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I thought it might be fun to see what everyone is purchasing these days. And please do NOT feel like you need to limit your response to just classic films. As a matter of fact my last purchase was not a classic film at all but the latest Stargate SG1 movie called ARK OF TRUTH. It was quite good and any Stargate fan would probably appreciate the film. I must say that I also bought the soundtrack for the film and in this rare occasion I love the soundtrack more than the film.

So, what was your latest DVD purchase or purchases?


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I picked up a copy of BUFFALO BILL courtesy of
that looks like a handy little site..
It is, Christopher. Their sister site, is terrific as well. I've picked up some excellent books, and been able to get rid of some that otherwise I'd've had to take into the used book store. Better than taking in for credit I never would use. The CD site I'm not that impressed with. Every time you 'claim' a CD, it costs you 49 cents.
Souls for Sale from the silents sale at Warner Archives...and Reflections in a Golden Eye..
The last three months have been a matter of wretched excess on my part, specifically in the category of obtaining DVD-Rs (mostly from newly-discovered sellers) of various and sundry movies that I wanted that are either OOP or have never seen a legitimate Region 1 DVD release. These are:
1. Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors
2. I Was a Teenage Werewolf
3. Journey’s End (’30—the James Whale-Colin Clive classic)
4. Island of Terror
5. Vampire Circus (Hammer, uncut)
6. Blood and Roses (’60-Roger Vadim—English Language Cut)
7. The Day of the Triffids
8. Fiend Without a Face
9. The Thing that Couldn’t Die (’58 Universal)
10. The Undead (Roger Corman)
11. Varan the Unbelievable (US Cut w/Myron Healy)
12. Dracula, Prince of Darkness
13. What Price Glory? (’26 Silent)
14. Hell’s Hinges (’16 Wm. S. Hart)
15. The Town That Dreaded Sundown (Chas. B. Pierce ’76—Shot in Arkansas)
16. Murders in the Zoo (’33—now available from MCA as burn-on-demand, but who wants to pay $20 for THAT?)
17. Twins of Evil (Hammer, Uncut)
18. The Haunted Strangler / Corridors of Blood (from VHS, presumably—Criterion has them, but again, why pay so much?)
19. Curse of the Undead (’59 Universal Western-Vampire flick, long overdue on DVD)
20. Pardon Us (’30 Laurel & Hardy)
21. Pack Up Your Troubles (’31 Laurel & Hardy)
22. Yamato (‘05 Japanese War Film)
23. Tobruk (’08 Czech War Film, not to be confused with the Rock Hudson movie)
24. Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde (Hammer-uncut)
25. Dead of Night (’46 British Horror Anthology)
26. Greaser’s Palace (’72 Western Jesus Parable-Comedy)
27. Frankenstein Created Woman (Hammer-uncut)
28. The Uninvited (’44 Ray Milland Ghost Movie)
29. Great Expectations (’46 David Lean Classic)
30. Macabre (’58 Wm. Castle Original Gimmick Film)
31. The Monster of Piedras Blancas
32. The House of Rothschild / The Iron Duke (’34 George Arliss Double-Bill)
33. The War Lord (’65 Charlton Heston)
34. The Battle of Neretva (’69 Yugoslav War Film, possibly PAL encoded, from a Spanish DVD edition)
35. Drakula Istanbul’da (Dracula in Instanbul) (’53 Turkish Dracula Film, PAL encoded)
ioffer is terrific, isn't it?

I picked up a copy of Natalie Wood's Penelope there. (Natch, it's finally coming on TCM this month.) Also, I have a copy of Old Ironsides heading my way.

Hell's Hinges is outstanding.
I have a copy of Wm S Hart's The Narrow Trail heading my way...
Tim and me have a couple of hammer films,Twins of Evil and Vampire Circus from sooner did we get those and now they're coming out on Reg. 1 dvd after all these years!
They are really great movies. I haven't seen them for years. I
remember taping "Vampire Circus" mistakenly thinking it was
"Circus of Horrors" but I definately wasn't disappointed.
Vampire Circus is definately not your mother's Hammer horror!..With the exception of a couple of familiar faces,you'd think another studio had made it.
Tim, I'm a collector of George Arliss films (something weirdly cool about the way he quietly saunters in and immediately owns the screen). Anyway, I have a copy of the House of Rothschild, but the quality is barely tolerable, and I don't have The Iron Duke. Could you rate the quality of the copy you have and if good, let me know where you bought it?
Thanks, Gary.
Hi Kevin. I just discovered this thread, been away for awhile.
Anyway, the last purchase I made and is currently on its way to me is
Coroner Creek (1948) starring Randolph Scott.
I remember this movie from when I was young fellow and wanted to see it again.




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