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I thought it might be fun to see what everyone is purchasing these days. And please do NOT feel like you need to limit your response to just classic films. As a matter of fact my last purchase was not a classic film at all but the latest Stargate SG1 movie called ARK OF TRUTH. It was quite good and any Stargate fan would probably appreciate the film. I must say that I also bought the soundtrack for the film and in this rare occasion I love the soundtrack more than the film.

So, what was your latest DVD purchase or purchases?


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You can edit but only for 12 minutes I think. I wish there was a way to change that in the Admin CP but there is not. I will put in a request at Ning Development along with some other things I would like to see added, like smilies for instance.

That reminds me of a joke we used to tell when we were kids. Little Johnny asked his mon"Is Rotterdam a bad word?" Mom said,"No, it's a city in Europe." Johnny says,"ok, I gave my teacher a box of candy today, and I hope It'll Rotterdam teeth out!"
I just bought Yours, Mine and Ours (1968). Its one of those films I've seen numerous times, especially when I'm feeling overwhelmed in life. I figure that if they can handle 20 kids, I can handle whatever I have going on. So it's about time I got this movie!
I think the last time I bought any DVDs was at Christmas. I remember buying the season 4 collection of the Dick Van Dyke show and I Remember Mama. Can't remember what else. Oh yeah, the complete Mr. Bean box set. However, for all you Mr. Bean fans out there, it is missing parts of sketches. For instance, in the Christmas episode, it omits the part where he buys the turkey.
I large electronic/CD/DVD store just opened in Hamilton and I went in to see if there were any good movies. They had a pretty good classics section and I ended up buying Funny Face, Dodge City, The Petrified Forest, Robin Hood (Flynn version of course) and Woman of the Year. I am very excited about owning and watching these titles.
The only problem is that my DVD shelf is now overflowing with my movies and I really need to get another DVD shelf or bookcase of my own just for my classics which will help me organise things a bit ^_^
I need more shelves too...I just thought that earlier tonight while cleaning my office.

Jealous of Addie's FOOTLIGHT PARADE. I've been wanting that one for a while now...

My latest purchase was SHANE. I've been on a Jean Arthur kick here lately, and found in on Amazon for five dollars! Probably not the best quality DVD, but I don't care. Most of my movies are on VHS, anyway.
The last DVDs I purchased were:

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and Last Crusade
There Will be Blood
No Country for Old Men
South Park Imaginationland
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Last week, I got Fox Western Classics which contains the movies Rawhide, The Gunfighter and Garden of Evil. I also got Home Improvement: Season 7 at the same time. I understand that Rhubarb is finally coming out on DVD today...I'm going to stop and see if my local Wal-Mart has it but since it's not a recent mega-blockbuster I am guessing they won't and I'll likely have to order it if I want a copy.
Recently bought The Busby Berkley boxset which i just recieved in the mail. Love It! I watched Goldiggers of 1933 last night which was great. Also ordered the Mickey rooney Judy Garland boxset, Four's A Crowd (De Havilland, Flynn movie. now I only need to see The Private lives Of Elizabeth and Essex and I'll have seen all their films [yay!]) Smilin' Through (1932) Stand-In, and How to steal a million. Very excited about getting these films. ^_^
I can't wait to catch that Busby Berkley set -- sounds get that you now own it. From my perspective, you can now study the amazing interaction of camera and dancer to create a new form of choreography.
There was a batch this week, so here goes:

- Hitchcock Double Bill (Murder and The Skin Game). Classic British before the move across the pond.
- Girl in the Headlines. Best of British collection with Ian Hendry and Jane Asher, 1963.
- Control. The story of Joy Division, released last year.
- Dangermouse, the first six episodes, continuing my interest in classic children's telly.
I picked up a pair of cheap ones last night. I picked up Man of the West starring Gary Cooper for $7.50 and I also picked up a 3-disc set of a TV show, Best of the Cisco Kid. I had bought a Cisco Kid set a few years ago that was put out by MPI and was a bit disappointed because the prints were rather orange and faded. I figured, hey, this set cost just $5 so I can take a chance. The picture quality is okay...not great...but certainly watchable and it's not overly orange. It looks like one episode here is represented by a black & white long as that doesn't happen too often, I can live with it. The Gary Cooper movie, of course, is excellent in picture and sound as it's from a major company (MGM) though there are no extras.



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