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Over three years ago Derek McLellan started a message board group called The Golden Age of Hollywood on EZBoards but we had problems with the board losing files etc. I suggested that the board be moved to Invision Free, who I had already had excellent experience with running another message board. I gave Derek Admin rights to a board I had set up and he laid out the format and soon the official Golden Age of Hollywood Message Board was born.

Derek has always tried to find new ways to promote the Golden Age of Hollywood and he created a sister site called by the same name and also started a podcast.

The board grew from a handful to almost 700 members but we have struggled trying to get member involvement. Running a message board is not one of the easiest of tasks in the world and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Derek and I have struggled to keep the board alive.

About two months ago I learned of a service that allows you to create networks, similar to MySpace or Facebook, but exclusive to a common interest. That gave me the idea to create the social network you now enjoy.

We have been very fortunate to have almost 100 members join in just a couple of months but we do wish there was more interest and activity.

I'm not sure what the problem really is. Do members enjoy reading but never participating? Are the forum subjects and blogs of no interest at all? Is it just that you have not made contact with that special friend yet? Is there a feature or forum that you think is lacking?

In other can Derek and I make this a regular, daily, stop for you? What will it take to get you involved? Do you even want to be involved and if not, then why did you join?

A community cannot be made of ONE! It requires of necessity there be many involved to actually be a community. Now I am not complaining at all about the 100 members. I am complaining about the lack of participation by those who are members. Out of the 100 members we have we really only have about 15 members who actually participate.

Forgive me if it seems I am ranting because I do not mean to. I am just trying to find ways that will make the member base more involved in the network and thus an active community member. Remember that a community is only as strong as those who get involved. If I have presumed too much on your fandom for classic films then I ask your forgiveness.


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How could I have missed this blog? And not saying anything about this site!!! Wow!! Where was I?? haha
Do I enjoy it...I LOVE it!! Everyone is fabulous, Im on here almost everyday, even if I don't post, I do like, well love to read & look at pix & vids!!! Everyone is soooo helpful & kind here. It's a civilized site & it's nice to belong to a site where all things here are fun & very exciting , thanks soooo much Kevin for starting this! I think the few hundred ppl that have joined will agree, this is a very informative site & filled with loads of great stuff that I never knew about movies, actresses/actors. I told my 20 something friend to join-she loves the classics & is crazy about Lombard & Harlow! I believe she will join this!!! She will love it!

I think we have all kept this going by adding our comments, fan clubs (groups). I remember Kevin when we were looking for that 100th member? Not sure on the number, but I told some ppl about it & they joined & nooooow we have a whole almost community-to me it's like a "family" here! Kudos Kevin on a great job & keeping this site fun!!!! ~Jen
I love this site and was so very happy to find it recently. I have to say that overall, most social networking sites are just not as active as they were in say, 2004 or 2005, and I think the reason is that people oveall are kind of burned out on them to a certain extent. Even Facebook, which I do not personally care for at all because of it's total lack of any means to be creatively artistically (it does not allow you to decorate your page, or add animations which I love to make), is not as busy as it once was - myspace is very quiet compared to a couple of years ago, and so it's kind of an across the board thing, and not just here, that things online are lot quieter. I do love it here, especially looking at all the amazing and wonderful images people are constantly uploading (and that tells me that this site *is* active, because the photos increases constantly on here), but it would be nice to see the interesting groups be a bit more active. You are doing a great job, it's hugely appreciated, and I just think overall people are doing more things in the real world and not being as active as they once were online. That is actually a healthy thing, because I have friends who seem totally addicted to Facebook and seem to be so hooked in they no longer see or talk to their friends in person or do anything much but be on Facebook. I would always rather go for a walk, or talk in person, or watch movies, or read a book, and tons of other things than to be addicted to the internet - but there is a happy medium and I would love to see more participation here too. Please know that you *are* appreciated! A lot of times I am quietly looking at all the gorgeous photos and trying to add to the collection, and while I may not post comments daily, I am here a lot and appreciate the fact the site is moderated and everone here is so nice, whereas on other sites it doesn't feel that way at all - thank you for doing such a great job!
I haven't been as active here as I would like to be though I've started to post more in Classic Westerns and a few others. I notice there are some groups that aren't active at all, however. Part of the problem is that some of these groups have very few members. I joined the Kirk Douglas group, for instance, and I was only the 2nd member. I posted a message, no one replied, so I left. Now I noticed 2 others joined so I rejoined but I'll wait and see if anyone else posts anything before I commit to posting more there. I also notice some groups have formed for people who are actually best known for their TV work rather than their movie careers...Clint Walker and Lee Majors, for instance. I guess it's no surprise neither has much in the way of members. I think this week, I may try to post something in every one of my groups to try to do my part in keeping them active...yes, even the Kirk Douglas group.

We are aware of the Groups situation and the admin team has been having some dialogue about cleaning up Groups. Inactive groups will likely be deleted. It's the responsibility of the Group owner to keep a group going but most do not do so and I admit that even I am guilty of that. There is just so much time that a person has to invest and all of us have other interests besides classic movies.

As I have said I would, I've already posted something at several of the groups I'm in. I left a few groups because I just had nothing to say and I figure if I can't come up with something to contribute, I may as well not continue. I know an online friend of mine hasn't been here lately and I don't know if he really intends to return or not. Perhaps I should write him about it. I do admit that sometimes it's even hard to think of things to write about in the groups I myself created, like my movie serial list. I'll have to work on that. Maybe I can start writing a bit about the books I have on serials...that's something, at least.
I started two groups here, one for Warner Brothers Studios and one for John Barrymore - I'd like to see them both be more active, and appreciate any and all posts to them, but I don't want to just post and post as though I am sort of talking to myself, you know? I try to post and then wait for others to say something - if you have any ideas on how to make the groups more active, I'd appreciate hearing them.
I actually joined the Warner Brothers one. I've always like WB for various things over the years...their gangster movies, John Wayne westerns, Superman, their cartoons, etc. I will try to post there. Sometimes I wonder if a given star is popular enough to support a group but you never know until you try, I guess. I see Casablanca got its own group but I wonder just how much conversation you can get out of just one single film, great as that one is? But it's got 11 members so it obviously interests some people.
Thank you Roger - I'm so glad you joined! =) It is probably my favorite studio, especially for it's early 1930ts films but for lots more as well - I kind of hope the fact it's a group for a studio will be a good place for a lot of discussion topics. Please feel free to post about anything to do with Warner Brothers you like, from cartoons to it's stars to any of their films.
By the way, when you go to "Groups", they show 5 "Featured Groups" at the top with a larger image of the 5 group images of those 5 groups. I wonder how those are it just random? I wonder because the 5 featured groups I see now all have just 7 member each or less. I think two of them may have just one member each. So I'm guessing it's probably just a random selection.
Thank you. I was just wondering about that.
Hi, of course, I really LOVE it here, it's always great fun and a wonderful experience.

I am a collector myself (Greta Garbo) and like everything related to Hollywood a lot. That's why I am here almost every day enjoying the news and especially those beautiful pics a lot of members post.

I had a break because of some reasons but I am back again. Today I posted several sites, Garbo, Darnell, Lombard and as remembrance Jean Simmons. There is still a lot to post, I got more than 60 000 celebrity pics.

Yes, I can confirm that we have great members here, very helpful, very creative, very kind.

Truly, I am very fond and happy being a member. See you guys! And thanks a lot for doing such a wonderful job!

Warmest regards from Munich Germany is sending Werner alias classic passion!
Birdy, I'm glad you mentioned this. I've encouraged people numerous times to start or add to discussions in my group without much success. The Screwball Comedies group currently has 114 members (the largest group here, I think), but only a small fraction of them posts anything to the group. I don't know how to get the others involved, but I think that many people join a group without really intending to regularly hang out there. I'm guilty of this myself. In the beginning I joined too many groups, because I didn't realize how big this site was going to become, and that there would be way more groups than I could keep up with. Later, when new groups were formed that I cared about, I felt I had to join them, too. I think others may also have bitten off more than they can chew. Personally, as long as there's some participation in my group on a regular basis, I don't care how many "lurkers" there are. I do see more participation in the last 6 months or so, and I think that's due to the sheer number of members.



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