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I was wondering who the members favorite action hero star is? Do like like Errol Flynn? John Wayne? Tyrone Power? Arnold Schwarzenegger? Charles Bronson? Audie Murphy, Hoppalong Cassidy? Tom Mix? Bruce Willis, Jackie Chan? Johnny Weissmuller?

Anyway you get the picture. I added some modern stars just for fun, but since this is a classic movie forum you don't have to acknowledge them if you don't want to.


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Well, my favorite action hero 'character' is Indiana Jones, of course. Lol. However, I really don't know who my favorite action hero actor is...classic or mordern. I absolutely love action movies, but I honestly have never thought who my favorite actor of that genre is.
I was planning on doing a thread on favorite character but I was going to let this thread run its course first.

Hey it's good to see you back around Betty! I missed ya granny girl!

I have always liked Bronson. There is something about him that makes him believable as a tough guy.

Tyrone Power has his own cult built around him. There are still fans who attend an annual memorial service, believe it or not.

And John Wayne was great. I love his movies. I can't honestly say I love them all as I think his earliest and his last movies were pretty weak for the most part but the middle years he cannot be beat. Thanks for sharing!

Bruce Lee, James Coburn, Clint Eastwood, Errol Flynn,John Wayne, Tomas Milian, Lee Van Cleef, Franco Nero, Lee Marvin, Buster Crabbe,Roy Rogers and Johnny Weismuller atre among my favorite action heroes of all-time!
Interesting choices there Chuck! I never would have thought of Franco Nero and I can't believe I forgot Buster Crabbe. Go Flash!

Trivia note: After the TVM about the 1972 Olympics, Nero became a hero in the Arab world.
I would have to say Buster Crabbe, Clayton Moore, John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Buck Jones, and Johnny Mack Brown are among my faves.
Great list there Dave! I don't know if all of Johnny Mack Brown's films survive but with a 170 credits to his name it would take a while to watch them all! I have only seen a handful of Johnny Mack films but I do enjoy him and Buck Jones too. It seems that the old Westerns are being mostly neglected for DVD transfer today and if they do get a DVD release they are usually from places like Mill Creek in a collector set and from poor unrestored prints.

CLAYTON MOORE!!! Absolutely!!
I really love swashbuckler movies. Anything that shows Errol Flynn, Basil Rathbone, Tyrone Power, etc. engaged in a sword fight is always exciting.
The Mark of Zorro and The Prisoner of Zenda (any version) are exciting to watch.
I agree with you Erin that Flynn, Rathbone and Power are exciting to watch but I think Rathbone has the other two beat as far as swordplay. Douglas Fairbanks is another that comes to mind as handy with a sword.

Favorite action hero portrayal in one performance: Gary Cooper in Sergeant York.



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