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A Game I Play

Started by Rosie Sayer in Other Movie Topics. Last reply by kareng Aug 14. 19549 Replies

UPDATE:We've done many categories since this game started. I announce the current category in the game, but if you can't find the announcement, just ask any of the…Continue

What Are You Watching?

Started by Ktrek in Other Movie Topics. Last reply by Rosie Sayer Aug 12. 99 Replies

A companion thread to my "What's the Last DVD You Purchased?" thread. I thought it might be fun to discuss what we all are watching or have recently watched. Below will be my first post in this thread.KevinContinue

How many can you name?

Started by Rosie Sayer in Other Movie Topics. Last reply by Rosie Sayer Aug 10. 4 Replies

Just for fun, I made up a new quiz. The theme is professions. Some of these are easy and some are harder. See how many you can name.In what film wasBarbara Stanwyck a mail-order bride?Clark Gable a safari guide?Mary Astor a concert pianist?James…Continue

If Classic Films Were Remade as Sci-Fi

Started by Rosie Sayer in Other Movie Topics. Last reply by Rosie Sayer Aug 7. 12 Replies

The other day a friend and I started this list, and maybe it was just my mood at the time, but I was laughing my head off, so I thought I would share this with my GAOH friends.I think it's fairly self-explanatory. Feel free to add your own ideas!The…Continue

Looking for movie posters

Started by Ginny in Other Movie Topics. Last reply by Rosie Sayer Jul 31. 2 Replies

A few years back, I got these two movie posters while shopping at Ross. They're really nice posters. Not your usual paper posters, but more of composition board.The Gone with the Wind one has TM Turner Entertainment Co. & The Stephens Mitchell…Continue

Dorothy McGuire?

Started by Rodolfo (Rudy) Carreon in Great Performers. Last reply by Rodolfo (Rudy) Carreon Jul 27. 4 Replies

I ran a search for discussions of Dorothy McGuire.  Amazingly, I only found four mentions of her back in 2008 and 2009.  That's it?  What a great actress she was.  How can anyone forget "Gentleman's Agreement"?  Of course, she has previous stellar…Continue

Happy Fourth!

Started by Rosie Sayer in Social Club. Last reply by kareng Jul 5. 3 Replies

To all my GAOH friends who are celebrating the American Independence Day this Monday, have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the fireworks, and let us hope it's not the last 4th of July for GAOH!Just to remind you players of The Game and let everyone else…Continue

"Connect the Stars" game

Started by Patti in Other Movie Topics. Last reply by kareng Jun 14. 3839 Replies

Let's connect the stars!  I saw this game on a classic film blog and thought it would be fun to play here.  This is not a closed group...any and all of you are welcome to jump in at any time.  The object is to connect two stars in as few "moves" as…Continue

Plot: girls team up, pretend to be rich to snag a rich husband

Started by Rosie Sayer in Classic Comedies. Last reply by kareng Jun 11. 1 Reply

I was watching a movie called Three Blind Mice, starring Loretta Young, and I thought, "Wait, I've run across this plot before."The basic plot is that 3 girls team up and pretend to be rich to try to land a rich husband for at least one of them.…Continue

What's the last DVD you purchased?

Started by Ktrek in DVD/Video. Last reply by Rosie Sayer Apr 14. 884 Replies

I thought it might be fun to see what everyone is purchasing these days. And please do NOT feel like you need to limit your response to just classic films. As a matter of fact my last purchase was not a classic film at all but the latest Stargate…Continue


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Blog Posts

Did you know ? That Paramount have open it film you can watch a selection Of films...

Posted by B.G. on August 19, 2016 at 6:36pm 4 Comments

I plan to add their film noir to the play-list when ever they up-load them...So far, I have discovered these 4 films that maybe considered film noir too !

N0# 1.The Strange Loves Of Martha Ivers

No# 2.Dark City

No# 3.No Man Of Her Own et

No# 4.The Man in the Vault...

Coming Up on >TCM Summer Under The Stars -a day with Karloff et 16 Of his films-only on TCM

Posted by B.G. on August 19, 2016 at 12:37pm 1 Comment

Boris Karloff's Article on TCM

"When I was nine I played the demon king in Cinderella and it launched me on a long and happy life of being a monster."

-Boris Karloff

"As the daughter of pioneering feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley inherited radical ideas about the intellectual abilities and sexual freedoms of women.

She learned these ideas from her mother’s books rather than her presence, however, because Wollstonecraft died soon after her birth. Anne Mellor points to compelling evidence that the undated events of Frankenstein are set over the nine months of Mary Shelley’s own gestation, in 1797, with the date of Victor Frankenstein’s climactic death coinciding almost exactly with Mary Wollstonecraft’s. Created lovelessly as a theoretical experiment, Frankenstein’s monster is the ultimate icon of the unmothered child.

Mary’s own beloved father, philosopher William Godwin, would disown his teen-aged daughter when she became pregnant by married poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, a deeply personal betrayal that contradicted his theoretical conviction in anarchy, and motivated Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin to rename herself Mary…


Edward Sorel

Posted by Dave Miller on August 16, 2016 at 9:29am 0 Comments

Edward Sorel, the award winning caricaturist has also written a book about the 1936 Mary Astor Custody Battle—Mary Astor’s Purple Diary. I am fortunate in having just read an advance review copy and can tell you that Mr. Sorel has illustrated and written a hilarious look of a mass media circus before television, 24-hour Cable news, the IPad, IPhone, Facebook and even Twitter. It is a journey back in time that will seem utterly pre-historic to the millennial generation but no less fascinating. Mr. Sorel chose to write and illustrate a book that makes light not so much on the participants but, instead, the Media which, like a ravenous pack of wolves, fed on a scandal of their own making turning these events—in the newspapers at least—into a farce of the first order. In time it became a story where legend would sublimate fact. It is this legend that Mr. Sorel writes about in his delightfully humorous book. Below are some illustrations from the book with a brief description of how the book came to be written. This material appeared on The New Yorker Website some months back. As I didn’t ask their permission to use it here, if The New Yorker wants me to remove it, just write me and I will do as requested but don’t expect me to do it right away. I’ll need some really threatening letters first. If they allow them to stay I will be eternally grateful

Read more here...



TCM Blog

A Grand & Moving Thing: The King and I (1956)

Yul Brynner in The King and I. TCM & Fathom Events are screening this classic musical on August 28 and 31 in select theaters across the U.S. “If you live long enough and you’re lucky you may get the chance to see two or three originals in your lifetime.” - TV commercial advertising the 1982 […]

Father of Fear

This Friday, August 26, finds TCM’s Summer under the Stars getting a little chillier than usual with an all-day marathon covering the career of horror icon Boris Karloff from the dawn of cinema’s sound era in the revolutionary FRANKENSTEIN (1931) through his elder statesman phase of the horror genre in Roger Corman’s THE TERROR (1963). […]

The Greatest Films of the 21st Century

I suffer from chronic list fatigue, initially eager to scroll through the latest re-ordering of greatest hits, but inevitably collapse into a heap before I ingest the whole thing. Enter the BBC to test my illness. Yesterday they unveiled the results of their mammoth “Greatest Films of the 21st Century” poll, in which 177 critics submitted […]

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