freak the hell out of us all!!!
Without question the only movie that has ever been truly successful in scaring me is Alien.

Poltergeist the first time I saw it gave me the creeps a little in the scene when the chairs start moving across the floor. The Exorcist I find more funny than scary. The Haunting I think is very well done but I can't say it scares me. I could probably name quite a few movies I think are creepy. But scary? Nah!




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