The Golden Age of Hollywood

The other day a friend and I started this list, and maybe it was just my mood at the time, but I was laughing my head off, so I thought I would share this with my GAOH friends.

I think it's fairly self-explanatory. Feel free to add your own ideas!

The Trouble with Asteroids

Blast-off from Alcatraz

Bad Day at Black Hole

Mr. Smith Goes to Pluto

I Married a Wookie

Jason and the Astronauts

Citizen Canis Major

Yours, Mine and Mars

A Kryptonite to Remember

Singin' in the Acid Rain of Titan

Holodeck Inn

For Me and My Galaxy

The Droid Who Knew Too Much

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Those were very funny! I'll see if I can think of some but I fear my wit is not as good as yours. :)


I fear the same but had a shot anyway!  Lol.  She's very clever, our Rosie!

I'm glad you liked them!

Loved them.  I'm at home, sick as ... with a temperature of nearly 39 (102) and start reading these.  Seriously funny.

Rosie, you're funny!  :D

Thank you, Karen! :-)

Asteroid Dust

The Secret Planet

Gone with the Martians

Good Game.  It does bring a smile to the face!  :D

High Moon

Aldeberaan Pie

I love that "High Moon"! But I feel stupid--what classic movie is Aldeberaan Pie a reference to?

American Pie. Aldeberaan was a planet in Star Wars.

3:10 To Yoda



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