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Hello, I just want to say to Kevin that I am extremely grateful that the site has now been reprieved for another year, thank you for your efforts.  And thank you to all the people that donated; you have all made my life that bit easier by continuing to be able to read this wonderful site.

However, I have not contributed much over the past year, but I did write two or three papers on classic movies, and I want to continue to write these and post them here, as part of my pledge to do more to keep this site going to next year and beyond, hopefully.  

I also shall be using this year to be using various social media outlets in order to try and bolster the numbers here.  This is a wonderful site in the true traditions of the internet as it used to be before it got taken over by corporate advertising, and ruined for everyone.  This site maintains the look, the feel and the politeness of the internet of years gone by!  It's probably my favourite film website along with the IMDb, so to see it continue is amazing for me.

So, I hope to see you all here much more often in the coming year,



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Right on, Stephen. It's like an oasis in a desert, or a bright beacon in a dark sky... long may GAOH reign! Thank you Kevin for everything you do to keep this wonderful site going.

I agree !

Miracles do occur! Thanks to Kevin for continuing our existence here!

I have been busy with my son's arrival for his summer vacation (see What I've Been Watching), but I am back to posting. I have lured many people, including my son, into playing that "Game I Play" (in person) but very few people can play it as well as the people on GAOH. I wish more people here would join in the game.

Thank you to everyone for caring and for the donations and interest, because I personally benefit a great deal from this site. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE watching and talking about classic movies. I have posted at the TCM site, but it doesn't have anything like the features this site does.


I appreciate your desire to keep GAOH going. The next year will tell whether the site will remain. I don't mind keeping it going as long as there is enough activity to justify its existence. We had gotten to the point where we were only getting one or two posts a week and usually those were in the games. There are many different ways members can participate here. Here are a few:

1. Write a blog post - people read these. They may not always reply but they are read.

2. Start a thread in one of the forum areas - Just find the appropriate area in Forums and get a conversation started.

3. Participate in the many specialty sub-groups.

4. Post some photos

5. Post some videos to YouTube and link them here.

6. Make some classic movie friends and post comments on their personal pages. If you like something a member has done encourage them by commenting.

7. Use the Facebook feature where you can crosspost things to your Facebook page

8. Use the chatroom - If you want to have a discussion set up a time for a chat and what the topic will be about. However, try and pick a time that would work for most people and be sure to say whether the time is Eastern, Central, Mountain, Western or what. That way there is no confusion as to what time you need people to show up.

Also, anything members can do to bring in other fans will help. If you're a member of other classic movie sites on Facebook or other places do a little soft promoting to let other fans know this place even exists.

I appreciate everyone's interest in keeping the site going but let's make some things happen around the place!




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