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A companion thread to my "What's the Last DVD You Purchased?" thread. I thought it might be fun to discuss what we all are watching or have recently watched. Below will be my first post in this thread.


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I'm watching Casanova Brown while doing some work. I borrowed it from the library. It stars Gary Cooper and Teresa Wright; Frank Morgan has a large supporting role. I was pretty happy to see it in the library, as I've never seen this movie.

My opinion on Casanova Brown: sweet ending! But the plot rambled around and didn't tie up the loose ends. I would have liked to know what happened to the other people in the story, such as Casanova's two most recent fiancees. If I had been the screenwriter, I would have created a satisfying outcome for all concerned. (Maybe the nurse could have gotten engaged to the bellman, and the rich woman could have had another suitor she was better matched with.) I would also have liked to see more of the relationship between the two main stars. They hardly spend any time together on screen. But I still recommend this movie as a light romantic comedy involving a baby. Not great, but pleasant. What I would have cut: some of Frank Morgan's scenes and some of the scenes involving Casanova's scientific care of the baby.


I'm watching Algiers, a 1938 remake of Pepe le Moko, starring Charles Boyer and Hedy Lamar. Sigrid Gurie is made up to look dark-skinned. These makeup jobs never look convincing. There must have been thousands of actresses who could have done the job without the makeup. To quote Joseph Calleia in the movie, "What a shame. Such a waste of talent." Hedy, as usual, looks gorgeous. So far, the movie is intriguing and visually interesting. Charles Boyer is charming as the lovable professional thief.

Algiers was romantic and full of atmosphere, but if you haven't seen it or Pepe le Moko, don't expect a happy ending.

I'm trying to decide what to watch today. I hurt my back yesterday, and I'm in pain. I have limited movement. Sitting, getting up, lying down, walking, everything hurts. So I'm not being very productive today. I think that if I lie on my stomach, I may be able to watch a movie. I'm trying to decide which one would do the best job of both distracting me and soothing me.

I'm watching Me and My Gal--not to be confused with For Me and My Gal. Me and My Gal is a 1932 mystery-romance detective comedy starring a young Spencer Tracy as a cop and a young (and blonde) Joan Bennett as his love interest. I really felt in the mood for some 1930s atmosphere, and this has plenty.

Tracy and Bennett fall for each other and join forces to save her sister from her no-good gangster ex-boyfriend.

I have this one! Purchased not so long ago, and haven't watched it yet.  I shall have to watch it.  and let you know my thoughts too :D

I enjoyed Me and My Gal so much that I feel like watching another movie that reminds me of it. This is After Office Hours, a 1933 whodunit-romance starring Clark Gable as a newspaperman and Constance Bennett as a society girl he milks for information.

I've watched a few Mae West movies lately whilst on holidays.  I'm No Angel, Goin to Town and Night After Night, as I gave myself the Mae West Glamour Collection DVDs for Christmas.  I have now ordered She Done Him Wrong as Ive heard this is very good too.  Still have a couple more Mae movies left in the Glamour collection.  I'd never seen a Mae West movie before, so its great to finally have done that.  Love how she seemingly purrs a lot of the time.  She's a character.  They don't make themlike that anymore.  Very talented.  I read she neither drank or smoke and was very much a serious writer in real life.

Also watched Virtue with Carole Lombard and Pat O'Brien from Columbia Pictures Pre-code Collection DVDs purchased a while back - and finally getting around to watch.  Really enjoyed.

Also watched a modern movie or two, Snatched with Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer, and Sisters with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.  Not bad, Sisters probs the better of the two.  But don't expect wisecracking screwball. Its modern stuff.

Saw The Greatest Showman at the movies.  Recommend.  With Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya etc.  Loved it.  Needs to be seen on the big screen.

Have a nice day everyone!  Hope you're not too cold where you are, or hot like we are Down Under (47 degrees celsius!)

It sounds like you've been having fun, Karen! I have that Mae West set also. It's a good one. I haven't seen Night After Night in a really long time. That was her film debut, and since you've seen it recently you know her part wasn't that large, but I remember that I liked the movie. I should watch it again. Goin' to Town I've seen several times, as it's one of my favorites. My very favorite, though, has to be I'm No Angel. I love the one-liners.

I'm looking for a movie to put on this afternoon while I work, so thanks for the inspiration! We are having a cold snap in Florida -- it actually got down below freezing last night! Everyone was panicking and digging out their winter coats. LOL I'm going to make a fire in the fireplace and get cozy.

I loved I'm No Angel the best of the three!  

Recently, I watched Middle of the Night (Fredric March and Kim Novak) three times because I loved it so much. It's a May-December romance that moved me deeply.

Now I'm watching something light and silly, called Man's Favorite Sport? It stars Rock Hudson and Paula Prentiss. There's a scene in it that was stolen from Libeled Lady, in which the neophyte fisherman is dragged down the river by a fish he has accidentally caught on his line. Oh gosh, here's another stolen scene--the missing back of the dress, stolen from Bringing Up Baby.


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