The Golden Age of Hollywood

Just for fun, I made up a new quiz. The theme is professions. Some of these are easy and some are harder. See how many you can name.

In what film was

  1. Barbara Stanwyck a mail-order bride?
  2. Clark Gable a safari guide?
  3. Mary Astor a concert pianist?
  4. James Stewart a photographer?
  5. Joan Crawford a jewel thief?
  6. Ronald Colman a legal scholar?
  7. Loretta Young a mayor?
  8. Fred Astaire a psychiatrist?
  9. Vivien Leigh a ballerina?
  10. Charles Boyer a runaway monk?
  11. Myrna Loy a judge?
  12. Gregory Peck a priest?
  13. Bette Davis a schoolteacher?
  14. Cary Grant a neurosurgeon?
  15. Katharine Hepburn an attorney?
  16. Joseph Cotten a painter?
  17. Grace Kelly a fashion model?
  18. William Powell a butler?
  19. Gary Cooper an architect?
  20. Shirley MacLaine an elevator operator?
  21. Edward Everett Horton a paleontologist?
  22. Greta Garbo a ski instructor?
  23. David Niven a stage magician?
  24. Ginger Rogers a refrigerator telemarketer?
  25. Rex Harrison an orchestra conductor?
  26. Lauren Bacall a fashion designer?
  27. Humphrey Bogart a painter?
  28. Claudette Colbert a poet?
  29. William Powell an astronomer?
  30. Rosalind Russell a college dean?
  31. Farley Granger a tennis player?
  32. Carole Lombard a manicurist?
  33. Fred MacMurray an insurance salesman?
  34. Elsa Lanchester a nurse?
  35. James Cagney a dentist?
  36.  Lucille Ball a door-to-door saleswoman?
  37. Charles Laughton a pirate?
  38. Shirley Jones a librarian?
  39. Joseph Cotton a Congressman?
  40. Doris Day a soap company spokesperson?


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2. Mogambo

4. Rear Window

11. Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer

17. Rear Window

31.Strangers on a Train

33. Double Indemnity

36. Fuller Brush Lady

37. Capt. Kidd

Those are all correct, Dave, except that it was The Fuller Brush Girl, not Lady. This is a pretty hard quiz, so thank you for taking on the challenge!

35. is The Strawberry Blonde.

32. is Hands Across the Table.

22. is Two Faced Woman.

8. is Carefree.

9. is Waterloo Bridge.

1. is The Purchase Price.

20. is The Apartment.Good quiz Rosie!

Thanks, Karen! I'm glad you liked it.


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