The Golden Age of Hollywood

Here is a list of a few movies I am seeking

Female - 1933 George Brent, Ruth Chatterton
Crime Without Passion - 1934 Claude Rains
Cynthia - 1947 - Elizabeth Taylor, Mary Astor
She Had to Say Yes, - 1933 Loretta Young
Smartest Girl in Town, - 1936 - Ann Sothern
This Side of Heaven - 1934 Lionel Barrymore
Meet Nero Wolfe - 1936 - Edward Arnold
Something for the Boys - 1944 Carmen Miranda
Sinner's Holiday (1930) James Cagney
Oh You Beautiful Doll (1949) June Haver
Wuthering Heights - 1939 Merle Oberon
The Prowler (1951)- Evelyn Keyes, Van Heflin film noir
Mrs. Mike (1949) Evelyn Keyes, Dick Powell

Cary Grant
Singapore Sue (1932) (uncredited) .... First sailor

Kay Francis
Between Us Girls (1942) .... Christine Bishop
The Man Who Lost Himself (1941) .... Adrienne Scott
Play Girl (1941) .... Grace Herbert
Illusion (1929) .... Zelda Paxton

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Bill, I have Female; in fact, I think I have duplicates of that one. Message me if you're interested.

I might have some of these as well but it's going to be a couple of weeks before I can let you know. My library is not yet unpacked. We're getting our house painted and so we have not fully unpacked until that is finished. I'll get back to you after that.



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