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The Tampa Theatre has just released its line-up of Christmas movies. Lets just say I want to see every one of them!

Nov. 30 - Miracle on 34th Street

Dec. 7 - Holiday Inn

Dec. 14 - White Christmas

Dec. 19 - It's a Wonderful Life

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Ginny, I just now saw your post and was happy to know there is someone here who also loves the Tampa Theatre! I've been looking forward to their Summer Classics series. If you want to go to one with me, let me know! I've seen Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, His Girl Friday, and The General there, to name a few.

I saw The Wizard of Oz there last year when it played. Casablanca I've seen through the TCM presentation. I envy you seeing The General there though. I really wish they would bring it back because I love Buster Keaton!

Yes, we really should meet for at least one of them. So far I am planning to go to see Key Largo in June. Let me know if you're interested.

I just saw your message, Ginny. Came very close to going to Key Largo yesterday, but didn't make it. My bf and I were both working at home, and we had so much to do we decided not to go. I think Top Hat is coming up. That's one I'd definitely love to see on the big screen.

I thought you might have left GAOH. Glad you're still around! Let's definitely take in an old movie together!

I didn't go to see Key Largo after all. My sister got a couple of tickets to the Rays game that day. lol. I did go to Top Hat. Sorry I missed you! I'm not getting notifications when you reply to my messages, so I keep missing them. :(


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