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I thought it might be fun to see what everyone is purchasing these days. And please do NOT feel like you need to limit your response to just classic films. As a matter of fact my last purchase was not a classic film at all but the latest Stargate SG1 movie called ARK OF TRUTH. It was quite good and any Stargate fan would probably appreciate the film. I must say that I also bought the soundtrack for the film and in this rare occasion I love the soundtrack more than the film.

So, what was your latest DVD purchase or purchases?


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Kind of odd that this hasn't gotten any action yet.

Anyway, Derek blogged about Alice Faye Collection Vol. 2 coming out soon on DVD and I didn't even know there was a volume 1. So, I ordered that and it was shipped out today. I love Alice Faye movies. If only they would start releasing a few of my other favorites like the Jeannette MacDonald/ Nelson Eddy movies and Sonja Henie.

I haven't actually sent my order yet, but I'm about to order the new DVD releases of Midnight and Easy Living, which I already have on VHS. I'm also about to order Blithe Spirit from
Two weeks ago a local DVD rental place was having a huge sale, and I found Forty Guns, Force of Evil and Last Year at Marienbad all for a total of $18. I feel bad for the guy who didn't see the value of Alain Resnais' famously ambiguous film, which is out of print and goes for up to $200 on eBay.
My last purchase was Donat's The 39 Steps and A Shriek in the Night with Ginger Rogers. Both I got at a really cheap price in a bargain bin. :D
Funny you would call it Donat's 39 Steps because most people would have called it Hitchcock's. :)

Oh right haha. I just remembered there being several versions and thought I'd better put the actor in. I didn't even think of Hitchcock :D!
The last DVDs I bought (they were at the same time) were the Criterion Collection version of Charade and The Dick Cavett Show: Hollywood Greats collection. If you have never seen any episodes of that show, then check it out sometime. There are some classic moments with Bette Davis in one episode, and a rather famous interview with Katherine Hepburn. I also love the interview with Robert Mitchum!
I saw most of the Dick Cavett interviews when his show was originally aired. Then the selected star interviews that were broadcasted on TCM last year. He was a very good interviewer.

As Kevin did, I saw most of the collection on TCM last year. The Katherine Hepburn footage is, to my mind, absolutely magnificent.
The last one I got was the 1927 film "Underworld" directed Josef von Sternberg.

This was a film that was shelved by the studio, but finally had one theatre release and became a hit.

Basically, studio heads thought maybe the public wouldn't like Josef's storytelling and unique camera work, but they were wrong.

Since this was Josef's first released film after Chaplin shelved "A Woman of the Sea" (which was produced by Chaplin in 1926), really wanted to see it.
Where did you find a DVD of Underworld?? Please let me know!
Hello Christian,
I have not been in for awhile.

As for where I found the DVD, it was on eBay. I don't know much about who produced it, but the only one I could find.



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