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Let's connect the stars!  I saw this game on a classic film blog and thought it would be fun to play here.  This is not a closed group...any and all of you are welcome to jump in at any time.  

The object is to connect two stars in as few "moves" as possible. For instance, let's say we are trying to connect John Garfield and William Holden.  (Those who know me would not be surprised that I have used them in the example.)

The next person will take a Garfield film (Gentleman's Agreement) and another star from that film  (Gregory Peck).

The next person will take a Gregory Peck film (Duel in the Sun) and another star from that film (Jennifer Jones).

The next person can then "connect the stars," by playing Love Is a Many Splendored Thing (which stars William Holden).  Then they pick the next 2 stars to connect.

So, it would play out like this:

1.  Connecting John Garfield to William Holden

2.  Gentleman's Agreement/Gregory Peck

3.  Duel in the Sun/Jennifer Jones

4.  Love Is a Many Splendored Thing/connected to William Holden

     (then they would start back at 1, with 2 new stars to connect)


Of course, if the 2 stars have a common film, they will be connected in 1 play, but other times, it may take awhile to connect them.  Such as if different films or different stars of that film are chosen.  If Celeste Holm had been chosen for Gentleman's Agreement or if Four Daughters had been chosen as the Garfield film instead, it would all play out differently and may take longer.

It doesn't just have to be the major stars...the supporting stars are fair game as well; in fact, this will be a great way to get to know the character actors a bit better...and to discover just how prolific their careers were.  

You're welcome to add stills and videos if you want, but it's not required.

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You Were Never Lovlier (1942) / Fred Astaire

5. Holiday Inn / Bing Crosby

Welcome Andrew!  

Not sure how easy or how difficult this might be, but at least it should be interesting . How about...

1. Harrison Ford to
Rex Harrison

Nice pairing of names!

3. Robin and Marian (1976) / Audrey Hepburn

"Sabrina" (1954) / Humphrey Bogart

Yikes, sorry to take the game a bit off track there.

If you'd like to redo your post it's fine with me!

Thanks, but it's more fun to include more movies in these links, so I'll just let it stand.

Like  :D

5.  The Barefoot Contessa (1954)  /  Ava Gardner


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