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We've done many categories since this game started. I announce the current category in the game, but if you can't find the announcement, just ask any of the players.
There's a game I play every chance I get with anyone who knows about movies. It's very simple: we pick a movie category and take turns naming titles of movies that fit in the category. For example, "films with a number in the title," or "films with hospital scenes" or "films with Joseph Cotten." I thought I'd see if anyone here wants to play.

Since there's no way of knowing how many people would want to join in, we can't take turns, so let's do it this way: only name one title at a time and wait for someone else to name one before you go again. The game ends when either we can't think of any more titles, or we reach 50 titles (because I know some people could go on and on way past the point where I would get bored with the category). So please mention the number we're on when you name a title.
It's no fair using IMDB or other sources, but if you run across a title by accident while the game is going on, it's fair to use it.
I'll start, and for the category I choose "films in which a fire occurs" (not a fire in the fireplace). The fire doesn't have to be depicted, just mentioned. This is a hard category for me, because it will mostly be composed of dramas, and I'm more into comedies, but here goes:

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12. Thirst - I'm listing the 1979 Australian cult film. It's the story of a woman who is kidnapped by a cult of vampires. They believe her to be the rightful heiress of a previous leader, and she is supposed to take over the cult. But first they have to convince her of how lovely it will be, which they accomplish by a systematic program of brainwashing and mind-altering drugs. Loads of fun!

  13. My Name is Julia Ross (1945)-  engaging atmospheric film noir, set in London starring Nina Foch, Dame May Whitty, George McCready, Roland Verno, Doris Lloyd.

  A young woman, Julia Ross (Nina Foch) seeks employment  and secures a position as a live-in private secretary through an agency. The job requirements insist that the employee has to have no ties that could be distractive to the post. Examples of being unsuitable for the job could be having to care for a sick relative: a boyfriend or having any living  relatives.

  Julia gratefully accepts the position, working for the wealthy Mrs Hughes (Dame May Whitty) and her son Ralph Hughes and arrangements are made immediately for her to meet at the family residence. Julia leaves a note at her lodgings to forward to her gentleman friend. 

But things are not what they seem, clearly psychological mind manipulation and sinister underhand tactics are being applied as Julia becomes increasingly suspicious and terrified, and is made to believe she is losing her mind and her identity.

  Dame May Whitty is excellent in her role as the manipulative and overbearing mother and instigator of the odious crime.

Watch this little gem on YouTube.

Thanks, John!

14.  Mark of the Vampire - I don't want to give away too much, as this very corny vampire flick has some interesting plot surprises, but there is hypnosis involved. This movie is, I think, intentionally campy. Lionel Barrymore plays a vampire investigator checking out the strange occurrences around a typical vampire haunt, an eastern European castle. The cinematography is special, especially in the cemetery and crypt scenes, and there are some fun special effects. Don't expect to be scared, though.

Sounds like my kind of scary movie.. Lol.

15.  The Big Cube (1964)  Lana Turner

Use of Mind control -

Adriana Roman (LANA Turner), a successful stage actress, retires to marry Charles, a wealthy  tycoon.  Winthrop's daughter, Lisa (Karin Mossberg), is instantly distrustful of Adriana solely because she is "the other woman" taking her father's affection.

Charles is killed in a boating accident, which also leads to Adriana suffering from a concussion. Lisa's new boyfriend Johnny Allen (George Chakiris), a womanizing, fortune-hunting medical student, capitalizes on that distrust to persuade Lisa that her father's death was murder, a charge exacerbated by Adriana's threat—as per her late husband's instructions as laid out in his will, for which Adriana is executor—to disinherit Lisa if she marries Johnny.

Johnny conspires with Lisa to lace Adriana's prescribed sedatives with enough LSD to drive her insane. In addition, while Adriana is having LSD-induced hallucinations, they plan on playing pre-recorded subliminal messages to further drive her crazy.

I do not know how to embed the clips anymore.  Doesn't seem to be there available to do on youtube? 

I couldn't get that video to play but I found this humorous review of the movie (used a manual copy and paste of the code rather than clicking on the "Copy" button in YouTube):

Thanks Rosie.

Funny clip.  Love his review.  Spot on too.  Lol.


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