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Do you like the Golden Age of Hollywood Social Network?

Over three years ago Derek McLellan started a message board group called The Golden Age of Hollywood on EZBoards but we had problems with the board losing files etc. I suggested that the board be moved to Invision Free, who I had already had excellent experience with running another message board. I gave Derek Admin rights to a board I had set up and he laid out the format and soon the official Golden Age of Hollywood Message Board was born.

Derek has always tried to find new ways to promote the Golden Age of Hollywood and he created a sister site called by the same name and also started a podcast.

The board grew from a handful to almost 700 members but we have struggled trying to get member involvement. Running a message board is not one of the easiest of tasks in the world and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Derek and I have struggled to keep the board alive.

About two months ago I learned of a service that allows you to create networks, similar to MySpace or Facebook, but exclusive to a common interest. That gave me the idea to create the social network you now enjoy.

We have been very fortunate to have almost 100 members join in just a couple of months but we do wish there was more interest and activity.

I'm not sure what the problem really is. Do members enjoy reading but never participating? Are the forum subjects and blogs of no interest at all? Is it just that you have not made contact with that special friend yet? Is there a feature or forum that you think is lacking?

In other can Derek and I make this a regular, daily, stop for you? What will it take to get you involved? Do you even want to be involved and if not, then why did you join?

A community cannot be made of ONE! It requires of necessity there be many involved to actually be a community. Now I am not complaining at all about the 100 members. I am complaining about the lack of participation by those who are members. Out of the 100 members we have we really only have about 15 members who actually participate.

Forgive me if it seems I am ranting because I do not mean to. I am just trying to find ways that will make the member base more involved in the network and thus an active community member. Remember that a community is only as strong as those who get involved. If I have presumed too much on your fandom for classic films then I ask your forgiveness.


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I love this site. Honestly, I'm still learning to navigate it, though. Right now, that seems to be the hold up with me. I get my e-mails of who responded to what, but then I'm not sure how to get to that topic sometimes. Is it easiest to go to forums and find it under those sections? I just looked through the forum section today for the first time. Should that be my 2nd stop after the main page? (I'm lost in this file cabinet). I do think the people here are really nice. It must be a "classic movie fan" thing.
I agree with Della in that I love this site. I've no trouble in following the links to the topics.

I do have to disagree with you though, on one thing, Della. While everyone here is truly nice, I've run into some classic fans who do love to argue. I think it's just the classic fans we have here! ;-)

The easiest way to get back to discussions you are following is to click the link provided in the email. It should take you directly to the last post in that topic.

I have to admit, I kind of had forgotten about the GAOH message board and I only found out about this new related site earlier this week. I really like it, though, and plan to stick far I'm checking in every day and have already become a member of 10 of the groups (2 of which I started myself). I expect to be around regularly for quite awhile.
grumble grumble ^^
Thanks! Glad you like it! :)

Kevin I don't like it,I love it!!! Peace friends I hope you had a safe & happy holiday.Your Friend Gary
I love the site. I wish I knew about it before I set up my forum Back Alley Noir a few years back.

I'd love to move it to a site like this but I wouldn't want to lose all the old posts.
nline community is TREMENDOUS! I've only been here since this summer, and I've learned so much. The big plus with GOAH is the ability to upload and share video. I can't envision having a media-themed online community without that feature.

I'm a graduate student and I wish that my university's online learning system had half of
these features and was as user-friendly.

As for participation, I think GOAH is similar to other online communities that I have been involved with. There always seems to be a handful of "stars." Others might be visiting, but prefer to lurk. You say that there are only 15 or so members who contribute, but there must be more to account for the amount of content here. Or if there are only 15 people participating, they are REALLY PARTICIPATING.

Mea culpa. I've been AOL over the past few weeks, beacuse of a project I had been working on. But it's over now--so watch out.
Ktrek, I sometimes wonder if I have stretched myself too thin to enjoy the many online social groups I particpate in. I have a personal blog, Facebook, and several other memberships that expect participation. The Golden Age of Hollywood is a new one for me to try. Lots of nice folks, and I always have good intentions, but life sometimes just gets crazy - it is at my household lately - and it is impossible to be a voracious contributor.

I do understand your concern as to whether this site is something you should devote more or less time to. Maybe another member with longer tenure at this site will have an epiphany!

Hang in there, this is a fun place!
As far as dates go, if I'm unsure about the date of a particular film, I always check it against The Internet Movie Database, before posting. (That's probably due to the scholar in me. Most times, happily, I've discovered my hunches have been correct.) I have to say that the fervor of members to correct misinformation here is not as strong as I've experienced it on other sites. I wouldn't take it personally. It's just that there seems to be so much misinformation on the Web concerning film topics, that I believe the members of GAOH would very much like to build this community as a trusted source for classic cinema information.

Anyone is welcome to correct me if I'm wrong here. ;-)



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