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Over three years ago Derek McLellan started a message board group called The Golden Age of Hollywood on EZBoards but we had problems with the board losing files etc. I suggested that the board be moved to Invision Free, who I had already had excellent experience with running another message board. I gave Derek Admin rights to a board I had set up and he laid out the format and soon the official Golden Age of Hollywood Message Board was born.

Derek has always tried to find new ways to promote the Golden Age of Hollywood and he created a sister site called by the same name and also started a podcast.

The board grew from a handful to almost 700 members but we have struggled trying to get member involvement. Running a message board is not one of the easiest of tasks in the world and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Derek and I have struggled to keep the board alive.

About two months ago I learned of a service that allows you to create networks, similar to MySpace or Facebook, but exclusive to a common interest. That gave me the idea to create the social network you now enjoy.

We have been very fortunate to have almost 100 members join in just a couple of months but we do wish there was more interest and activity.

I'm not sure what the problem really is. Do members enjoy reading but never participating? Are the forum subjects and blogs of no interest at all? Is it just that you have not made contact with that special friend yet? Is there a feature or forum that you think is lacking?

In other can Derek and I make this a regular, daily, stop for you? What will it take to get you involved? Do you even want to be involved and if not, then why did you join?

A community cannot be made of ONE! It requires of necessity there be many involved to actually be a community. Now I am not complaining at all about the 100 members. I am complaining about the lack of participation by those who are members. Out of the 100 members we have we really only have about 15 members who actually participate.

Forgive me if it seems I am ranting because I do not mean to. I am just trying to find ways that will make the member base more involved in the network and thus an active community member. Remember that a community is only as strong as those who get involved. If I have presumed too much on your fandom for classic films then I ask your forgiveness.


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Replies to This Discussion does make sense. Anyone can set their group to private membership if they want to. That way only people they want in their group can join. I set up the Trading Post as a private group for a very good reason and I don't have to really explain why I want it private, but in a group where members are trading DVRs of films they have recorded I think it's best not to make it publicly available.

But then again Birdy...all you have to do to get an invite to a private group is to email the host (admin) of the group. It's still the owner of the group's choice and I'm certainly not going to tell anyone that they cannot setup private groups here. They might want to have a social group that's restricted only to their best friends and I'm fine with that. That said though I don't understand why Clara Bow would be a private group.

I am really glad I read this topic. When I started "Pre-Code Cuties" I wasn't sure what
I was supposed to do but after reading this I sent a welcoming letter to all the members
and whenever someone joins I try to make sure I thank them. The response has been
very positive.
As far as joining groups myself. I always think - do I have something to say or to contribute?
I LOVE Buster Keaton, so I joined "Bonkers About Buster" . Now I realise I haven't much to
contribute - I haven't seen a Buster Keaton movie in years and don't know when I will.
On the other hand - if someone had told me I would be joining a Harold LLoyd group
six months ago I would have laughed - the last Lloyd film I had seen was over 35 years
ago. I happened to see "Girl Shy" around Christmas and I was hooked. I have since
seen some of his other films.
I also try to keep my groups down - I often go through them and if I have not contributed
anything for a while or feel I have nothing else to say - I will pull myself from a group. A
year ago I would have been worried I was going to hurt someone's feelings but now I feel
stronger in myself and know that I am not (going to hurt people's feelings).
After reading each & every post, first I have to say, I started the Clara Bow group awhile back & didn't even realize that it was private, I never would of done that! Sorry folks! But after some time of no activity or any kind of discussions or comments I removed the fan page! ;( I tried to keep it active by adding new things & pics & stories & such. But I did keep it up & hoping maybe someone would add something to it. Maybe even stuff I wasn't even aware of.

Today I just had to remove my Jean Harlow group page which was up for some time due to no activity & again I have updated the page by adding new things... her upcoming movies on TCM, stories & interesting discussions that a Harlow fan might be interested in. Today I had posted a blog asking if I should re-post my Clara group, but I have decided not to.
I understand the two ladies have been in early silents & Clara leaving show biz for family life in the early to mid 30's & Harlow not being too popular & only making 26 films due to her early death in 1937, whereas she wasn't around long enough like Clara for any major discussions and/or comments. Meaning there isn't much to talk about I guess with them not being in showbiz for long, like Gable or Cagney or Olivia etc who were in movies for many years after Harlow & Bow.
Clara Bow and Harlow both do have followings but they may not yet have many fans on this site. I really do not know enough about either to enter into any discussions and I'm sure many who enjoy their movies feel the same way. I've never even read a single book about either of them.

I think all the old timers on here have said everything that needs to be said about Clara Bow and Jean Harlow for a time..You get to a point where you kind of loose interest or pick up new ones..I do feel bad for newcomers that sign on that are fans of certain stars but they can't get anyone interested in talking to them about 'em..Its probably for the better to just close down a group thats dried out and wait for a newcomer to re-open it..I've noticed some that have been revived anew really take off again..
But to add "do I enjoy this site?" Of course I do & come by a few times a week to read & see what's happening! Everyone or some has something interesting posted! There is a bunch of great people here & I recommend it to friends who do enjoy classic Hollywood! So yes, I very much ENJOY & LOVE this site & hope things work out in your favor Kevin!!
I have to admit that after I signed up and participated for awhile, I got busy and forgot that I was a member. I do check in, but have not posted much in months. One of the problems is that everybody likes old movies, but they all like different old movies, so it's hard to get a sizable group enthusiastic about any one topic. There are also several similar groups, like and silent comedy mafia that seen to attract more specialized discussions. But I do like the idea of GAOH, and I'll try to be a better participant.

I'm here! I know the feeling of talking to oneself. But I'll keep doing it and reaching out, and I appreciate that you are doing the same.

One issue I've noticed is that the posts within the groups are private, only visible to people following the group. But new forum and blog posts show up on the main page, which is how I saw this post of yours, Patti.

Thanks for your interaction!

"Talking to myself, will I see again... We are always running for the thrill of it..." 

I'm sorry but it made me think of a song...

Perhaps we need to find a way to make other topics a part of this community as well? Then again I come here because of my love of classic films so maybe that would be a step in the wrong direction. I wish I knew the answer. We all know there's so much to talk about! Are people shy in this day and age?



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