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We've done many categories since this game started. I announce the current category in the game, but if you can't find the announcement, just ask any of the players.
There's a game I play every chance I get with anyone who knows about movies. It's very simple: we pick a movie category and take turns naming titles of movies that fit in the category. For example, "films with a number in the title," or "films with hospital scenes" or "films with Joseph Cotten." I thought I'd see if anyone here wants to play.

Since there's no way of knowing how many people would want to join in, we can't take turns, so let's do it this way: only name one title at a time and wait for someone else to name one before you go again. The game ends when either we can't think of any more titles, or we reach 50 titles (because I know some people could go on and on way past the point where I would get bored with the category). So please mention the number we're on when you name a title.
It's no fair using IMDB or other sources, but if you run across a title by accident while the game is going on, it's fair to use it.
I'll start, and for the category I choose "films in which a fire occurs" (not a fire in the fireplace). The fire doesn't have to be depicted, just mentioned. This is a hard category for me, because it will mostly be composed of dramas, and I'm more into comedies, but here goes:

1. Rebecca

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  20. Trapeze (1956)-  spectacular circus movie directed by Carol Reed, starring Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Gina Lollobridiga.

  I remember seeing this way back in my youth on TV, it  came back to me in a flash.  I haven't seen it since. 

  In glorious Technicolor, Burt Lancaster, face gleaming, plays a famous trapeze artist, badly injured in a fall, left with a permanent limp trains his young protégé;  brash, cocky and arrogant, played by Tony Curtis.

  Lovely Gina Lollobrigida, another trapeze performer is the love interest. 

<iframe width="475" height="267" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I remember enjoying this movie when I saw it on TV.

21. Bringing Up Baby - This is stretching things a bit, but a circus is very briefly featured in this movie, when another leopard (a very fierce, dangerous one) escapes from a circus. Later, Katharine Hepburn's character, Susan, finds this leopard and mistakes it for the escaped pet she's trying to capture. Not realizing she's in any danger, she's very forceful with the creature, who fortunately doesn't attack her. When Susan and David realize they have the dangerous leopard, it's time to panic!

Fast-paced and furious- screwball comedy at its best!  I never tire watching this gem!

22.  He Who Gets Slapped (1924) Norma Shearer, John Gilbert, Lon Chaney

Really would love to see this one..... have heard of it for a long time. Does anyone know if its available for sale anywhere?

After Baron Regnard (Marc MacDermott) steals both his greatest invention and his wife, scientist Paul Beaumont (Lon Chaney) loses all self-regard and joins a circus sideshow to become the most famous clown in France, known as "He Who Gets Slapped" by other clowns. When Paul falls in love with bareback rider Consuelo (Norma Shearer), she and her partner, Brazo (John Gilbert), mock him. He is heartbroken, but determined to shield Consuelo when Regnard shows sudden romantic interest in her.

Hi Karen, I have this movie in my collection. If you want it, it's yours.

That's so lovely.  Thank you John Frederick.  But then you won't have a copy?  Its nice to know that its available.  I'll see how I go getting hold of a copy here in Australia, and let you know.  Cheers.

Mighty Joe Young. Whats Eating Gilbert Grape,White Heat(made it ma.......Top of the World"),Towering Inferno, Citizen Kane...."rosebud"

Danielle, welcome to the Game! Please read the description at the top and just list one movie at a time. :-)

#23  I do not remember much about this movie, and bumped into the title while I was looking for film noir movies. It does not belong in that genre in my opinion but I could be wrong. Anyway I love Tyrone Power, one of my favorite actors. He never seems to get the acclaim he deserves. Loved him in the “Sun Also Rises.” That is not the movie but I always ramble, anyway in this movie Tyrone Power, joins a carnival and I believe he is working with a mind reader. She has this system or code she uses to “read minds.” It worked like this, Power would go up to someone in the audience and ask questions, then the mind reader would say something about tthat person that the mind reader could not see. Power and the “mind reader” used the code to exchange information about the person from the audience.

SPOILER ALERT: Here the plot thickens and Power replaces the mind reader and teaches his love interest the code. They become famous but it is short lived.

The title NIGHTMARE ALLEY, I hope I am right or else I will look silly.


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