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We've done many categories since this game started. I announce the current category in the game, but if you can't find the announcement, just ask any of the players.
There's a game I play every chance I get with anyone who knows about movies. It's very simple: we pick a movie category and take turns naming titles of movies that fit in the category. For example, "films with a number in the title," or "films with hospital scenes" or "films with Joseph Cotten." I thought I'd see if anyone here wants to play.

Since there's no way of knowing how many people would want to join in, we can't take turns, so let's do it this way: only name one title at a time and wait for someone else to name one before you go again. The game ends when either we can't think of any more titles, or we reach 50 titles (because I know some people could go on and on way past the point where I would get bored with the category). So please mention the number we're on when you name a title.
It's no fair using IMDB or other sources, but if you run across a title by accident while the game is going on, it's fair to use it.
I'll start, and for the category I choose "films in which a fire occurs" (not a fire in the fireplace). The fire doesn't have to be depicted, just mentioned. This is a hard category for me, because it will mostly be composed of dramas, and I'm more into comedies, but here goes:

1. Rebecca

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I've never seen the movie, but a local theatre group put on a play version of this about 10 years ago. I liked it so much I saw it twice!

50. Pat and Mike (1952) I hope this one hasn't been used already. I didn't see it. This happens to be one of my favorite movies. Spencer Tracy plays a promoter and sports trainer who adds Katharine Hepburn to his small group of athletes. She competes in golf and tennis in this film. Highly entertaining!

Image result for pat and mike

Image result for pat and mike

Wow!  Can't believe we hit 50!  That's so great!  Looking forward to the next round.  

This is one of my favorite movies, too, and I can't believe I didn't already use it in this round! I must have thought I did, because it was so obvious. Perfect ending to this round, Erin!

So the next round may be more difficult, but let's give it a go. The category is movies in which a famous person plays him/herself. Dig into your vast movie knowledge and see how far we can get with this. I'll start.

1. The Glenn Miller Story - In an early scene, Glenn Miller (played by James Stewart) is out on a date with the woman who will later become his wife (played by June Allyson). Louis Armstrong is playing in the club. June's character asks who he is, and Glenn is astounded that she doesn't know.

2. Anchors Aweigh (1945) This extremely fun sailors-on-leave movie starring Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra also features famous conductor and pianist Jose Iturbi playing himself. His character shows up in the movie a few times. 

Image result for anchors aweigh jose iturbi

Nice one, Erin!

3. That Touch of Mink - Doris Day and Cary Grant star in this fun 60s sex comedy about a virtuous small-town girl and a wealthy playboy. He takes her out on the town to a Yankees game, and of course they have the best seats money can buy. She gets so wrapped up in the game that she insults the umpire over a call, which leads to an argument and the best players getting removed from the game. Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra play themselves.

I'd forgotten about that scene. Good movie!

4.  High Society (1954)  starring Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby 

Louis Armstrong and his band appear as themselves 

5. Two Guys From Milwaukee - This is a movie I've always wanted to see but haven't managed to. The main character, played by Dennis Morgan, is obsessed with meeting Lauren Bacall. One day while on a plane to Milwaukee he finds Lauren Bacall sitting next to an empty seat. But alas, Bogie shows up.

I have this on my hard drive - if I can just figure out how to get this onto a DVD without it refusing to work in any player, I would gladly ship it to you.  I'll let you know when I've done it! x



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