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I don't cry at movies, as a rule, though I plead guilty to sobbing through the last 10 minutes of The Bridges of Madison County. I'm a hopeless romantic, what can I say?

Have any of you ever choked up, even a little bit, at one of your favorite tearjerkers? I'll admit that recently Brief Encounter and Now, Voyager got to me a little.

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Awww... your dad cried during Pride and Prejudice? So did mine! I love it when men cry, even though I'm not much of crier myself!
Forbidden Games. Believe me, the movie struck me straight to my heart, haha! My wife agreed. She sobbed and sobbed while watching. Maybe because the main characters are children. I got a copy of this and have all the reason to watch it again and again ( with my family). You can take a look at my movieracks ( )

Have a great day!
Although its a foreign film I cried in La vita e Bella or Life is Beautiful(the american title). So sad at the end.

Classic movies that made me cry? Mrs. Miniver, It's A Wonderful Life(always at the same line too "to my brother george, the richest man in town") and more but I'm drawing a blank.
I always get choked up at the end of OF MICE AND MEN with Burgess Meredith and Lon Chaney Jr. I have such a soft spot for Lenny.
I can relate to that Dave!

Speaking of Lon Chaney Jr. I always get a little choked up over The Wolfman and also Charles Laughton's portrayal of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I feel so sorry for both tragic characters.

As far as classics go, I always cry at Hold Your Man, Random Harvest, Dark Victory, The Best Years of Our Lives, Penny Serenade and Mrs. Miniver. I recently saw Tender Comrade for the first time and I bawled like a baby.

More "modern" movies, I'd have to say Forrest Gump and Steel Magnolias (okay, total chick flick, but when Sally Field is at the cemetary--"I could jog to Texas and back but my daughter can't..she never could!") and definitely the end of Saving Private Ryan. Schindler's List too. Ok, I'm a big crybaby!
That;s hilarious Anna! Pass the Kleenex! Good name for a group. Maybe you should start one! ROFL

I saw Dodsworth today and the moment where the cople have decided to divouce and Mr Dodsworth is leaving on hios train looking so glum and says "Have I told you today how much I adore you" and then the train leaves. Tears were streaming down my face. *sniff*
I rarely cry over movies. It's not that I'm this cold, heartless person, lol, it's just that it takes a lot to make cry sometimes. However, there are a few movies that never fail at bringing me to tears. Now, Voyager and Marie Antoinette are some of the worst. *sigh*...I literally want to run screaming from the room when I watch either of these movies. My Foolish Heart is another. I just watched this yesterday on TCM, and like always, I want to go hang myself afterwards...

Probably the weirdest movie I've recently cried at is Conspiracy Theory, with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. I don't know...something must have been in the air, because there was no end to the tears running down my cheeks.
Kind of a funny story here I think; years ago when my girlfriend and I were together, we saw 'Mask', with Cher and Sam Elliot, at a local drive-in (remember those?). About from 1/2 hour into the movie on, my girlfriend started sobbing. About 3/4 of the way into the movie, I asked her: "Why are you crying so much now."
"It's so sad." She replied, tears flowing.
"If you think it's so sad now," I replied, "what are you gonna do when the kid dies?"
She stared at me, wide-eyed. "He dies?" And the dam burst.
"OMG! I thought you knew this was a true story!" I felt so bad. I didn't mean to spoil the ending for he, but I thought everybody knew it was a true story, and how it ended.
OMG I cry every time I see "Mask" when they play that song at the end, it's sooo sad. I finally figured out the name of the song --"Ripple" by The Grateful Dead, I had to download it. I love the scene where Cher puts all the pins back up on his board & says, "Now you can go anywhere you want to baby" I have seen it about 6x, & cry still! Also "Pay it Foward" is also another tear jerker for me & again the music they play, the music gets you everytime...doesn't it??! Without the music, the movies or certain scenes wouldn't have much of an impact...IMO.
Pay It Forward- now there's a movie I just can't watch anymore! It was a great film, but I was so depressed by the end, and I admit, I cried a little at that one too.


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