The Golden Age of Hollywood

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been reading previous rounds of "A Game I Play," and it sounds like fun, so I would like to start a round. As I understand it, one person names a film genre or category, such as films containing a certain type of event, a certain actor, etc. People take turns naming films in this category until they have reach fifty. All participants must use their own memories and knowledge; it is cheating to check some source for information.

My topic is films which are only partially in color. These could be single scenes, individual dance numbers, dream sequences, or even brief shots which are in color in a black and white movie. Of course, one could also mention a color film that contained only a brief black and white sequence. I thought of this idea because of the article I just wrote for the "Colours Blogathon" hosted by "Thoughts All Sorts." I wrote about The Solid Gold Cadillac from 1956: The last minute or so of this black and white film are in color, so this is the beginning of the game. Who has the next film in this genre?

By the way, I am hosting a blogathon celebrating the Golden Code era of Hollywood. It's called "The Great Breening Blogathon." You can see the original article about it here at my website: I invite everyone who loves the golden age of Hollywood to join!

Let the game begin!

Yours Hopefully,

Tiffany Brannan

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Tiffany, I love your idea for a category. You don't need to start a new discussion thread to play this game. You are more than welcome to play with us at the original "A Game I Play."


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