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Need Screencaps for Ginger Rogers' film Finishing School

if anyone has heard and can get a hold of this Ginger film also starring Frances Dee, Billie Burke, and Robert Armstrong i was just wondering if there is any possible way you would be extremely and lovely and caring and kind as to make me some screencaps of the film. i just need a few of each cast member either alone or together and mostly of Frances Dee since she is the star. i will be adding these to my blog and if someone does make me caps i will give you full credit.


please let me know, send me a message.

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Courtney you are awesome!!! let me know how it goes. it is nice to see that someone else has heard of Finishing School.


oh i am a doof i said Robert Armstrong when the guy in the movie is Bruce Cabot... way to screw up King Kong actors.

I have "Finishing School" as well.

Frances Dee is the star, Ginger Rogers is her friend Pony,

Bruce Cabot is MacFarland who is working his way through

medical school, Billlie Burke is Frances' dotty mother and

wonderful John Halliday is her dad who comes to the

rescue at the end. Also with a small role was Dawn O'Day

who with her next film "Anne of Green Gables" and a new

name Anne Shirley became a star. Director was Wanda

Tuchock. Also in the cast was Beulah Bondi and Sara Haden.

Was this any help?

Sorry filmfanatic - I didn't know what you meant.



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